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 Kaiku Clan (WiP)

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S ranked Missing-Ninja
S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Kaiku Clan (WiP)   Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:45 am

Name: Kaiku

Kekkei Genkai:

Members of the Kaiku clan have adapted and evolved to a point that they are almost a different species then most of the ninja race. Kaiku clan members have extremely pale and rough skin along with some reptilian features. Their teeth are adapted to be carnivorous, which eliminates molars and replaces them with more canine teeth. Kaiku clan members also lack fingernails and instead have long retractable claws that are stronger then steel.

Chant Signs:
Because of their superior intellect, Kaiku clan members can perform chants instead of handsigns when needed. These chants are so silent that only the user can hear them.

Super Skin:
The skin of Kaiku clan members is extremely tough and durably. This skin is tougher then most metals, meaning regular weaponry would simply glance off Kaiku clan members. This is completely passive and costs no chakra since this is just their normal skin. This skin, also protects them from the following side effects of jutsu:

Burning: Living in a volcanoes for most of their life, Kaiku members are immune to burns and could even walk through magma without hurting themselves. This does not stop the impact force of an attack, but does protect from the heat.

Paralysis: Kaiku members are immune to paralysis because their evolved skin does not conduct electricity, it actually has a weak repelling force to electrical attacks. This prevents clan members from being paralyzed with electrical attacks, this excludes anything else.

Bleeding: Kaiku clan blood is extremely thick. Because of this, cuts that clan members have do not bleed and instead scab up before any blood can even flow out.

Partial Body Metamorphosis:
Kaiku clan members can have the ability to morph parts of their body into desired forms. This is not a ‘basic’ ability and can only be used if the Kaiku has medical as a specialty. This is not shape shifted, which would be completely morphing into another shape. There are three categories of partial body metamorphosis, Arms, Legs, and Torso. At C-rank, a Kaiku can only access one of these. At B-rank they can access two. At A-rank they can access all three. All three of these categories can be used at once to create a form like a full body metamorphosis, but there is still a fine line of difference. These do cost chakra and must be put into the jutsu template. The major downfall of these jutsu is that once it is used, it stays for the entire topic and becomes impossible to switch out. Here is a run down of each category:

Having access to arm metamorphosis technique means the Kaiku can morph their arms into different tools to help in any battle situation. (Ex- arm blades, shield arms, axe arms.)

Leg metamorphosis is usually used to help a Kaiku traverse terrains or gain speed or dexterity. It is not impossible to use this offensively though. Using this type of metamorphosis correctly can give a Kaiku a major advantage in a battle. (Ex: Swimming legs, jumping legs, tails)

The torso category consists of everything but arms and legs. Basically everything above the waist except the arms( Tails fall into leg metamorphosis). This is possibly the least limited type of metamorphosis and can be used for offense or defense.(Ex: Wings or horns)

Here is a quick run down of each rank metamorphosis jutsu and what level they should be at.

C-Rank: Change in shape, no abilities or second functions.
B-Rank: Change in shape, an ability OR a second function.
A-Rank: Change in shape, an ability, and a second function.
S-Rank: Change in shape, multiple abilities, multiple functions.

Hyper Evolution:
Kaiku members, being of a different species, have the ability to evolve or adapt to a situation in a matter of seconds. This is done by exposing themselves to a certain type of attack until they gain an immunity to it. To do this, Kaiku clan members must be HIT by that type of attack three times before they become completely immune to it. An example of this is if they were hit by a katon element attack. Once they’ve been hit with a fire ball for example three times, they become completely immune to the element and can walk through fires without harming themselves in any way. This works for certain specialties as well as elements, this is elaborated more here:

Katon: After being hit by three fire attacks, Kaiku members develop fire proof skin for one topic. This skin is very black and rugged, as if they have been charred by the fire. After the skin is gained, that Kaiku member is completely immune to Katon based attacks, meaning they can not be incinerated. However, this does not protect from the impact forces of attacks.

Raiton: After being hit by three lightning attacks, Kaiku members develop small spikes all over their skin that repel electricity. These small spikes are so powerful, that no amount of lightning can even touch the clan member and is instead diverted. This gives them complete immunity to raiton for the entire topic.

Fuuton: After being hit by three wind based attacks, Kaiku clan members develop an immunity to the element by hardening their skin to a point that it can not be cut by wind attacks at all. This is like an advancement of their normal super skin, making it even tougher then normal. This prevents wind from cutting into it no matter how powerful it is. The Kaiku can still be blown back by the jutsu though.

Suiton: After being hit by three water based attacks, Kaiku clan members grow gills and fins onto their body. This makes them able to battle on land and underwater with ease. The Kaiku can breath under water and swim extremely fast due to their fins, making them considerably deadlier in the water.

Doton: After being hit by three doton based attacks, Kaiku clan members develop extreme strength and endurance to combat the earth element. Their body covers over with calices that seem to armor them. This adaptation allows Kaiku members trudge over any terrain without any trouble. This also makes them able to completely demolish the earth with a single punch. Another ability this gives them is the ability to extend their calices into shields on their arms, guarding them from attacks.

Kenjutsu/Weaponry/Puppetry: After being struck with three Kenjutsu/Weaponry/Puppetry attacks, Kaiku members skin starts to swell up and down, representing the change in their body. When a sword tries to strike them after the change, the sword is immediately stuck to the skin and gets absorbed into the Kaiku’s body. Once the sword has made contact, there is no way to pull it out.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Metamorphasis Jutsu:



History:(The history of your Clan. Were did they originate? How did they come to be? Things like that. This part should be very descriptive and at least two paragraphs.)

Clan Symbol:(The symbol of your Clan. This is also optional.)
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Kaiku Clan (WiP)
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