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 A man A Plan A Mutant

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Sheekoe Hansaro
Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: A man A Plan A Mutant   Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:08 am

Sheekoe and Roku were now in the bear country.The place was very trashy.They were at the so called Meteor Valley.It had craters all over the place.They were told to go into a great cave where they could find a base.Sheekoe was looking around for it but he hadn't seen anything.They kept walking,the site was getting worse to look at.

It was terrible and trashy.Sheekoe would be glad when they got out of here.The sky was grey with clouds.Every step they took,they heard a crunch on the ground. "This place sure has a thing for Meteors." Sheekoe laughed.He wanted to just hurry up and get rid of this guy.

He had heard,that they would be fighting mutants,before they could get to this guy. "This is going to suck." Thought Sheekoe.It wasn't everyday that you fought evil monster like things.Who knew what they would be capable of.Sheekoe just hoped he survived.But he didn't have a fear in him at all.
Sheekoe then stopped,In front of them was where a huge cave was.

They had found it. "There it is." Sheekoe spoke calmly.He was ready.The two would now enter the cave,But were they ready? Of course.Sheekoe wasn't too happy to fight monster like mutants.

But it was for a good cause.So he had to do it.Sheekoe prepared himself mentally for what they were about to do.The mission was now starting for real.No holding back.Cause he didn't want neither of them to die.So both of them had to be on their game.Roku was a medical ninja though.Which was a good thing.

Sheekoe then turned to Roku, "Are you ready?" Sheekoe stood there and waited for his response.He wanted to make sure Roku was ready.Probaly so.Sheekoe was ready too,without a fear in his mind.Now was the time to be strong.This wasn't a mission for the faint hearted.They were dealing with a missing ninja.A feared one at that.
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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Re: A man A Plan A Mutant   Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:42 am

When Roku and Sheekoe reached the Bear Country Roku could smell something gross. It might have been since the place was half abandoned for the citizens that lived there were the meteors. Since part of the valley was known for the Meteors Roku was a bit scared that they would attack them. Maybe they were aliens and could control themselves and they shot kunais or something. That wouldn't be good at all! Unless they shot out ice cream or apple juice. Roku loves Apple juice. He didn't bring any to this mission because he didn't think the enemy would give him a break time during the fight. He didn't say much about any of his ideas. Depending on how strong the mutants are is how they have to work. If the mutants and weak then they could just go and run it through or if they were strong they would have to actually fight and depending how many there is. This mission wasn't detailed enough for a plan. Roku started to wonder why he was chosen.

"We can't sneak in we would have a trail by the dirt on our shoes...We can't simply walk into the cave and asked them to all die...We need to plan something out"

Attacking mutants is going to be pretty cool yet scary. Roku and Sheekoe had almost no information on this mutants and how they function. Maybe kill the head leader then they all die. Once they found the big cave Roku felt it was kind of weird to have such a huge entrance. Being the man he is, he walked a little slower than Sheekoe and let him take the lead so He might get hurt. Roku could heal anything so he would be fine.

Roku nodded at Sheekoe as they were ready. They wanted to go kick some arse no matter if it was mutants and some crazy freaks. They needed to also kill the big leader guy who is hopefully a guy and doesn't have any mutant powers. Roku didn't share his plans. He didn't think they were necessary and would create a distraction and demoralize the team.

They started to walk into the cave which stunk. They should have brought gas masks. Roku got s part of his shirt and covered his mouth with it to prevent toxic into his system.
"Sheekoe!" Roku coughed out and pointed at him to do the same thing. For all we know this could be poison or just a stench. He griped his sword and there stood a mutant.
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PostSubject: Re: A man A Plan A Mutant   Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:01 am

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PostSubject: Re: A man A Plan A Mutant   

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A man A Plan A Mutant
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