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 Echo Near

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PostSubject: Echo Near   Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:36 pm

General Information
Name: Echo Near

Nickname/Alias: Eco Eek

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Even though Echo is 14 she is around 4'9, quite short for her age. She weighs around 90 pounds but can still win many fights. She doesn't look like she has much muscle but she is still strong enough to take down almost anyone. She has white hair that the sides near her cheeks are chin length or sholder length ( if she grows it out a bit), the back is held close to her neck almost a boy cut, and bangs that cover her forehead. Her hair is usally down but she will have it pulled back in a blue ribbon at times to be kept out of her icy, blue or gray color eyes.

Because she's a skilled ninja (assassin) she wears something that she can move easily in. Her choice of clothing is a blue and white dress with 8 blue buttons were the two colors connect (4 on each side). The two sides of the dress are blue and the middle is white. The sleeves are a little big but she is able to hide her weapons. The trim of her sleeves and the place wear the shoulder and arm meets is white (alittle father down to but not to the elbow). Theres white markings all over the sleeves and a white ribbon ties on the back of her near the sholder blades.The collor of the dress is white as well but around it is a black tie with a blue button at near the top and a white V line near the bottom. There is also to blue buttons that is located on both sides a little higher than her chest (breast). Her white shoes with a blue button holding on to a small, white ribbon go up to her lower thigh.

Personality: Echo doesn't talk much and likes to be with people like her. She doesn't think people deserve a second chance but only one. Even though she belive this she still cares for the others in the village. She hasn't found anyone to exept her not a murder but as a human. She has a hard time talking and meeting people because they belive she is a heartless murder who kills without a reason. She has no probelm killing but they have to have a reason not just because they don't like them or their different than them (as in color, gender, or belive different). She sits quietly even when she hears what is bring said about her and even things thrown at her.

Because she is an assassin she had special training that only assassins can get. She moves slyly and without a sound. She is very good at what she does and enjoys it. She thinks what she does bring peace to the village not pain but this only how she was raised. She listens only with reason but doesn't all ways obay inless there is a piont to it. She shows what assassins should be like. Peace makers not heartless killers. She doesn't brag about how good she is and always try to improve her abilities. Even though she shows no emotions she still a humn and feels the pain. She dreams of meeting someone like her who feels the same. She really only cares about her pets Hikaru, Missa, and Robbai and lets not forget the respect that her kind should get.

Personality Trait's: Her respect and becoming the best female assassin there is.

Catch Phrase: No one deserves a second chance

Clan Information

Clan Name: The Near Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Healing flower
Healing flower heals poison and very bad wounds. Most peopel in the clan is taught this at the age of 3 to 8. Mostly males are teached this because in the clan females are just women. It is rare for females to have any abilities in less her husband is dead and she doesn't have a son. But women can still learn this Kekkei Genkai but most are shund by the others of the clans.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History: The Near Clan is only known by a few people. The Caln trains to be assassins but the assassins who kill with heart. The clan was founded by Hyai Near the great grandfather of Echo. Not evey member of the clan can becomes an assassin but healers. The clan uses the best healing in the village. Because their located in the desert plants are hard to find the members have houses that grow any plant that is known to them. Their most powerful healing move is called healing flower. This was devloped by Keera, Hyai's great grandmother. This healing move is still used by most people in the clan. The Clan belives that females are just women and their job is the house and children caring so they should not learn this. Only a few women do learn but get rejected by others and get treated like fauliers.
Only the main family becomes assassins but once again males. Males are said to be the gift of god and women a sin by the devil. Their was only two women in the history of the clan that were assassins and that was Hyai and Echo. Assassination became part of this clan when a member of the clan paid Hyai to kill a man for beating his wife to death. THey try to train their assassins carfully making them not have emotions but they are starting to slip up on their job. They have one of the best assassin schools in the world. The students are taught Ninjutsu and weaponry. The assassins are not taught the healing because if they get wounded during an assassination they do not deserve a second chance.

Rank Information:
Rank: Genin
Village: Suna

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu and Weaponry
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Weaponry

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Lightning
Sub: Wind

Special Characteristics: Echo has very nice stealth, weapon ability. She learned these special charateristics from the traing she got taught from her clan.

