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 Summon Finding

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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Summon Finding   Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:19 am

Smoke exploded as Kohaku clamped her hands together. A black inked seal spread out from around her, a seal of intricate Japanese kanji. Her face drained to match the color of the smoke that surrounded her. The seal was covered in smoke. Kohaku in a kneeling position, her hand where the seal had taken place, tried in vein to look from where the smoke veiled her vision.

Neko Kaitsu, Kohaku's cat summon stood perched in front of her, as if about to pounce, but more relaxed than she had ever seen him. The smoke started to clear, and small bits of color could be seen through the screen of white that cascaded over the two. Neko looked back at her, a neutral expression on his face, calm, cool, and collective. Kohaku could not help but smile as he looked away. He was so stern, and yet, was so young, or seemed like it. Kohaku knew however that she could not judge a summon cat that way, at least not these. All seemed to posses knowledge that their age could not. They all also seemed to have so much battle experience.

Kohaku had been here before, however, only when she went through the binding process with the sacred shrine cats, cat summons that were demi summoned, and sent to the clan, no longer able to be summoned in the same. However, it seemed that every time she came here, it had some how changed. The cat summons shrine was in a huge mountain, within it, not marked on any maps, except for on the Yoru clan map.

The smoke finally cleared, and Neko took a step forward, solemnly, and slowly. Kohaku followed at the same pace, moving in a respectful manner. However, when Kohaku fully left the veil of smoke, it was the most she could not to stare at the location in awe.

Kohaku was surrounded by huge statues that went up until the dark cave concealed their tops. The whole inside of the mountain was lit by millions of small candles, their lights becoming the main power source. it was beautiful. Around the lights were patches of jewels and diamonds, all sparkling from the collective dim glow of the small fires. Where there was not jewels, there was s solid looking deep brown stone, tinted with darker, and lighter shades. The cave went on until all she could see was the dim candle lights burning in the distance, making the cave look like it went forever, never stopping for a rest. But what struck Kohaku the most was that, even in he dark light, she could see as if it were in the middle of the day, clear and sharp. She could not pick up color shades as well, but she could see through the minor darkness.

Neko started walking faster. He wanted to show her the burial of the ancient cat summons. Kohaku had asked him about it just the day before, asking what happened to the cat summons if they dies in battle. He had not exactly answered, and still had not, only told her that he would show her the burial site for the cat summoned warriors.

Kohaku was pleased, Neko had always been a help, from the day she met him, weather she could summon him or not, he had been the one to ask for things. Kohaku smiled at her logic, although sound, it was a bit awkward. She knew that Neko was a very powerful summon, and within the respected branch of the shrine, and thus he knew a lot, but he never directly answered questions, he was not one for talking, unless he was very fired up and within the clutches of battle.

Walking at a more quick pace now, Kohaku kept up with the trotting cat, his small body flikkering in the darkness, supported by the lights that spread over the cave.

Passing by statue after statue, Kohaku noticed that they were evenly spread apart, and had a purpose. Every two statues were on either side of a door. Some of the statues were intricate, and some were more strait forward, but all were amazing and sacred.

They passed many more statues before Neko stopped. The statues he chose to stop in front of were as big as the ones in the entrance. The stone was light gray, and stood taller than the eye could see, even Kohaku's eye, and had candles lighting up its stone until the top. The statues were stunning, with a powerful presence, unlike the other door guardians. The door itself was made of a more orange stone, with markings covering it, like spirals.

A hole at the bottom allowed Neko to easily get through the otherwise immovable door. Kohaku had no clue how she would gracefully open the door, without looking weak. And she knew it would appear pathetic to ask the small kitten on the other side to help her. It was not the same as in a battle. There, Neko was a very powerful source, here, he was no stronger than her.

Reaching out to try any ways, Kohaku touched the stone. It was cold, and seemed to be blocking some sort of energy. However, no sooner had she touched it than a crack appeared through the center. Kohaku lurched backwards. The first thing she touched had broken, and it was a sacred artifact. The door then started to move. Kohaku stared in awe as the crack became clean cut, and started to open, as if it were supposed to be there. The door continued to rumble and open, until it was fully open.

Kohaku was more stunned than ever. The room had no candle light, but was still lit. Kohaku tried to find the source, but there was not. Then it hit her, the statures were the source. They, although not glowing or anything, were putting off an ominous light. It was spectacular. Within the room, unlike, and yet exactly the same as every where else, there were thousands of statues.

The only difference with these is that each one seemed to be different, and very unique. Kohaku stared in silence for a full minute which seemed like an hour before her thoughts were cracked by the small voice of Neko.

"This is what happens to those summons that died in battle. Their souls are caught and live within the walls of these hallow stones."

Kohaku nodded. That almost explained the light. It was the light of the spiritual energy she was picking up on.

"Would you like to blood align yourself with this as a summon?"

Kohaku froze. Did she just hear that. Was it possible to summon inanimate summon, and what would be the use. Also, it was so huge, how could she summon it.

"What. Are you serious?"

Kohaku asked, her voice shaky. She had only seen this sacred summon once, and was already being given the opportunity to have a blood contract with it. It was beyond an honor, or a girt, it was... she did not even have words for it.

"Your the last of the Yoru who could withstand the binding process, and thus, your the last Yoru who can summon this shrine of ancient spirits. It is yours for the taking."

Kohaku held a stunned expression, her hands limp.

"Y-yes sir... I mean N-Neko."

"Good, then draw blood. You will do it in the same way you have done it in the past. You will mix your blood with that of the summon. Follow me."

With that Neko started walking, authority in his step, followed by a sincere humbleness for the holy spirits in the room, most very powerful. Kohaku walked in this small footsteps, trying to walk in a respectful way.

Within a full thirty seconds of walking, that again seemed to take an hour, Neko stopped. Kohaku abruptly followed his lead, stopping before the next amazing feature. On the ground before her, there was a summoning seal, painted in the blood of the cats who had died. Kohaku shuddered as chills ran up her entire body.

"In the middle there a meeting place, where all the blood is mingled, you must add yours there. Go now."

Kohaku walked to the middle of the blood drawn seal, and sat in the center, her eyes reading for the point where the blood was mixed. It was directly behind where she sat. She felt clumsy when she turned around, even though she did it with superior grace - the grace of a cat.

It was time. Kohaku bit her finger hard enough to draw blood. She winced at the pain as a single drop came from her now injured appendage.

"One summon seal bite is not enough. To conjure this summon, you will need both fingers bitten to complete it."

Kohaku obeyed, and bit down on her other thumb, causing it too to draw blood. Then she held her hands out over the collective blood, her own residing on the tips of her fingers. Then she did it. Kohaku slammed her hands into the ground where the pool of blood was, as she was supposed to. Her blood washed into the others purified samples, and the seal glowed, just before becoming active.

"Good job Kohaku."

Kohaku heard those words before a red smoke explosion boomed from around her. The process was complete. she had sealed the summon in her blood, and it was now hers.

The new red smoke cleared, and she was back where she had left, in the desert, far out, where she could not be disturbed, surrounded with large boulders.

It was complete.
Her question was answered.
And she had been bestowed the power of the Yoru Clan...
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Summon Finding
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