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 To the village of death, to come out alive.

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Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader

PostSubject: To the village of death, to come out alive.   Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:23 am

Senkou walked along the dark road to Kiri, the mist village. It had been a few days since he had instucted Dame to go to the Sand village and take it over, becoming the new Kazekage. He did not know that the mission had in fact been a success. Not yet anyway. However, he held great confidence in the man. If he did in fact prove to be worthy of taking over suna, then the next phase of his plan would unfold. It was coming together nicely. He had fallbacks now, and not all of his eggs in one basket. If he had a modicum of control over a large village like that, well then, the scales would have certainly begun to tip in his favor. They may not have completely toppled over to his side yet, but he was glad with what he had so far. His two quick vicotries in Rain and Snow had brought him courage and confidence. They had taken two villages already in a weeks time. Now that is was possible that he had the sand village, he was perhaps the fastest moving Akatsuki leader to date. He stayed with in his shadows for as long as possible, and Dameons good reputation, would have hopefully secured the deal. He had been gifted with a great present when it came to that.

He had passed through a village earlier and obtained a sealing scroll for items. It was neccesary for the mission ahead. This solo was one of a personal and selfish nature. It had no direct connection with their current plan, but he still required it. Later on down the road he would become feared for the purchase he was about to make, free of charge. As he walked off into the sunset as though it were some cheap novel, he could not help but thinking one thing.

The ninja world, is as good as mine.
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To the village of death, to come out alive.
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