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 Fish Sticks. XD [Training] [P] [WIP]

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S ranked Missing-Ninja
S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Fish Sticks. XD [Training] [P] [WIP]   Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:45 am

'Good Morning there fine sir, may I be of assistance?' spoke the short, scrawny man. The man stood at a height of around 5'3'', dressed in a tan kimono, with a gold-corded belt accompanied by a small squirrel-like pet that perched itself on his left shoulder. The man, who looked to be the shop owner, had scurried from behind his handmade wooden counter when the tall, rich-looking man walked through the door. The rich man had perfect posture, was remarkably tall and wore a white robe with gold hemming; tell-tale signs of wealth. Upon sighting the wealthy man, the shop owner made it his number one priority to service this customer and get as much money out of the man as possible. The wealthy man turned his head and peered down at the massive-grinned and money-filled eyes of the shop owner. The wealthy man could instantly tell the greed that the man desired, however he did not wish to upset this man's attempt. After all, the man had a simple intention and that was to get himself.... A FISHING ROD!!

'Good Morning to you too shop owner. Actually, you can be of some assistance. Would you mind showing me which is the best fishing rod for around these parts?' spoke the wealthy man, whom was in actual fact an S ranked Missing-Ninja recognized as the ex-ANBU leader of Konohagakure no Sato. The wealthy-looking man was Robin Kaguya; the king of the Kaguya Bloodline and he was in actual fact wealthy, and he was intending on buying a fishing rod; with no strings attached. The shop owner nodded in satisfaction several times before gesturing for the taller man to follow him. Robin obliged and followed him through a corridor of tatty-looking rods until they reached a tatty-looking doorway where the door's hinges had looked smashed off. Suspiciously, Robin inspected and noticed that it was forced-entry and it had been smashed in with great force. The shop owner looked back at the man inspecting the doorway before performing a hand gesture that signalled him to 'not worry about it'. But Robin did want to know as to why so he quizzed him about it. 'How did this happen?' asked Robin, pointing at the doorway and the large hole in the wall on the far side.

'There's a local gang of thugs around this block who prey on rich people and shop owners, much like ourselves. I'm surprised they didn't mug you, but I'm especially surprised they didn't see you,' said the shop owner who gestured for him to continue following him. 'Last week they came in and demanded money, I refused and they mugged me, then proceeded to bust down the door and steal my prize rods. They took the lot, except for one rod and that is kept right in the back area which is where I'm taking you. You look like someone deserving of my best rod; which is why i'll happily sell you it for a fee of 2'000 ryo.' Robin gasped slightly in shock at the price that the owner demanded and hoped that it would be worth it. The shop owner didn't notice and proceeded to drag him through another doorway which was hiding behind a bookcase, in-tact and was deadlocked. The thugs wouldn't have noticed it behind the bookcase and would have been extremely difficult to break down. The owner brought out a key and opened the deadlock, then turned the handle and the two entered into the dimly lit room. Sure enough, stationary in the middle of the room was a set-up that presented a pure-white fishing rod. Instantly, Robin had an immediate attraction to the rod and instantly pulled out the money, handing it to the shop owner and collecting his sale. He placed it in a special rod-holding tube and tied it in a sash around his shoulder, with the rod on his back.

Robin had left the store and bade the shop owner farewell and good-luck, leaving and strolling along the streets of the city. Whilst looking towards the exit of the city, Robin happened to catch the pack of thugs down an alleyway some 100meters from the shop, in his peripherals. Just as he noticed them, they noticed him and they seemed to have acknowledged how wealthy he looked. Of course, Robin looked like a wealthy nobleman who had no clue of the terror he was going to face by the eager thugs; and so he was followed. They followed him roughly around 50meters behind his position as he walked through the gates of the City and out onto a pathway, that would lead him to a lake ideal for fishing. He presumed, judging by the way the thugs were acting; that they would wait until Robin reached his destination, stopped, relaxed and fish. Which would give them the break they would need to mug, as at that time he would be the most unaware. So they would think...

'Alright boys, Let's make this quick. We'll go back to that fish shop and collect us some pay.' said the head thug, the second before his 4 other minions pounced on the unsuspecting noble. Two of the minions grabbed his arms, one got him in a headlock and the other picked up both of his feet and grabbed them tightly. At that second, Robin was totally immobilized and apparently, wasn't trying to struggle. The leader then pulled a knife out of his pocket and placed it at the base of his collar. The leader than felt him up and down for his pouch full of money and found none. That was because prior to this mugging attempt, Robin found a bend in the track which gave him several seconds to make a switch. Robin's intentions at this stage was to clone himself as best as possible and remembering the academy teacher's teachings, focused chakra into each chakra point in his body and released each, creating what many would consider to be a perfect shadow clone. Robin took away the clone's pouches of money and weaponry and allowed the clone to continue his journey, whilst Robin hid in the trees and trailed the thugs. He was now in a tree 10meters behind, sitting on one of its lower branches. He would just wait until the thugs would get pissed off with the clone before dispersing it.

'Shit boys! He's got no money on him,' spoke the head thug. The one who had Robin in a headlock looked up startled and spoke, 'We can't let him inform us of the authorities; just slit his throat and we'll dump him in the river'. The head thug shifted the point of the knife further along his throat and in one ragged motion, ripped it through the throat. The 5 thugs gasped in disbelief as white smoke poured out of the man's body and covered the small vicinity in blinding smoke. Several seconds later, the smoke cleared and all the thugs were in the same position, in complete disbelief, without the nobleman. They each looked at each other before the head thug spoke, 'Idiots! He's a ninja! Get the F%#$ outta here!' yelled the head thug. Before any of them could comprehend, they were all surrounded by 5 Ninja; each dressed exactly the same. At that exact moment, the head thug considered his chances and yelled out to his thug-mates, 'Come on boys! It's 5 on 5 and these things aren't even real! Let's knock this boy about.' At that instant, 2 others pulled out knives, one pulled out a mace-like-thing and another pulled out a flail. Weird weapons for local street thugs, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then, close to simultaneously; they all lunged at their opponents.

Only one of the shadow clones were dispersed in the first attack. That left 4 against 5, not in Robin's favor. However, what they didn't know was that Robin was still perched in his tree, keeping one eye on the fight, and the other on the tip of the rod. The second it got a bite, Robin would shunshin towards it and would real in the unlucky sucker. He really didn't give a shit about these thugs, he could take 20 more of them on and wouldn't care. But, he did want to take this opportunity to try out some more substitutes to the clone technique. After all, he currently had Water, Earth and Shadow Clones. More variations wouldn't hurt. The tip of the rod dipped ever so slightly, that averted his attention directly onto the rod. He waited for it to suddenly dip, however it did not. Must of been a current, he presumed as he turned some of his attention back to the clones. This time, only 2 remained and only 1 of the thugs was injured. One of the knife-thugs was down, seemingly unconscious. [to be continued..]

Robin Kaguya ---- Because I was forced..
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Fish Sticks. XD [Training] [P] [WIP]
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