Stealth- She moves smoothly and make little noise almost soundless. She was trained for this ability ever since she could walk. Ninjutsu helps with this but she still tries to improve her stealth abilities. They teach Ninjutsu too help with the Assassinations and it causes less accidents but still some idiots still brag and show off their skills witch end up with the result of death.

Weapony- The second thing that is important to the Near assassins are their weapons. At the age of 6 the childern are taught how to use the stealth and weapons together to get the job done. They are killed in this training.


Name: Knife blades

Rank: s?
Special Abilities: The blades slit the skin so easily and soundless like a ninja ((haha))
Origin: The weapons come from her father. They are used because they are easily hidden.


Name: Stun Blades
Rank: mmmm I think c
Type: Weaponry
Element: Lightning
Description: In this Jutsu Echo pulls out her blades hidden up her sleeves. She runs tored the opponent, the blades start getting sparkes of lightning. Before she reaches him the blades are covered with lightning sparks. Echo then uses Ninjutsu nd apears behind the opponet. She then does a twirl like move and cuts the opponet in the back area. The Jutsu doesn't kill the opponet often and isn't used for killing but just for stunnig the opponet so she can finish them off with a nice clean cut.

Name: Wind blades
Rank: mmmm I think B
Type: Weaponry
Element: Wind
Description: Unlike Stun blades, Wind blades is meant to be able to kill or wound the opponet. She doesn't really use her hidden blades but just the speed of the wind to cut the opponet. She uses this as a far away attack for the wind to get more speed.

Background Information
Birth/Younger Academy (Training)
When Echo was born May 16, 1996 her family was ashamed. Her mother had a daughter not a son, this ment no heir to the Near Clan. Her years of a child were difficult and often had been abused and shuned by the other in the clan. She wasn't aloud to play with the other childern of the village or clan because her father. Her mother loved her and sung to her trying to give hope to her beautiful baby. Echo did have a friend a older boy about 6 years old when she tuned 4 and he was a bad assassin but a hella good healer. Echo's father was angry to see that his 4 year old practicing with this boy and put her to the test. He trained her and she showed him wrong. She had the same stealth abilities of her grandmother and her father became proud. Her mother died from a trining accident that is still unknown.
In the academy Echo was the number one student. She was the master of stealth and weaponary. She already new alot about these technecs but she learned how to use the Ninjutsu to make assassionations easier. Her classes were small and she was the only girl. She was picked on and had one friend, Shino Sama, she called him. He was the only one who understood her but disapeared during the begging of the year. She wasn't the favoret of the teachers or students. She would get into fights with other boys who thought they would be able to win. She came home beaten and smiling. Her father patted her head and taught her the secret technecs. And her years at the academy didn't change.
To be added later......
RP Sample:
Character: Echo Near
Site based: The Academy and

"Stupid girls shouldn't be at this school!" yelled a boy as he punched Echo's left cheek. She fell back showing no emotion about being hit. She put her palm on her cheek then looking at her palm, there was blood from her cheeck. "What girly going to cry?" the boys said again grabbing her by the hair. Echo let open her mouth but not making a sound, she grabbed the boys hands and did a summersault putting the boy on his back. WACK his back hit the ground, he let go off her hair and layed down in pain.
"No body deserves a second chance," she whispered her head held down, her white hair covering her beautiful, icy eyes. Every one stood there, wided eyed. The boy sat up rubbing his head. She put her left hand on the ground and used it to lift her body up and kicked him on his side. Wack the boy hit the ground again. Another boy with blond hair punched her, then all the boys joined in, laughing and smiling. She couldn't stand, she heard the boys yelling don't try and get up no one deserves a second chance. She kicked and finally got to get up. She kicked, dodged, and punched at each of the boys then WACK the boys hit walls and the ground.
She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. "Run baby girl," yelled the boys who were throwing rocks. She reached her home. She ran to her room and looked at the blood staind clothing. She then undressed and took a bath. The hot water stung her cuts. She tried to hold back the tears but it was no use she then began to cry. Tears drpped down her bruised face. She stayed in the bath for a few hours then she got out, putting a night dress on, she drifted to sleep holding her dog in her arms, dreaming of the same day she has to have tommarrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Echo Near   Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:00 am

You can only have techniques up to C-rank and below at genin, you also might want to add the academy jutsu onto your character e.g clone, replacement etc technique.


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Echo Near
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