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 Private Reconstruction (WiP)

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S ranked Missing-Ninja
S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Private Reconstruction (WiP)   Mon May 10, 2010 6:49 am

Basic Information:

Name: Camuraki Oparu
Secondary Title:

Airon [Iron]: Granted by the Oparu clan for extensive research into select metals for the benefit of the clan, the title is reserved only for the greatest blacksmiths of the era produce by the clan and required recognition from each of the village elders. No value outside Oparu and Musami clans, the name with which Camuraki refers to himself since it holds the most personal value.

Mercury: One of the most deadly metals, through ingestion, and used as a combat name that is well renowned among weapon users and soldiers of fortune. Some village shinobi with connections to mercenary guilds are also aware of the name. Another uncommon name held and used only for select purposes.

Chain Smoker [Kusari-Kemuri]: The most common name that Iron is reluctant to use, but many people recognize him by due to his habit of always smoking a cigar and his clan abilities. The name is well known through various places in the world among most Jounin or higher level shinobi, with some select others knowing of him. The name does not carry the social stigma of his other names, though the name does show his skills warrant a special title.

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Physical Appearance:
Explain in detail here what your character looks like. It should include such things as height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, any distingushing features, and what they wear. The Physical Appearance of your character should be around 2 paragraphs in length.



A well divided series of personalities dwell within Iron, each having their own uses and each being distinct and only blending on his decision. These personalties are each compatible, and are more like select aspects of a full personality. Iron's thoughts and mood are very heavily influenced by the situation around him and who he is currently working for, thus he is able to hide his own thoughts from outside knowledge in most cases.

When working on his under-the-table job of mercenary work, he frequently delivers killing blows to weaker opponents as quickly as possible, having a static facial expression and working with solid mechanical thoughts, not finding any true amusement out of easy killings. Confronted with a tougher opponent however, or one who appears as such (typically picked out by stance, the presence of equipment or weapons of note, body scars, or other features) Iron becomes more like a demented gentlemen, revealing himself from whatever hiding place was in while observing and introducing himself and his intent.

Iron has no true preference of attack, knowing a variety of jutsu and having numerous weapons that enable him to function in almost any situation without giving up power. He does favor keeping the body of opponents in tact, at least the skulls, so that he can gather more trophies, but beyond that he is just as likely to swing with his halberd as he is to take shots with ranged explosives.

While working for village affiliations however, Iron hides his desire to obliterate most every form of life he encounters with great success, appearing as simply a social outcast who keeps to himself. Iron is more likely to be found watching a meeting from a vantage point than actually participating in one, preferring seclusion to company, but when forced into communication with others he comes off as a highly arrogant shinobi with barely hidden pride in his smithing and breeding.

Iron grows increasingly impatient in drawn out combat, preferring quick and decisive blows rather than waiting for slower effects to defeat an opponent. His dealings with other shinobi have lead him to hold an extreme distaste for Aburame because they're too slow and has, on one occassion, lit the household of an Aburame shinobi ablaze just to see how long it would take him to put it out. He has since been barred from interaction with clan members.

Iron has a very demented form of humor, as displayed with the above incident, enjoying the destruction of things and finding great pleasure in it. This does not apply to his property however, which he views as a mortal sin that deserves a slow and painful death. His jokes often stem from a great irreverence for human lives and thus more 'morally correct' companions are often insulted or repulse by him.

He is highly religious, basing his religious thoughts on the divinity of death itself (Death) being a female being that receives all of his attention and praise. Iron goes so far as to kill non-believers and has thus come under fire from Hellsing on numerous occasions, though he has yet to be slain by them and currently has dispatched of three of their agents.

Catch Phrase:

"Your skull's going to look great on my belt..."
"Somebody has to die today, why not you?"
"Fight me like a man!"
"Mistress Death..."

Clan Information:

Oparu Clan

Rank Information:

Rank: Jounin
Village Affiliation: ?

Special Information:

Character Speciality:

Main: Weaponry
Specialization, Main: Polearm
Specialization, Sub: Exotic

Sub: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

Main: Doton
Sub: Katon

Special Characteristics:

Kekkei Genkai Traits

Life Knowledge: Iron, being familiarized with his mantids, is also very talented at identifying other species of insect by sight. Iron is also familiar with the herbal properties of some plants, mostly those that are poisonous. Iron is also very knowledgeable about metals, armor, weapons, and ores since these are things one must know to be an effective blacksmith.

