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 Training arc!

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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Training arc!   Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:32 am

It was her third attempt. Kohaku carefully drew the propper characters in the correct patterns on the sheet of the scroll. She had gotten close, but not succeded fully yet, and needed to. She needed to be able to convert them without any trace of the other, for that could throw the whole point off of her creation of this jutsu.

The ink stopped, and the last scroll was complete. Kohaku was ready once again. It was the third time she had tried today, and she was exuasted, exerting more chakra than needed. Kohaku had never had a hard time learning new water element jutsu, and had only struggeled with complex lightening jutsu, but this jutsu proved to be the jutsu exempt from that rule. She had spent all day, and she was determined to get it right this next time.

Two blood samples were infront of her, from normal citizens, one blood type A, the other B. Her plan was to fuse them, into neither, but both. It was a very complex jutsu, that, if harnessed, and made more advanced, could one day become an S rank jutsu, and have abilities beyond imagination, the end to all water jutsu. But Kohaku was not shooting in that direction. She was moving it in another way. And hers was more powerful!

It was time. Kohaku set the first scroll on the sealing ground, and the second over it, o create the jutsu seal format. Then Kohaku dumped the whole small vile of each of the blood types on it. they fell on different parts of the sheet, seperated by onlt an inch. Kohaku then started. Slamming her hands together into a long seal, she activated the jutsu in its many series of steps. The seals began to glow blue, and light the room with an earie glow.

Kohaku extended her chakra from her body, and began to manipulate the liquid on the sheets. She could feel it working. Her hand seals continued, conjuring a pattern that would totally fuse the two liquds, and create the perfect combination. The type A blood began to bubble, but not from heat, only because the chakra serging through it caused that. It began to move in small drops over to the type B, and join the mass of it. Diffusion of blood began. Kohaku began to sweat, and feel her chakra fading. The A blood was moving over more quickly now, and the drop sized glops became more and more large, until finally, after 5 minutes, the whole mass of blood was one body of liquid.

Kohaku smiled and her continous string of hand seals stopped. She had done it, it just needed to test it. Standing, Kohaku instantly became light headed and fell back to the ground, on her knees. Her hair flowed down, now untied, and at its long black true form, instead of its pent up bun style.

Trying again, Kohaku remained light headed, but stood, her vision almost blurred. With her hands on her knees, she waited until her exaustion allowed her to move. It came a minute later. Walking over to a table on the far side of the huge room, Kohaku grabbed a microscope, and walked back over, holding it and another two samples of the same blood.

Coming back to where she was, Kohakustuck her finger into the blood she had fused, and put it on the slots of fine glass. However, she examined the other, original specimans first, checking anc comparing for A and B type blood cells. Then putting a sample of the other blood under the scope, and changing it to its highest magnification, she did not pick up any traces of the A or B cells, only a different cell that seemed to be a combination of both, attaining both qualities.

Kohaku let out a sigh of relief, she had done it. She had created her newest jutsu, and had learned to utilize it.
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Training arc!
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