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Tsuneo of The red sand


PostSubject: Tsuneo   Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:06 pm

General Information
Name: Tsuneo


Age: Depends:


Looks:He have a red short-spiked hair.His eyes are black and hace an overconfidence face.
When hes young:when he's acacemy student and genin. He is wearing a red T-shirt with black trousers, and wearing black ninja sandals.when he's a teenage:chunin and jounin he's wearing a black shirt coveret with a red vest, black trousets, 2 backpacks on his legs and black sandals with red lines.

Personality:He is calm, but he dont cares about anyone.The only reason that he listen to the Raikage is to fufil his own goal.He have a cold face but are rare time when he's smiling.Also he's the kind of person that he's always finish his job.He is very talented in his puppeteering.Also he dont have much patience as a ninja and thats making him to finish his job quickly.
The thing he likes are to fin ish his job, to make and use puppets, and a good bowl of ramen.

Personality Trait's: Tsuneo is centering on his puppets and his job.

Catch Phrase: Don't make me wait.

Clan Information

Rank Information:
Rank: Genin
Village: Hidden in the Clouds

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:
Sub: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Sub: Water

Special Characteristics: All Tsuneo did in his life did it whitout any help; because he have nobody, that maked him strong and independent.He is a solo fighter.


Name: Mother(Puppet)
Appearance:His mothers appeareance:
Rank: Puppet
Special Abilities: Chakra shield(from she's arms are oppening up 2 propellers for each and uniteing she's arms it creates a chackra shield that is protecting the puppet and the puppet master)
Senbon throwing(from she's mouth launches numerous poisonous senbons atacking the oponent)
Kataba(Shes using her poisonous katana to atack its opponent)
Origin: This puppet was made by Tsuneo when he had 5 years old, and was one of his frist puppets.

Appearance:His father appearance:
Rank: Puppet
Special Abilities:Chakra shield(from he's arms are oppening up 2 propellers for each and uniteing his arms it creates a chackra shield that is protecting the puppet and the puppet master)
Senbon throwing(from he's mouth launches numerous poisonous senbons atacking the oponent)
Chain of kunai(Its used by him to atack the oponent from the distance, and this also is poisonous)
Origin:This puppet was made by Tsuneo when he had 5 years old, and was one of his frist puppets.

Name: Scrools of the parents
Appearance: Its like a normal summoning scrool.
Rank: summoning scrool
Special Abilities:This scrool summons his parents puppets to use them in battle.
Origin:Tsuneo has made this scrool in order to carry his puppets more easly.(better a light scrool than 2 heavy puppets).


Name: Puppet Technique
Rank: C
Element: noen
Description:The Puppet Technique is a unique ninjutsu fighting style; this jutsu uses strings of chakra to control puppets like marionettes. Any number of chakra strings can be used to control a puppet, but users with more skill can use fewer strings per puppet.

Name: Summoning Jutsu
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Description:This is a jutsu that summons diferent things.In Tsuneo's case he use this jutsu to summon his puppets.

Name: Replacement Jutsu
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Description:This jutsu allows Tsuneo to replace himself with a near object alowin him to escape from the enemy technique.

Background Information
Tsuneo was born in a simple village, but whit special caracteristics.A simple man wont observe why he's so special but a good ninja will do.Thats why some ninja wanted to campute him and to use him as a tool but his parretns didnt allowed him.Afther his parents defeated the foirst group of ninjas thei swear to return more powerful.So when they came back Tsuneo's parents gave him to his grandmother and telled her to run in the hidden villag where will be safe.Afther teyr leaving the parents tried to buy as much tie thei can in order for Tsuneo to escape.They acomplished this but they gave their lives for this.Tsuneo and his granma arrived in the village hidden in the clouds and estabilished there.

When Tsuneo had 4 years his granma teached him the art of pupetry.Afther 1 year he beggined to build his own puppets and in final he buildet 2 functional puppets afther half an year.They were looking as his parents.His granma was very amazed and than knowed why he was so special.Time was pasing and Tsuneo were mmore and more good in pupetry.

When he was was 7 yeasr old he decided to enter in ninja academy.There he was teached how to manipulate his chakra and that lessons teached him him to use less charkra for his pupetry and teached him about poisons and weapons but also he learned the Body replacement jutsu.Time was passing and the genning exam were aproaching.

