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 Mission: [Hungry Bears]

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PostSubject: Mission: [Hungry Bears]   Sat Oct 10, 2009 5:07 am


Takira sat in the small wooden chair, holding a cup of hot tea in her hands. She watched the tea and looked into the murky brown liquid which she would soon to drink. She was inside a large temple away from the village, that which was called the 'Temple of Fire'. Takira never been to this place until being assigned a mission where she would have to help it, she thought it was ironic. She heard stories of the temple from her father when she was younger, he would tell her how great monks protected the village and was ruled by a evil leader. Although she thought most of it was just a story, she knew deep down that the temple held great mystery in its wooden walls. The temple was extraordinary to Takira's eyes, large rooms, hallways, and great architecture in every location imaginable. It seemed like a place of history and treasure, almost like a museum in its own kind of way. The monks were very kind to Takira as well, although they should be since she was there to help them. She thought the monks were rather odd though, only because of their way of living. Still being young Takira is ignorant to different cultures and traditions, but it was something she was willing to learn about.

Now here on a mission, Takira had a rather important job to do. Reading the mission report she learned that the Temple have been plagued by bears all of the sudden, who have been eating their offerings. Without their offerings properly sacrificed the monks believed that they are angering the spirits, which brings them great distress. Although a mission Takira felt sorry for them, and decided to help them at the best of her ability. She wondered why the bears have arrived so randomly, maybe its because of the seasonal change or just regular migration. Either way they are rather troublesome and need to banished from the temple lands as soon as possible. Before being escorted into the fire temple Takira did hear the bears inside the forests before entering. Not only that but her instincts told her that the bears were distressed as well, sensing pain in their roars across the lands. It wouldn't matter though, this was a mission, and even if the bears were upset she had to do her job. Sad though, she didn't want to harm the bears but she didn't know what to do.

Takira was in a tea room at the top of the temple. The room was glamorous and amazing in all aspects that a individual could think of. The floor was covered with clean brown wood that was so clean one could see their reflection. The walls were made of white plaster which had paintings of war pictures and legendary Ninja hanging from its walls. Numerous statues stood a few feet apart from each other along the wall, the statues were made of stone but were designed marvelously. The ceiling was one big picture of a battlefield with villagers and ninja fleeing for their life. It was gruesome but had a powerful message to the monks, that which Takira didn't understand. She sat in a large wooden table while sitting on a small wooden chair . The table was decorated with various food and tea cups for Takira. Across from her was the Fire Lord drinking some of his tea, he looked as if he wa sin his 40's although his clothes made him look older. He had short black hair and a beard that came down to his chest. He wore a large white hat and a robe that came all the way down to the floor. He was sitting on a giant throne like chair and had a lot of jewelery on, showing that he was in a position of power.

"Thank you for coming Takira, we have been expecting you." He said while then taking a sip of his tea. Takira closed her hand together, and gave a blow over the table. "Yes Fire Lord, may I ask the problem?" She asked after rising back up. Placing his tea down, the Fire Lord folded his hands and looked at Takira. "Yes, as you may know we have a issue with the troublesome bears that have come quite unsuspectingly. They have been here for a short while now, and it seems they are growing in numbers. I honestly don't have a problem with them being in my land, but I do have a problem with them eating our sacred food." He said with a sign. His eyes drifted down to the table, and a frown started to form on his face. 'I see, how often do you lay the food down?" Takira asked curiously. The Fire Lord looked up, he looked a bit surprised. "We lay down our offerings once every three moons, Our next one is tomorrow." He said generally. "Ah, well I have a plan" Takira said with a smirk.
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Mission: [Hungry Bears]
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