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 Road to Habishu [P]

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Sheekoe Hansaro
Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Road to Habishu [P]   Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:37 am

Sheekoe and Oushi were now running on the surface of a lake.The sandstorm was still blowing.Sheekoe had his hood up but it didn't stop the sand from getting to his face.For that reason he envyed oushi for having a face mask.More of a friendly envy though.They would arrive at the Habishu Village soon,It felt weird beacause the travel was so short.Along the way it was also very quiet.Sheekoe kept thinking about things.

After all,He wasn't very familiar with the Habishu village.This would be his first time going there.He knew he could figure it out though.But the leader would be very high skilled,Sheekoe hoped he wouldn't have a hard time.Like he did with Pierre.He wasn't even fully rested,But he knew he could make it.It would be inter resting to see this group of bandits.He knew oushi would have no problem taking on the bandits.

Also,Oushi could see if Sheekoe was hurt with His Byakugan,Things would be fine.Sheekoe kept sprinting,he was behing Oushi a few feet.He then caught up to him and was now at his side. "So Oushi,How ya been?"
Sheekoe woundered how he would respond,although it wasn't a bad question.

They were almost there,They would be there in minutes,Sheekoe waited for an answer from Oushi as they kept running.He still had his hood up as they were sprinting.His cloak was flying in the wind.He still took this time to talk to Oushi Waiting for answer.He knew he had been married,So Oushi's life had been going well.

They kept sprinting,The sand storm was getting worse the grains of sand were flying at the two.Sheekoe made sure his eyes were protected thw whole time they were traveling.They were side to side,as they traveled to the Hasbishu village.Any minute now they would be there.The bandits were no joking matter,So Sheekoe was cautious.Sheekoe espected some traps on the way in the village.

He kept thinking as the two stepped back on land,They were now on land again.The travel was short,Sheekoe and Oushi were by the village and soon they would need to prepare for their plan.Soon they would be there,He was ready for anything.The bandits were nearby,Sheekoe was ready.He kept on towards the village as Oushi was by his side.
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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Re: Road to Habishu [P]   Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:00 am

Oushi and Sheekoe charged across the lake, fishes swimming under them. Oushi already had his Byakugan activated and was carefully watching his surroundings. The lake was rather large, considering that it was both man made and in the middle of the desert. If it weren't man made, then it would probably be a small stream. Fish were all around beneath them, enjoying the good life that they had, their only worries being bigger fish. It reminded Oushi of people, always fearing those who posed a threat and always trying to pose the threat. It was kind of sad for him to think about. It made him feel as a big fish picking on little ones. But he had his own little fish to worry about...
He witnessed the murder of a small trout. Oushi thought about a bunch of fish gathered around a hole, standing on their tail fins. The hole was six feet deep. Six fish carried a closed cascet to the hole. A preacher fish started to speak.
"We are here to remember the life of..." Oushi smiled at the thought of fish walking around like people. It made him think of people with fins, gills, and scales, swimming through the air. That, in itself, made him think of something else.
When fish die by suffocation on land or in a boat, do they call that drowning? I guess it's the parallel to drowning, seeing as they can't drown in water and we can't drown in air, unless the air has no oxygen and the water has no oxygen.
"So Oushi, how ya been?" The words slapped Oushi back into focus.
"Don't get destracted, Sheekoe. We can't afford it now." Oushi felt like a hypocrite, but it forced Oushi to smile, hidden by his mask.
"I've modified the plan a little bit. We're going to attack from two different sides. I'm going to openly attack the gates of the tower, drawing attention. I'm confident that the hostages will be in there, along with the leader. If not, I'll see where instantly and you can make it up as you go, just get to the hostages and get them out or kill the leader. Capture if you can, but the hostages are our main concern. Good luck. I'm going to go around the village. The gate to the tower is facing the opposite way. You and I are lucky that there isn't a wall surrounding the village. Don't die."
Oushi separated from Sheekoe as they hit dry land. He ran faster so he could keep up with Sheekoe's progress. This was going to get risky, and Oushi was going to enjoy it.

(Reach the city in the next post, but don't enter.)
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Sheekoe Hansaro
Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Re: Road to Habishu [P]   Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:22 am

Sheekoe listened as Oushi spoke,Oushi seemed to have everything in order.Sheekoe would sneak into the tower and get rid of the leader as Oushi caused attention below. The plan seemed pretty solid so Sheekoe didn't argue.Oushi then darted off towards the village.Sheekoe saw it up ahead.But he was sick of trailing behind Oushi,So he activated his KKG and sped up to catch up with Oushi,without even breaking a sweat.

At this rate Sheekoe would only need to run lightly while Oushi sprinted.Minutes later,The two arrived at the village gate.Sheekoe got into formation,placing his back on the wall as Oushi did the same on the other side of the gate.He waited for Oushi to use his Byakugan somemore to scan the area more deeply since they were now closer.The sandstorm was calming down,So Sheekoe pulled his hood down.

This was it.No time for holding back,It was time to complete another mission.He waited there for further intsructions,He could tell Oushi was focusing,so it probaly wouldn't be good to disturb him.Sheekoe had forgotten Oushi was always serious during missions.That was a good thing though.He was a good leader,and not to mention he's a medical ninja.These two were almost bullet proof together.In Sheekoe's mind that's how he saw it.They had His speed and stealth, and oushi's Taijutsu and medical knowledge plus his byakugan.Let's also not forget both of their intelligence combined.Sheekoe was almost certin they wouldn't fail.
Sheekoe had tons of thoughts racing throgh his head.Like what Oushi could see.They both stood there,with their backs on the wall.Sheekoe was focused on the mission,while Oushi was focused on his byakugan.Sheekoe made sure he was prepared before Oushi gave the signal for infrailtration.Maybe there was even a secret entrance,If there was Oushi could probly point it out.That byakugan of his was always so helpful on missions like these.It could stop ambushes,or even tell where men could be hiding.On this mission,Sheekoe made sure he would not fail.

(OOC:End of Topic,Sorry for shortness.)
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PostSubject: Re: Road to Habishu [P]   

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Road to Habishu [P]
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