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 Team 1 Mission (Anbu, Tsuchi, Revan, Uzumaki, and lost)

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Team 1 Mission (Anbu, Tsuchi, Revan, Uzumaki, and lost)   Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:19 pm

1. 150 word minimum post
2. The topic is here, but RPing will start at the South Gate

Mission Location: Wind Country- a small village
Mission Participate's: Squad 1 and Uzumaki
Mission Rank: A
Mission Objective: Lately there has been rumors that a small village that is not directly controlled by the Sand Village is being ruled by a cruel leader; a girl at the age of 14. Being very mean to all of her citizens by collecting huge taxes, taking what she wants from who she wants, and doing whatever steps necessary to get what she requires. The rumors in which leak out to the village claim that a rebellion is soon to rise against this cruel leader in order to maintain peace, and to be rid of such a leader. It is the job of Team One and Uzumaki to go to this small village and investigate. Interrogate the citizens of the village and ask them of their opinions, as well as the ruler of the village. It will be their job to either thwart the rebellion should one arise, or aid them depending on the conditions in which they discover. Beware however, the ruler of the village has a very powerful S ranked servant that is with her at all times. It would be wise to be wary of him, and avoid him if at all possible.

Key People:

Ren (Ruler) - B ranked Taijutsu/Ninjutsu - Raiton

Lore (Servant) - S+ ranked Ninjutsu/Taijutsu - Raiton, Suiton

Meiko (Rebellion Leader 1) - S ranked ninjutsu/weaponry - Katon, Doton

Kairo (Rebellion Leader 2) - A ranked taijutsu/Fuuinjutsu - Suiton, Katon
Tei had arrived at the gate earlier that morning, before any of her team mates. She liked to be early. It gave her time to relax and think, giving her some peace from her loud houseful of brothers.

Sitting down, her back leaning against the wall, she crossed her legs and closed her eyes. She started to form a plan in her mind, a way to figure out how to make herself seem less conspicuous in that small town that they were going to.

We’ll have to make ourselves blend in… and be careful about how we speak. We cannot go into it too fast or too… unknowing.

Then she muttered to herself, “And we’ll need to locate the S-Ranked guy as quickly as possible.”

A strange feeling crept up her spine, fear settling into her stomach. Sighing, she took a deep breath and without opening her eyes, she formed the hand signs for her Flame Rat, not unleashing the jutsu to let the chakra flow and cool her head.
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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Re: Team 1 Mission (Anbu, Tsuchi, Revan, Uzumaki, and lost)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:25 am

Tsuchi walked out of his house.The sun was very bright and hot so he put on a straw hat and some light clothes.Tsuchi soon remembered that his teams mission was today,so he put on a sand flak jacket of his fathers and put a poncho over it to conseal that ninja vest.Tsuchi walked to the gates with his puppet scrolls on his back,the scrolls being heavy Tsuchi had his back hunched over.Tsuchi stoped at the gates and saw his teamate Tei "Hi Tei"Tsuchi said in a tired voice.Tsuchi took offthe strap that held his scrolls on and sat down.Tsuchi looked at the desolate land of sunagakure.Tsuchi thought to himself "This place is very desolate but i do call it my home...for now" Tsuchi always wanted to get away from his village because there was nothing but war and death.Tsuchi turned his head to face the the gaurds who had been protecting the village over knight. "some day i'm gonna get out"he thought to himself.Tsuchi looked at his teamate and sighed."i wounder were the others are?"Tsuchi looked at the desolate landscape again then he climbed atop the rock wall."Hmmmm don't see e'm yet."

(Sorry i've been gone so long Embarassed )
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Team 1 Mission (Anbu, Tsuchi, Revan, Uzumaki, and lost)
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