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Smaller Countries

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The Moon Country

The Moon Country is located in a southern sea and includes Crescent Moon Island. The Moon Country draws its name from the shape of the island itself which is the shape of a moon. Due to its location, the country experiences mild weather and a constant summer state. This helped it become a popular tourist retreat along with its entertainment and gambling establishments. At one point the country hired wandering ninja; however it currently maintains no ninja village. A ninja has been shown to wear a headband bearing a crescent moon, but no direct connection to this island has been made as of yet.
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The Rice Field Country

The Rice Field Country is one of the largest minor countries in the ninja world. It is marked with thick forests and miles of land reserved for rice fields. The temperature is mild and seems to be sunny and warm nearly all year round, this made it perfect conditions to grow rice and thus it has become a major if not the main source of income for the country. The Rice Field Country had been marked by conflict in the past, with wars with neighboring countries taking a heavy toll on famous clans in the area like the Fuuma clan. It was this constant strife that provided the country with enough reason to create a hidden village which is know known as the Village Hidden in the Sound. The Hidden Sound Village is comparitivly new on the ninja world and is still growing in size. But with the countries wealth and population, it is considered to be a major village in the future.
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Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:39 pm
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The River Country

The River Country is a fairly neutral and one of the larger minor countries in the ninja world. The River Country lies between two of the main shinobi powers, the Fire and Wind countries and to the north the country is bordered by the Rain Country. The River Country is very well known for it's beautiful lakes and rivers that are spread throughout the country. These lakes that are usually either clear blue or swamp green and have been part of the country for centuries. The grass which are usually covered with green moss and leaves seems like marsh compared to other countries. Its thick, wet, and mushy, but the swamp animals that inhabit it find it their sanctuary. The trees are tall and large, giving everything under them a shadowy appearance. To the south of the Country is a large mountain range which is unique to the River Country making large valleys throughout the south making ti a difficult area to cross.
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Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:18 am
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The Grass Country

The Grass Country is a small one which is surrounded by the larger Lands of the Fire, Rain, Bird, Earth and Waterfall. This land has an abundance of bamboo forests, grasslands filled with strange mushrooms, rivers and flowery hills. Little more is known about the country except that it’s speculated that Grass ninja specialize in nature or plant jutsus. The most notable shinobi's from Grass Country are the Za-Men Manipyure-ta Tribe. The way in to this country from the leaf is the famous Tenchi Bridge, from the Rain Country it's the big bamboo forest while other paths to the country to hard to find due to rocky cliffs, only a few know their way around the big canyon to get into the waterfall. The Hidden Village is called Kusagakure, Village Hidden Among Grass, and is located in the Land of Grass.
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The Snow Country

The Snow Country was a small and peaceful country constantly experiencing winter. It went through a period of hardtimes until the weather control generator was activated, allowing the country to finally experience Spring. The country had been on economic hard times for several years. Daimyou Kazahana Sousetsu was said to have nearly bankrupted the country putting money into the heating generator machinery. Later when his brother Dotou came to power, the country expended even more funds in weaponry development. After the removal of Daimyo Kazahana Dotou, his niece Kazahana Koyuki rose to power and the country began to flourish once again. The usage of the generator appears to have warmed the valleys of the country, allowing them to experience warmer climates. The surrounding mountains still retain snow however. It's Hidden Village is Yukigakure, Villaeg Hidden in the Snow.
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Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:49 am
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The Rain Country

The Rain Country is one of the most secretive and strict countries in the ninja world. The country resembles most of the other countries, with forests dotting the landscape. It is unknown why the country is called Rain; it may be due to seasonal showers which give the region more rainfall than other countries. The country shares borders with Earth, Fire, Grass, River, Wind and Bird. Being centrally located between many of these countries has caused it to be their battleground in past wars. This strife caused the country to adopt strict border control. Any visitors must clearly state their purpose, length of stay and be kept under constant surveillance. This applies even when Rain Country holds the Chuunin Exams, security is their number one priority at all times.
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Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:52 am
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The Bear Country

The Bear Country is one of the few countries in the world which harbors a shinobi village. The exact boarders of the Bear Country are unknown but it is marked by many forests and mountains which surround majority of the land that officially marks the country. The country itself is quite remote and they don't see much contact from other nations only when help is needed. The climate is known to be quite mild in the Bear Country with occational thunder and lightning storm which sweep across the country. The countries most interesting geological aspect would have to be the small crevices and caves which run across the country in abundance. These crevices and caves emit a poison gas which is harmful to anyone who breathes it in. The poisonous gas within the crevice's and caves helps deter any outsiders from invading and makes a strong defense for them.
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The Iron Country

The Iron Country is a small neutral land which is boardered by few shinobi using countries. This ment that they not need the use for ninja and hone their own unique type fo warrior. The country maintains a unique culture and strong military which uses samurai for protection instead of ninja. The country is known to have bitter and cold climate where is snows most of the year round. The country is very rocky and rugged and the main part of the country is formed by three mountains called the "Three Wolves", which are quite infamous around the ninja world. Ninja villages respect the neutrality of the Iron Country and tend not to challenge their force. The country has a strong foundation and have a seemingly large population which is shown in the size of their military.
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