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Ultimate Shinobi : A Naruto RPG

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 Naruto Currptio

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PostSubject: Naruto Currptio   Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:53 am

Naruto Corupption

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People In Charge :: Staff


What Where All About
Naruto Corruption aka Curpptio is an Online RPG site full of action,events and good storyline; we try or best in helping and fixing the problems you may face in your roleplaying environment.

Site Expectancy
-Rp Experience of Atleast 3 Years
-No Noobs
-Rp Sample Must Be 8 Paragraphs Long
-Nothing Over Powered
-No God Moding
-All Members Start As Genin [Unless Asked]

-Ranks are open wehn opened


The Ninja Villages

-Earth Country
-Leaf Country
-Lightning Country
-Wind Country
-Water Country
-Fire Country

-Blaze Country
-Ice Country
-Shadow Country


Site Info
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-Theme: Hitskins phpBB3
-Language: English
-Category: RPG
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Naruto Currptio
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