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 Sohma Clan

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PostSubject: Sohma Clan   Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:34 pm

Clan Name: Sohma Clan

Kekkei Genkai: The Sohma’s bloodline ability revolves solely around their ability to manipulate glass. By using an already existing shard of glass, members of the clan can mentally control it. The size of the glass can be increased to a maximum of twice the users height for C-rank, four times for B-rank and nearly twenty times for A- rank. The glass can also be multiplied, although this takes a fair bit of chakra. The Sohma are known for their creativity and fine craftsmen’s ship, allowing the to create all kinds of structures with their glass, such as swords, shields and even houses. Despite being super reinforced with chakra, the glass is prone to shattering, allowing members of the clan to manipulate it like sand. B-rank members and bellow must use their arms to control the glass, moving them wherever the wand the glass to move. The glass is highly resistant to water and wind, as they usually just runs off or don’t really affect it. Fire, Earth and Lightning attacks may have enough force to break it. It would take about thirty seconds for a fire technique such as Fire style: Fireball jutsu to melt a six-foot piece completely. Skilled clan members can also focus the suns energy through the glass into concentrated beams capable of causing burns. This technique can also be used via the moon, but the power of the blast is decreased by half. The glass provides only minor defense, although it can be sculpted onto the skin to provide as makeshift armor. The way a Sohma moves his arms can be compared to the way a DJ spins a disk, due to the spinning action the glass takes when thrown. Many members of the clan are considered strong weapon users due to their high level of creativity when it comes to making things with glass, creating bows, clubs, machetes and even extra limbs in the midst of battle. From birth each member has a different color of glass that only he or she can use. They can still manipulate normal glass, but this special colored type has special qualities and usually have to be summoned via a scroll from the Sohma household. The colors are black, red, blue, green and yellow. They are always super reinforced, apart from the green which is like sugar glass and meant to be manipulated like sand. They are very heavy and it takes a lot of Chakra to control them, making only Chunins capable. Also, the majority of men seem to have whitish hair, no matter what their age, while the women tend to have shades of blue. Due to the hazardous nature of their jutsu, the members tend to have many scars around their arms.

Clan symbol:

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Hari no jutsu
Rank: D-S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: none
Description: This is the clans signature jutsu that has been passed down through the generations. This technique involves using already existing glass in jutsu. Members of the clan can expand, change the shape of and multiply glass. The larger the glass, the more chakra is needed. This is the parent jutsu of nearly all the clans techniques.

History: The Sohma is a relatively new clan, only being formed around forty years ago as a fully-fledged group. Before this, the Sohma where all merchants, glass sculptors to be exact, becoming famous for their fantastic artwork. The Sohmas, being only about forty members strong, lived in the slums of sunakagure and where very poor due to the lack of demand for glass. Eventually they where forced to travel around the land to sell glass, which, in the long run greatly boosted their fame and sale-rate. The Sohmas artwork was so sought-after that the daimyo of Sunakagure had them moved to the upper ring of the city to work as his personal architectures. After decades of servitude, some of the Sohma began to branch out from their profession to become shinobi. These ninja where the first to realize the clans jutsu and use it in battle. When the rest of the villagers found out they revolted, becoming angry by the fact that they had used ninjutsu to get in the daimyos good books. This was, of coarse, not true, as the clan members had been such talented glass makers that they didn’t realize that they where performing jutsu. Apart from the fifteen members that had chosen to become shinobi, the whole clan was wiped out without a second thought by order of the daimyo, who couldn’t bare the actions his people where taking, burning down houses and such. The remaining members left Sunakagure and moved to the land of rain. The clan members stayed here for quite some time, learning many new jutsu and perfecting their Hari no jutsu without fear of prejudice attacks on them because of it. Being in Amekagure the Sohmas began revolting themselves, many becoming missing nin. Of coarse, this didn't mean that all it's members where bad, many members becoming respected chunin and jonin. The head of the family, however, couldn't stand what had happened to his clan and took his pregnant wife back to the village hidden in the sand. Knowing the clans fame (from their many powerful missing-nins) the sand village immediately accepted them back into the village, even going as far as giving them their own estate.
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Sohma Clan
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