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 Suzume [Snail Contract Summon][WIP]

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PostSubject: Suzume [Snail Contract Summon][WIP]   Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:38 am

Name: Suzume [The Snail Queen, Dame Suzume]
Rank: S

Suzume is the leader of the Snail colony and personal summon of Daichi Hanako, Sannin of the Leaf. Suzume is the leader of the colony and is the largest snail of the species. Suzume is very large weighing approximately 1100lbs and reaching around 100m into the air [Around the same size and weight of Katsuya - Tsunades summon]. Suzume has dark brown skin which covers the whole length of her body. On her skin there are rock-like bumps which spread across the back of her skin, but only the back not on her underbelly. She has large eyes which are connected to her body via two large tenticle-like joints, these joints offer Suzume 360 degree rotation with her eyes. Suzume has a small nose on teh front of her face and another small mouth just under the top of her head. Snails aren't known for their great sense of taste or smell and these scences aren't used predominantly by Suzume or the snail species as a whole.

The underbelly of Suzume is quite special. The skin underneath her has millions of small layered flaps which allow her to move freely across the ground. These are vital as snails have no limbs. They also produce a sticky slime which when she moves leaves a slight trail. This slime is used for her to stick to vertical walls and objects. This skin is very hard and is durable but offers Suzume quite a slow speed when moving. On Suzume's back their is a large dark red shell. This shell is the main weapon and tool for Suzume and is used for both defense and offense. The shell of a snail is made up over generations and centuries of the hardest materials which the body can produce infused with Suzumes own chakra making it one of the hardest defenses on earth. Due to a snails slow pace they need a heavy defense to protect them from enemies and this shell is certainly hard enough to do so. It is large enough for Suzume to fit in and she can only detach herself from it at will.

Personality: Suzume and Daichi have a great respect for one another and this shows when they speak or interact with each other. Both recognise the other a being a great and powerful being. Daichi greets Suzume with a polite and caring manner often calling her "Dame Suzume", Suzume also addresses Daichi with the highly respectful honorific often calling him "sama" or "Sage Daichi". Suzume is very wise as she has lived for many many years. She has experienced a lot, and this is reflected in her personality. She is quiet and more subservient to her master Daichi. The respect that she gives to others also comes back onto her. Villages and other ninja also address her in a respectful manner such has "Kun" or "San".

Suzume acts very motherly towards Daichi and is very protective of him. She often wishes to give her own life in order to protect his which is the ultimate sacrific for the species, but Daichi would never allow it as she in a way is a kind of second mother to him. She had Daichi have a strong bond which makes them very in sink and clever in battle. Suzume follows the orders of Daichi without hesitation and fights by his side with all of her strength. Suzume is very battle harden and is a skilled fighter. She has many unique techniques which come in very handy for Daichi when he is facing hrader opponents. He seldom uses her in fights but when he is fight an especially hard enemy she would usually make an appearance, and Suzume is more than happy to protect her master.

Type of Summon: Blood Donation [Daichi only]
Species: Snail
Elemental Affinity: Earth
Special Characteristics:
Suzume's Mucus- Suzume like all snail can create a special, clear liquid from their body which aids them in many ways. They produce mucus in order to aid locomotion by reducing friction. The mucus also reduces the snail's risk of injury and helps keep away potentially dangerous preditors. Also when retracted into her shell, Suzume secretes a special type of mucus which dries to cover the entrance of their shells with a 'trapdoor' like structure called an operculum, this mucus is very thick. Also Suzume's mucus can be mutated by Suzume to serve different purposes. Suzume can secrete a special type of mucus which is green in colour. This mucus has an acidic quality and can burn through solid rock and metal in a matter of seconds. But the most powerful mucus which is a light blue colour which Suzume creates is the famous mucus which has magical healing properties. This mucus can only be produced from her underbelly through small holes. This mucus has great healing qualities able to heal the most dangerous external injuries within seconds.

Multiplication- Suzume has the ability to multiple into many smaller copies of her own self. This is a very handy ablility when trying to escape from an enemy attack for to reach many people at one time [For instance to heal them]. When Suzume multiplies she does so without her shell, only her physical body multiples. Even if one of her smaller copies dies, when the multiplied copies of Suzume form back together her body is fully complete, over 50% of the smaller copies have to die before a change comes to her former body. Suzume will decrease in size if this happens.

Suzume's Shell- Suzume's shell is probable her greatest asset. Due to snails not being very fast they need ot have a strong defense. Suzumes shell in incredibly strong able to defend from the largest attacks. When she hides within her shell she releases her chakra to even further the strength the shell has. The shell can be used for both offensive and defensive techniques.

History: Daichi first came into contact with the grand snail colony when he travelled back to his home land of the River Country. The main snail colony is based in the deep marshlands and swampy areas within the country. While Daichi was training his jutsu he liked to go deep into the wilderness of the country as he loved the beauty of it. He trained everyday deep in the uncharted forests and marshlands working on perfecting new jutsu and then when he had a break he would explore some more admiring the great lands that were spread across the River Country. One day he had finished an intensive session of training and began to venture deep into the woods. He came across a large snail which was slowly passing across a shallow pool of water. This was the first encounter he had ever had with the famous snail colony of the River Country and the excitement was hard to hide from his face as he was interested in how they lived.

He used a simple jutsu so he was able to speak and share the same language with the snail. Rumours have been around the village for years about legends and myths of the giant snail colony that has lived in the River Country for centuries. The elders of the village and the Hanako Clan spoke of special healing powers which the snail possess which comes from a special liquid which they produce from their body. This liquid had amazing healing properties and researchers and shinobi across the world searched for decades to find and capture the snails and extract the liquid for their own personal gain. It was up to the River Country citizens and ninja to protect the colony of snails which have brought them so much joy and pleasure. But with the limited resources of the country they were finding it hard to fight off the large hurds of people venturing through the marshlands in search of these beautiful creatures. More and more snails were appearing dead, scattered across the swamps. This made the snails go deeper and deeper into uncharted territory to escape the vicious humans who wanted them for their own personal gain.

For Daichi to come across one was a miracle and he was going to tread carefully. He slowly gained the trust of the young snail as the snial could sense that Daichi was a very powerful and trustworthy human. Daichi travelled with the sanil on a days journey back to the home where they now reside. Daichi introduced himself to the leader, a snail called Suzume who was the largest in the colony by far. Her great size took Daichi by surprise as he did not suspect such great power from her. She had a kind of aura around her which she gave off making her a seemly powerful creature. Daichi stayed with the colony for over a month, befriending and learning the ways in which they live. He and Suzume fomred a great bond something which he had hoped to do with a snail for years. She offered him her services anytime as she would become his personal summon. Daichi summoned a blood contract with the snails and furthered his knowledge on the creatures. HE learn't the secrets of the ancient colony and he and Suzume have a unbeliveable bond which makes them formidible in battle together.


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Suzume [Snail Contract Summon][WIP]
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