Tobacco Addiction: When not able to properly take a smoke, or otherwise gain access to his drug of choice Iron suffers withdrawal, becoming more likely to act out of character or honor in order to obtain a smoke with each passing day. When subject to extreme stress of trauma, a cigar is usually withdrawn and used to pacify the body, removing ill effects from stresses, traumas, or other mental damages so long as a cigar is readily accessible. If this is not done, the effects instead intensify, and when targeted by Genjutsu within 10 posts of not having smoked, the effective rank of the Genjutsu increases by two letters.

If Iron has not smoked in 10 posts, then the body becomes twitchy, disabling the usage of B Rank or higher jutsu or techniques since the motor skills necessary to either create the handsigns or use the attack are no longer possible. If left without being able to inhale for a day or longer, Iron becomes incapable of using any jutsu or attacks successfully.

Armed Handseals: Using unique finger movements that would be impossible for the average shinobi, Iron is able to make good use of his artificial limbs to construct handseals even while his hands are presently occupied with a weapon or other technique being held, by forming off into the fingers needed to complete the required handseals. Thus Iron is a threat even when one would assume he would be incapable of forming handsigns.

Skill Information:

Smokers Set~


Exotic Projectile Weapons~

Misc. Weapons

Quote :

Name: Ash Sphere
Quantity: x3
Rank: D
Appearance: A small sphere of condensed ash that is roughly an inch in diameter. The jet black sphere appears to be a grainy, but solid, substance making it unlikely to be assumed for what it truly is before its usage.
Special Abilities/Characteristics: When chakra is directed through it, the particles separate violently and the ash bursts into a 25ft diameter light-mist of black ash that can constitute a choking hazard but has a more intentional effect of coating everything in this radius in black ash making it difficult to discern depth but also serving as a set-up for further attacks. Three are generally carried into battle.
Origin: -

Name: Skull Mines
Quantity: x5 Sets of 5
Rank: B
Appearance: Milky white human skulls that have had their eye sockets stitched closed and their teeth cemented together, they appear to be in pain though the lack of true facial features makes this more of a feeling than something to see in them. The inside is filled with a motley of explosive materials and chakra that grant it a basic sentience.
Special Abilities/Characteristics: The skulls are able to be attached to jutsu through spacial distortion similar to Kuchiyose, making them appear embedded into the area a Doton justu effects in the earth. Each set can be used for one jutsu and contacting the jutsu which is embedded with skulls causes the skulls to detonate into a 10ft radial explosion. Up to five such explosions can occur so long as the jutsu persists long enough, but only one skull can be activated per contact. Though named after landmines, the skulls are not stationary and move through where they are placed though they do not exceed the jutsu's limits, making it so that even timing or knowing their initial placement makes no difference in their detonation. The skulls are 3 inches below the ground but rise to the surface a split second before contact is made to allow surface detonation.
Origin: -

Name: Viral Catalyst
Quantity: x1
Rank: B
Appearance: A small vial filled with a red fluid that is worn around Iron's neck, kept beneath his breast plate and only rarely removed. The vial is a clear plexiglass container with a skull-topper that is about 2 inches in length and a 1/4 of an inch in width.
Special Abilities/Characteristics: A very rare substance used by Oparu clan smiths in order to smith metals that would normally be unable to be bent or shaped. The substance serves as a very powerful catalyst that invades whatever it is thrown at and negates whatever inflammable properties it may have had, making it instead highly flammable and thus suspect to Katon based attacks or from lighting ablaze after being near explosives.
Origin: -

[center]Background Information

This is what has happened in your life. Please seperate into arcs such as 'Birth Arc', 'Academy Arc', etc. Even if your history is not known by your character, tell us anyway. 'Unknown' is not an option.

Role-Play Sample:
How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.
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Leaf Jounin
Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Re: Private Reconstruction (WiP)   Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:08 pm

Haha, veryyyy sneaky, hage.
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Private Reconstruction (WiP)
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