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 The search for the Puppet Masters

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Fujimaru Timaki
Leaf Jounin
Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: The search for the Puppet Masters   Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:25 pm

Location: The Hidden Sand Village

Participate's: A Jounin and 2 Chunnin or Chunnin-level Genin.

Rank: A

The Konoha spy in the Hidden Sand have sent a coded message telling that the puppet quads are almost done designing a new type of puppet. According to the spy this new puppet type is very easy to control, an unexperienced shinobi can easily control up to 4 puppets, if that it true it'll might endanger Konoha.

The mission is to travel to the Hidden Sand village, contact the spy without the sand shinobi finds out about the spy. After contacting the spy find the puppet plans, make a copy and return to Konoha. If the spy is comprimised take him with you and bring him the the ANBU. The sand must never know that we have copied the plan, if they do a war might start.

Good luck.
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The Fourth Hokage
The Fourth Hokage

PostSubject: Re: The search for the Puppet Masters   Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:13 pm

I will get back to you if i approve and if i do who will go.
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The search for the Puppet Masters
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