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 Suki Kirei

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Suki Kirei


PostSubject: Suki Kirei   Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:14 am

General Information
Name: Suki Janelle Kirei

Nickname/Alias: (S rank shinobi only, Please only give one or 2 nicknames. These names are to be implemented in RP as another name your known by. This is to be part of your 'legacy')

Age: 12

Gender: Female


Suki has nice white hair, with light blue eyes. She wears a hair pin in the shape of a butterfly, since it's her favorite creature. Along with that she has two white gloves with pink lace going through them. She also wears a pink backpack that holds most of her ninja tools. Her outfit is very comfortable, which gives her better movement during battles or just during plain life.

Suki has always had a great since of style, so no matter what she is doing she makes sure that she looks decent. Even in battle she likes to look good, despite all of the dust and dirt. It's as if she tries to make a fashion statement with everything she does, and she succeeds with it.

Personality: Suki is a extremely nice person, and has always been. Life comes with a lot of brutal things, but with her optimistic ways she always find something good to say about it. She is the type of girl that is hard to make sad, although she does get her feelings hurt like a normal person. As she was growing up, a lot of people told her that she would never be able to live as a shinobi with that attitude. She just thanked them for their advice and kept on with her life. Despite all the people telling her otherwise, Suki knows that she can be a nice ninja and a good one as well.

Suki is an independent girl and likes to adventure around the village. She doesn't like to stay inside too long. Friends are one of the things that she needs in her life. She loves to have someone to talk to. Added on with her kindness she is extremely respectful to adults or anyone who has higher authority then her. Suki's nindo is to become a ninja without changing her nice ways.

Personality Trait's: Suki is centered around being nice to people, even if she is in a battle she will still occassionally say sorry after hitting a person or something like that.

Catch Phrase: (Does your char have any catch phrase's? Optional

Rank Information:
Rank: Genin
Village: Sand Village

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Medical and Poison
Main: Medical/Poison
Sub: Genjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Wind

Special Characteristics: Has spent years training and learning about medical and posion jutsu/skills.


Name: Prepared Needle Shooters
Rank: C-rank
Special Abilities: Shoots out needles that can contain poison.
Origin: Suki was adventuring in the forest when she came across this interesting device. She examined it for quite a long time, until she finally found out what the use of it was.


Medical/Poison Jutsu

Wind Jutsu


E- Rank


Background Information

Suki Kirei was born in a hospital at Suna. Her parents were very nice and calm people who always wanted the best for their little angel. Suki admired both of her parents and loved them with all her heat, until she found out what was really going on. She had a perfect life for a long time, until it took a turn for the worse. Suki would have never guessed something would happen like it did.

It was the night before her first day at the Academy, and she was an eight year old who was too excited and nervous to get any sleep. She couldn't help, but roll around on her bed thinking of different scenario's for her next day at school. They all turned out to be good scenario's too. Suki was just about to fall asleep when she heard some yelling outside of her door. Suki slowly and quietly got up and walked over to the door, she had to be careful not to be heard. It could have been a robbery or something, but it wasn't, it was something much worse. Suki slowly cracked open the door to see that it was her mom and dad arguing. She didn't know exactly what happened, but she knew that her mom didn't deserve what came next. Suki's father planted his hard fist into the soft skin of her mother. Without thinking of the consequences, Suki bust open her door and ran to the aid of her mother who was on the ground. Now Suki was crying in astonishment. What had her father done and for what reason did he do it. Her father looked at Suki with embarrassment and fled the house.

After that moment, Suki never saw him again. But, she did get a letter from him that was sent from The village hidden in the Mist. She never built the courage to open it. Instead it lays on the floor in her room, and she barely even notices it. Despite that tragic moment, Suki still manages to see a positive side for things. The only thing that she isn't positive about, is her father. In fact, she never thinks or speaks of him.

Suki passed the Academy at the age of 12, although it wasn't an easy task. She was an incredible listener in the class and took in a lot of the lessons. She was mostly interested in the different types of poisons and cures, and would always practice making them after school or during lunch. Her advanced training in poison and medical aid has been very helpful to her in her studies. Suki went through the Academy with a reputation of being the "Nice Girl". She never got in a fight or argument, and would always be their to cheer someone up. There was never a moment when someone saw her without a smile on her face, because that was just the type of person she was. Along with the title of "The Nice Girl" came the idea that she would end up a weak shinobi because of that. She knew that she could be nice and friendly, but still be a great shinobi.

RP Sample:

Suki was sitting calmly on the edge of a waterfall, watching the water run down the edge and crash into the stream below. It was a beautiful site to see the water flowing through the air until it smacked into the clear blue water below. Suki remembered how her father use to come out their with her and watch it flow down the rocks. He use to always tell her, that she reminded her of that waterfall. They had some of their most memorable and special moments their. Moments she would cherish 'till the day she died. She didn't see her father much anymore. He left her when she was 10, saying he couldn't handle it anymore. It was her mother who took care of her, and even though she loved her very much. She just couldn't give Suki that fatherly love that most young girls got. She couldn't be "Daddy's little girl" anymore.

Suki picked up a small pebble and flicked it off the edge, watching it plummet miles down to the water below. She was at that point in life where she was figuring out what she truly wanted in life. Did she want to be the best ninja ever? Did she want just a wholesome life with a caring family? She didn't know yet, but she had wanted to figure out. She was at the waterfall to get away from the village for a while. This was one of the most beautiful places she knew, and it helped her think.

For as long as she lived in the Waterfall Village, she hadn't many friends outside of her family. It was strange, since she was a real social person. She just didn't find the need of having a friend who she couldn't trust. She knew she would always be able to trust her family and that is why she stuck with them through everything. Sitting on the ledge, with all of these thoughts running through her head, Suki let out a sigh and looked into the sky. It was as if she was asking for some guidance from her ancestors. Guidance was really what she needed at this point in her life.

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PostSubject: Re: Suki Kirei   Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:52 am

Add more to your looks section. Also you can add basic ninjutsu that are E ranked.
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Suki Kirei


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PostSubject: Re: Suki Kirei   Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:43 am

2 paragraphs in looks section
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Suki Kirei


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Edited again!
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Suki Kirei
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