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 A view to a kill (Jiro only, Sacrifice and Training Arc)

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PostSubject: A view to a kill (Jiro only, Sacrifice and Training Arc)   Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:43 pm

The match with Maevis had wetted his appetite for bloodshed and though in the end he had won through the blue haired Genin lived to tell the tale and Jiro was unable to sacrifice him Jashin name. He had mixed views about the whole affair. On the one side he had admitted he was pleasantly surprised by Maevis skill and the match had been among the most interesting and action packed he had fought in quite some time. On the other hand he was getting over due to sacrifice, a month had almost passed and he was practically quivering with the desire to spill blood in the name of his lord so Maevis reprieve was not entirely appreciated. Furthermore he had not been able to truly test the extent of his abilities. While he had released two weight seals to greatly increase his attack speed he still had two more to go and unfortunately the battle gave no second opportunity to truly test his conditioning.

It had taken many years to reach his current level of fitness and countless hours of intense training around the clock. Unlike so many Konoha Nin as an orphan Jiro had little to no help with his Jutsu, no one to show him what to do, no clan to tell him their secrets. Jashin was the only provider he had ever had and while he considered himself blessed by his favour his master had taught him not a single non spercific Jutsu believing Jiro should prove himself worthy of them by his own abilities. All he had was what he had stolen or learnt through observation. Without the sharingan’s copying ability the latter was never easy and the former always risky. While Jiro is a firm believer that a few Jutsu used well always beat a hundred Jutsu used incorrectly he knows in his heart that part of reason he says this is to counter his own uncertainty regarding his Jutsu or to his mind lack there of. In this void others were filling with Katons and Genjutsu Jiro threw his being into being the best at what he knew and he knew Kenjutsu and Taijutsu well. Initiating a horrendous regime that was borderline sadistic in its requirements from age 8 Jiro trained to enhance his martial abilities. Learning of using weights to put further strain on the body he slowly but surely added more weight and hours into his program. Training till he was dead on his feet then resting only to restart the process again upon waking. As time passed his Chakra infused muscles grew, became more taut, his tendons more lithe and agile and his reflexes uncannily fast. Wearing weights he had not thought possible for someone of his age he found in time that even so burdened he was not noticeably slowed down. It took ever longer to wear himself out when he trained and his strikes started to become noticeably more potent.

However till today he hadn’t truly tested the results of his physical training, he was overdue. After all it was important to know where ones limits lay to properly judge a situation. To remain ignorant of his limits would only harm him self. Deactivating the weight seals he wondered how light he felt, it was though he weighed nothing and that any second now the wind whipping about him would pick him up like a leaf in autumn and whisk him away. Deciding to test the fruits of his arduous training he decided to go for a run and surprised himself at how first he was now covering the ground. While certainly not the fastest Nin about, he was still a Genin after all if a skilled one he knew was probably barely noticeable by a civilian and could properly out run any of his peers. Leaping with his startling speed from house to house it didn’t take him long to find the building he was looking for, the old orphanage that was once his home. He heard a new warden had taken control and after investigation he proved to the last sort of man you would entrust the care of minors too. The perverted wretch was on his kill list and tonight he would send the retired Nin to his richly deserved fate in Jashin’s hell. Before he died he should provide a moments entertainment at the least.

Smiling he decided to kill two ones with one stone as plan came to mind

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A view to a kill (Jiro only, Sacrifice and Training Arc)
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