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 The Smelly Case

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PostSubject: The Smelly Case   Mon Feb 09, 2009 8:24 pm

Mission Location: Konoha (sewers)
Mission Participate's: 1 jounin ranked and 2 chuunin/genin ranked shinobi
Mission Rank: B
Mission Objective: Recently Konoha townguards have figured out that several crimes, untill then a mystery, have been operated from the very sewers of the village. After some investigation the townguards managed to figure out a missing-nin from Amegakure is hiding inside our sewer system and seeking to earn a living while using it as a base. We have contacted Amegakure and gained their permission to kill the individual. As the missing-nin is probably about of about chuunin-level, we want a small group of Konoha shinobi to go down there togather and slay the criminal.

Amegakure Missing-Nin
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The Smelly Case
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