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 On the Road (private)

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PostSubject: On the Road (private)   Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:09 am

An'barak's sandals hit a treebranch, and quickly shot onward as he moved towards his goal. He had already started heading towards Konoha. This had been his oppurtunity to escape the akatsukis watch, and he had taken full advantage of it. The situation within the akatsuki had deteriorated, and the various leaders of the organization, the now deceased Vice and the currently ruling senkou, had thought to keep An'barak caged. However, within the case of the previous leaders defeat adn teh change of pweor, An'barak had decided it was time to break free from the chains that were the akatsuki, and head for the only other superpower which he had ties with... Konoha. He knew that he had left years ago as a wanted missing-criminal, but after spending time in the akatsuki, he had come to terms with the fact that he was in far more danger there than he ever had been as a konoha shinobi... Despite the missions, he would have more safety, and more time to advance himself. And so, he had made his choice. He would return to Konoha, and peacefully surrender. As painful as this would be, he knew that returning to konoha was by far his best bet for progressing further, without always being in relatively imminent danger.

He had moved at a fast pace, far ahead of the still gathering akatsuki, and was already half-way through the land of fire, aiming straight towards Konoha. He knew the hokage was somewhat unforgiving, and this entire decision was a total gamble: but he knew that if he played his cards properly, that he would come out in a far superior sitaution than the quagmire he had been in as a member of the akatsuki. He still was wearing the robe, however had decided to finally throw away his scratched off Konoha headband: he would claim he lost it rather than try to deliberatley fly the flag of a traitor as he arrived. He already had carefully gone over the details of his plan. He would divulge all teh information he had on the akatsuki, and beg for forgiveness from the hokage: offering hsi vast repitoire of skills and knowlege as tools to be used to the hokages benefit.. All he could do now was wait, and hope everything went according to plan, as more and more trees fell behind him.
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On the Road (private)
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