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 Training Guide

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PostSubject: Training Guide   Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:25 am

To get jutsu's approved you can't just post them in the jutsu creation. You have to have proof of training and link that to your jutsu's that you want to be approved. This training is done in the Training Area in the Five Great Nations, Konoha section of the forum. Here is a guide that shows the number of posts one has to do to get their jutsu approved. The number of posts that has to be done depends on the rank of the jutsu you want approved.

E-Rank: No needed training approval (Unless by a Academy student done in the academy)

D-Rank: 150 words

C-Rank: 200 words

B-Rank: 300 words

A-Rank: 500 words

S-Rank: 800 words

If you don't intend on finishing it all up in one post, That is fine but it has to be done in one topic or the first training topic will be voided.

If someone else is teaching you the techniques that you posted, simply state that in the jutsu topic and the word count needed will be reduced to half of the normal amount.

Keep in mind that the Jutsu still applies to the correct ranking's. Don't think that because you did 1000 word's as a Genin you'll be able to learn an S ranked Jutsu. The only way a ninja can learn a jutsu that is a rank/s higher than their current rank is through gaining points through missions.

Genin Need 10pts to get a B ranked jutsu.
Chuunin 10pts for A ranked jutsu
Jounin 10pts for S ranked jutsu

D-Rank Mission: 2 Pts
C-Rank Mission: 5 Pts
B-Rank Mission: 8 Pts
A-Rank Mission: 10 Pts
S-Rank Mission: 20 Pts
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The Fourth Hokage
The Fourth Hokage

PostSubject: Re: Training Guide   Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:52 pm


Orito Aburame - Hokage
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Training Guide
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