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 Returning....again -private-

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PostSubject: Returning....again -private-   Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:41 am

“This is getting old!” The Joker said to himself as he sped toward Rain at around one hundred miles per hour in the sky way above the rest of the world. He looked down at the woman he kidnapped and couldn’t help but find her at least a little bit attractive but such things like appearance didn’t matter to him. What was funny was how she kept laughing in her sleep every now and then. Apparently the drug lasted longer when the victim couldn’t tell the difference between reality and dreams and she had been knocked out for some time now. “RAIN HO!” He yelled and pointed ahead as if she would hear as he entered a bunch of rain clouds and was quickly getting soaked but that only meant he was that much closer to his new home. He began to make his decent as the heavily advanced city in front of him and he landed by a nearby building.
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Returning....again -private-
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