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 TRAITOR [Jounin becomes a Traitor for sunagakure]

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PostSubject: TRAITOR [Jounin becomes a Traitor for sunagakure]   Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:44 pm

Ketsueki was up very early in the morning, today was the day he would guide his team to the border off sunagakure. He waited for this moment a couple months now! Ketsueki knew he could leave the city freely today because of the mission, so no guard would notice something strange when he would pass the big northern sunagakure gate that leads in the dessert at this early hour. From that moment on it would just be a walk in the park for Ketsueki.He knew the sand roads very well and he knew how to pass the borders to bird very quickly.
With a steady pace Ketsueki passed the morning guards off suna while he nodded his head in a polite manner when he passed the big gate.A big smile appeared on Ketsueki's face, he was finally free of the burden of country laws,team missions, babysitting, etc...

Ketsueki knew this action would make him a missing nin again, but for him it was the luxury of freedom! From now on he would be only a slave for himself! not for any other living soul.

*Ketsueki flees the sunagakure country to wards bird*
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The Fourth Hokage
The Fourth Hokage

PostSubject: Re: TRAITOR [Jounin becomes a Traitor for sunagakure]   Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:29 pm

[[Topic Voided]]

Orito Aburame - Hokage
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TRAITOR [Jounin becomes a Traitor for sunagakure]
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