RP Sample:
Tsuneo was standing in his class room when the techer appeares:
Teacher:Ok class, i think all of you know that the gennin exam aproaches ant that means you will have 3 tests:The projectile throwing, the taijutsu combo and the bushin test.All of you who want to go at genin exams please come here and sign.
Tsuneo and other academy studens went there and signed for the tests.
Teacher:Ok, now those who signed will have 1 week to train before the genin exams will begin.Youre free now!
Tsuneo afther the academy he went directly at the training ground to train for all 3:Porjectile throwing at marks, taijutsu combo on a mokojin and bushin no jutsu to make an ilusion of him.
...One week later with 1 day before the exam...
Tsuneo was at the training groun where all that area where kunai, shuriken and senbon throwed everywhere, the mokojins were broken in may piecesand his chakra were low.
Tsuneo:I think I'm prepared for the genin exam.
Tsuneo wnt home an restet till tomorow.
...The next day...
Granma:Tsuneo wake up or you will be late at the academy.
Tsuneo:Huh?What time is it?
Granma:Is almost 8.
Tsuneo:Whaaat!?I must hurry to the genin exams!
Granma:Don't forget to eat.
Tsuneo:I dont have time to eat.I'm late.
Tsuneo ran to the academy where the test will take place.
Teacher is your turn.Your first test is the taijutsu combo on a mokojin.Go in the academy trainroom.
Tsuneo went there and a chunin was wainting for him.
Chunin:Ok, i guess you are Tsuneo.Lets start the test.Begin!
Tsuneo advanced fast to the mokojin hitting him where stomach musted be than is giving a powerful punch throwing the mokojin away.Than he run fast and arrive behind the mokojin and stop his throwing with an elbow.That he is atacking simultaneos with his arms and feet and than he put himself in his arms and giving the mokojin a kick that is throwing him in air.Then Tsuneo jumped gived him a punch in his stomach an than finish with a powerful kick that last till the mokojin crashes on the land.
Chunin:That was very good.Well done, you passed the first test.
Chunin:Now you next test will be projectile throwing.Another chunin will wait you at tha training grounds.Hurry!
Tsuneo:Got it!
Tsuneo arrives to the training ground.
A chunin apear from the woods.
Chunin:I think you're the one who passed the taijutsu test.Than lets begin our test.
Chunin:In front of you are 10 marks.You need to hit at least 6 of them to pass the test.Begin!
Tsuneo preapared his Senbon to launch them.He throw them but none of the senbon reached their target...
Chunin:Hmm, thats too bad, i think you lost.
Tsuneo:Hehehe, i didnt finished yet, hehehe.
Tsuneo:Watch and learn!
Tsuneo is using his puppet technique on the senbon controling them their target.And so all the sonbins reached their targets.
Chunin:Amazing!You used your pupetry on a little object and controling them with no dificullt.I'm impressed.You passed.
Tsuneo:Heh.Was a piece of cake.
Chunin:Now the last test is the Bushin test.Meet with another chunin at the academy.
Tsuneo:Again at academy?Geez.
Tsuneo went to the academy again.And afther he arrive he eter in a classroom where 3 chunin were wainting for him.
Chunin #1:Welcome Tsuneo.
Chunin #2:Firs i want to congratulate you for comming so far.
Chunin #3:Now if we ended this you must do your final test.You must create an exact copy of yours.
Chunin #1,2,3:Begin!
Tsuneo is concentraiting his chakra following all that he learned from both:The teacher(chakra manipulating) and Granma(The pupetry).
Tsuneo:Bushin no Jutsu!
An exact illusion of tsuneo appears.
Chunin #1:Hmm was verry good, but we need th aproval of all the 3 chunins to become a genin.
Chunin #1:Aproved.
Chunin #2:I think this is a good bushin.Aproved.
Chunin #3:Hmm indeed it is a very good clone, but you took little long to mold your chakra and alos dont forget teh other 2 tests:In the taijutsu was verry good but your projectile test was little weak because without your puppetry you havnt reach all the targets.So my decision is...hmm...
Tsuneo:(Damn what he will say?What if i iwll fail to the projectile test? All will be gone.Damn.)
Chunin #3:...
Tsuneo:Yeah!I did it!
Chunin #3:From now you are a genin!Go now.
Tsuneo leaved the academy as a genin.He modified his mother and father puppets for combat puppets and now he's prepared to begin his journey...
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