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 Flier: Temporary Partner Needed!

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Leaf Chuunin
Leaf Chuunin

PostSubject: Flier: Temporary Partner Needed!   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:32 am

A flier hung on a wall with the following text:

"Needed: Temporary partner for mission. Mission involves travel (details given at meeting), interrogation, infiltration, abduction, and possibly fighting. Be sure to be a specialist or at least well skilled in those categories and Chunin or higher rank . Mission details given at the administration building; look for Giji."

Under the text was a picture of a young teenage girl and directions to the meeting spot.

Occ: Meeting Spot: http://ultimateshinobi.forummotion.com/mission-requests-f108/mission-request-sunagakure-information-gathering-t467.htm#4683
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Flier: Temporary Partner Needed!
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