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 Kansou Sabaku, Suna Jounin [Permission From Adam] [Done]

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PostSubject: Kansou Sabaku, Suna Jounin [Permission From Adam] [Done]   Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:34 pm

General Information:

Name: Kansou Sabaku [Translation: Arid Desert]

Nickname/Alias: The Sand Reaper

Age: 25

Gender: Male

The first thing one will notice about Kansou is his size. Standing at a towering height of 7ft 3inch, Kansou easily dwarfs those around him. His height itself often, if not always, adds to his slightly creepy and intimidating appearance. However, like all tall people, Kanosu provides an easy target, perhaps an even easier target than others. Kansou looks even taller than he is actually due to his extremely skinny body, leading many to believe he is a weak in the physical department. His long, thin legs and arms further add to his insect-like body structure, something which is especially signified by his insect-like reflexes. Despite his weak look, Kansou’s body is completely muscle due to long hours of training, a surprising trait for one so thin and weak-looking.

Kansou’s clothing consists of a white jacket with an overblown spoon-like hood (which adds a foot to his overall height) and an opening starting at the neckline showing most of his midsection and closing at his waist. He wears a standard white hakama with the ends of his pant legs inside his boots. His boots are black and have white designs on them, with the toes of the boots extended and curved at the end making them look like a pair of wicked-witch boots. When going to a battle, his Mantis scythe is usually gripped in one hand. The large looped chain connected to the shaft at the end of Mantis’ handle originates from Kansou's waist under his jacket, allowing him to perform long-ranged attacks with his weapon.

Kansou’s face is, in short, not a friendly one. His long face with its pointed chin almost always has a wide smile playing across it, revealing his large white teeth behind which is his tapering tongue, only disappearing when he needs to express an extreme emotion. Kansou’s eyes are snake-like and slanting, with small indigo irises, though the left one is always hidden behind a white eye patch. His hair is black in color and quite long, falling slightly past his shoulders. The left side of his face is usually covered behind a large bang of hair.

Kansou, in short, is a very disturbing person both in appearance and in heart. Sarcastic and sadistic, he loves tormenting people, finding it amusing to see their faces change as they get angry. His rude tongue and insolent behavior often get him in a tight spot, but he still doesn’t change his manner, though he has enough sense to hold his tongue to his superiors. Always eager to fight, Kansou will jump into any fight he sees and that he believes he can get out of. His face is almost always worked up in a wide grin, leading many to wonder about his sanity. With his towering height, his cold voice, and his wide grins, Kansou often strikes others as an intimidating figure.

Selfish and cold-hearted, Kansou cares only for himself, treating others around him as mere weapons for him to use. He is slow to anger, brushing aside other remarks and regarding them as empty words. He works hard as a ninja to achieve greater strength, mindful that his desires are not something that his village promotes. He despises the way the village is run, thinking that the young ninja of the village are too soft to ever be considered hard-core. He aims to become the strongest of the strongest, wanting to attain more power no matter what. He trains hard frequently, improving his skills, wanting to become the most powerful person in the world, and fight as many people as he can. Kansou is obsessed with fighting powerful people, believing that defeating them will prove his strength. Indeed, the only time he actually enjoys himself is on the battlefield. One particular quirk of Kansou is his tendency to stab his hand through his opponent’s head to kill them, leaving a gaping hole through their head.

In battle, Kansou’s rude personality remains, with him constantly insulting his opponent to make them even angrier, thus causing them to lower their guard. Though he seems like the kind who would charge into a battle without a plan, Kansou always tries to get the upper hand on his opponent as quickly as he can so that he may end the battle quickly. In battle, he can be quite ruthless and cruel, enjoying the prospect of inflicting physical pain to someone. He keeps a cool head in battle, never letting his opponent’s words unhinge him or ruin his fighting style. He doesn’t hesitate when it comes to killing, being a very violent and bloodthirsty being. The sight of blood spilling from his opponent’s body, their screams of pain as he tortures the life out of them, all excite him to no ends, confirming to others that he is a madman.

Personality Traits:
  • Battle-Obsessed
  • Power-Hungry
  • Sarcastic
  • Rude
Catch Phrase:
  • “Now then, let’s do this, shall we?”
  • “How exciting.”
Voice Sample: