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 Kanine Pact (NF)

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Sasme Raiki
Leaf Jounin
Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Kanine Pact (NF)   Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:25 pm

Name: Kanine Pact
Rank: 1-E, 2-C, 1-B, 1-A, 1-S
Type of Summon:Blood Donation
Species: Dog
Story: As simple as most shinobi came about meeting their summons he had been introduced to the blood contract by someone who was already affiliated with it. He just happened to be lucky enough to have decently easy access seeing as how his father was one of the stronger ninja to have signed the summoning scroll. So with some tough convincing his father was able to talk to the scroll holder into allowing Sasme to sign after proving his worth of course. His end of the bargin was to spend a week taking care of the weakest summon and develop a deep companionship with it, as when he grows this particular summon would as well.
Elemental Affinity: Doton
Clan: No
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Kanine Pact (NF)
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