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 An unfortunate arrival.

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Absolute Greed.
Leaf Jounin
Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: An unfortunate arrival.   Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:41 am

((Please note that Near is NOT arriving at konoha. He just launched a container with a Scroll containing a dead jounin's body inside of it at the konoha gate. Thought I should post here, too.))

Suddenly and violently, the container soared through the sky and slammed into the ground, a cloud of dust arrising from it. It was at a 45 degree slant, facing away from the gate. The metal shown in light of the sun. On the inside of the metal container was a scroll. And inside that scroll was a jounin of this village, under the name of Kuro. On the scroll, it read "Yukai Obon", meaning Happy day of death. An extremely insulting phrase as Obon was a holiday in which the dead was worshipped.

((Please see the last post of this thread for any questions http://ultimateshinobi.forummotion.com/moon-country-village-hidden-under-the-moon-f60/the-end-dmp-t1336.htm?sid=010f0e7e18d5eac4b9a017b48c27e73b ))
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Leaf Chuunin
Leaf Chuunin

PostSubject: Re: An unfortunate arrival.   Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:33 am

Giji had finished her adjustments to her puppets now and was wandering around the village when she came to the front gate. Normally the guards at the main were friendly and didn't mind stopping to chat for a few minutes. When Giji arrived, a puppet on back wrinkling and dirtying a portion of her white shawl, she noticed the two were crowded around something. She started to approach them and soon one quickly looked at her and prepared his and sign. After realizing who she was, he dropped his guard and approached Giji.
"You shouldn't be here. Something horrible has happened, go retrieve the Hokage."
Giji looked around the man and at the body behind him, which the other guard had began a seal on. She realized what had happened relatively quickly, seeing the container and lack of company. She nodded and began her descent towards the hokage's office. On her way, she couldn't help but think was telling her something. Her path was dividing and she could tell that the Tao had other plans for her. "Perhaps it's time to leave."
When Giji arrived at the office, she slipped in quietly and, seeing as the Hokage was not around at the time, began to leave. On her way out she noticed a movement behind the desk. "Hokage-sama? Well, whom ever it is we must get to the front gate, there's been a casualty." Giji began to walk out when she started another sentence that seem to be a bit of an afterthought that trailed off with her breath, "Oh, and I must be leaving the village."
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An unfortunate arrival.
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