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 On the road again. -private-

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PostSubject: On the road again. -private-   Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:55 am

Travelling was always extremely easy for Joker as the clouds sped by him and he maintained his grip on the end of him umbrella Every now and then a thump would hit the umbrella meaning he had just hit a bird. He would simply laugh as he watched the one flying creature fall through the sky. He was on his way to the wind country…again except this time it was to spread the word of the Akatsuki and perhaps kidnap someone to make them a believer. Whatever it was he would be there soon as he dropped down from the clouds and could see the high sand dunes everywhere and tried to figure out exactly which way he would be heading. At the moment the clouds were clearly the way of travel as he would not be spotted at all when he would make his approach. He laughed slightly as he closed his umbrella and simply began walking in mid air, a feat only achieved by the greatest of futon users.
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On the road again. -private-
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