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 The outlaws within sand[P]

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PostSubject: The outlaws within sand[P]   Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:21 am

A clouded sky hung over the sunagakure country where the highest dune mountains on Suna met the vast sand plains of wind. The sky was stained a brilliant red from the glow of the sun that reflected on the red sand plains in the north west of suna.

A lone creature sat as still as a stone on the slight outcrop in front of the entrance of a hidden dune cavern. A slight breeze stirred the air indicating an approaching sand storm. The odd-looking human-like creature started sharpening the point of a spear he held in his hands. The shaft, made of some unknown lightweight wood, quivered under the resonance of the sharp scraping of the two rocks against each other. The creature sat there in silence with the grating of the stones as his only company.

It had the basic features of a normal human body except for the yard-long jade green sandlizard-like tail with a tip shaped like the head of the arrow on the spear he was sharpening. He had a distinctive look; tanned skin indicating a lifetime of being exposed to the rays of the suns, he looked to be about 16 or 17 years of age, silver hair that turned blue at the roots, pointed ears with black stripes from the tips to the middle of the ears, tiger-like stripes on the right side of his chest going down the navel and vanishing under the belt of the garment that covered his lower half, a black stripe on the left side of his body that went from his head over his left eye all the way down to his waist and vanished under the belt along with the tiger-stripes and ended on his foot, and last of all, his eyes. The creature’s eyes lacked pupils. They were just dark bluish-grey orbs with white surrounding the color. As he turned his head to listen as a rock rattled down the side of the dune and quietly as night another one of the creatures hopped down on to the ledge. The big difference between the two was that this one didn’t have any black markings and a different end to his tail. By the looks of the two they appeared to be related, brothers even, considering the older one had the same silver hair as the younger one without the blue roots.

“If you keep sharpening that it’ll disintegrate and you won’t be able to kill a damn thing with it,” spat the older brother.

The younger boy just kept on grating the stone against the spearhead, ignoring his brother.

“When will the sand storm come?”

“Not yet, but you better as hell get inside when it starts. You know what’ll happen if you get stuck out here again and to die because you were too busy with your little stick would be an embarrassment to our tribe.”

He kept on sharpening. “I’m not that stupid Amida.”

“Sometimes I have my doubts,” he sighed. “By the way, our leader wants you to come in pronto Kakino.”

“I’ll be there in a few.”

“Nah, she said now. If you ain’t in there soon he’ll be pissed at me for not bringing you in.”

“So.” Kakino stood up and with the spear and granite in hand walked over to the stone road that leaded inside the temple carved deep within the dune cavern. He slid down the corridor untill he came acros a wall filled with symbols and ancient numerals. there he pressed a couple stone sings on the numeral part at the farest end off the beautifull enlighted wall. The rock wall came to life as the mechanical sliding doors opened into a medium sized central lounge where everyone could congregate. There was a bunch of cushions on the floor, which were used for seating like a recliner or sofa would be used. There were other various toys and machines used for entertainment lying around the room. The temperature was surprisingly cool compared to the warm eighty-degree weather outside. The large doors slammed shut behind them.

“I really don’t care if the boss strangles you or not. Actually I’d prefer she’d strangle you, it might knock some common sense into that unth sized brain of yours baka.”

"Amino" said a dangerous sounding voice

“Yes. How many times have I told you to stay indoors when the weather starts taking a turn for the worst?”

“I was going to come in soon. I can keep tabs on the storm, master. I have eyes you know.”

“I don’t care. The point is I told you not to go out and you flat out disobeyed me.”

“But master-“

“No buts Amino.”

“Yes master.” He hung his head down low and sulked off, back through the doorway into the main room.

Amino went to the far wall of the main room toward another door. He walked up to it, pushed the up arrow button and the doors opened, revealing a small little room, just like an elevator. He stepped inside the dull little cube and watched the doors slide close. He pushed a symbol on the number pad that was in the shape of a boomerang with a tail attached to the middle of the curve. The button glowed a brilliant green and the elevator slowly started to lower. As he stood there on his way down inside the multi-leveled grotto he silently contemplated his master’s over-protectiveness. He could look out for his own self and for kami’s sake! His tribe were outlaws within the kage world for being vicious fighters and hi tech creators and to tap that off they could adept at surviving the worst nature can throw in their path. Did they not have faith in him? Do they think of Amino as a pitiful little child who can do nothing to protect himself, to live up to his tribes expectations?

When the door of the stone elevator opened Amino could see the workshop where they worked on high tech Kinjutsu's for the last decades. There a little lizard better known as the inventor spoke to Amino

"Amino tell the master to find Ketsueki the sand nin! Our project is finaly done! And he's the one that paid us for this strange creation! Now GO kid! Bring this mask to him"
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The outlaws within sand[P]
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