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 A day in the life of the sand.

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S ranked Missing-Ninja
S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: A day in the life of the sand.   Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:24 am

The gates of sunagakure were as dark as the sky of night; making it nearly impossible to notice from the unsuspecting eye. Robin was an exception however, as he had visited Sunagakure several times and on several occasions and knew what to expect from the mighty village of Sand. Sand.. that was exactly it; there was lots of it and it didn't ever seem to disappear nor end. Robin approached the mighty dark walls of Suna with the single entrance being a passageway through the large walls. It was approaching midnight and he could spot out every single beacon of flame along the wall and he could see the guardhouse from the 200meters than he stood. It was dangerous for a ninja of his power to be so close to the entrance to the village; but he wasn't here to cause any disagreements nor make a large scene. He was there for some social times, to find out the goss, to get reconaissance on an important matter and to replenish his supplies for his village. He was walking fairly slowly towards the gates and knew that in a matter of seconds a ninja from the village of sand would approach him with an explanation. A shadow moved before him; a ninja, but who?!

Robin Kaguya ---- Because I was forced..
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A day in the life of the sand.
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