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 Hachi the moth man

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The Moth Man

PostSubject: Hachi the moth man   Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:25 am

General Information:

Name: Hachi Abarada

Nickname/Alias: The Bug Master/ The Moth man (at s rank)

Weight: 90lbs

Height: 8'2"

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Looks: Hachi is actually known as the first living moth man. Hachi was fused with a moth at a young age longing to be a bug as he trained with them. His body is furry almost as if he has feathers and being that he is rather large and doesn\'t even seem slightly human he mostly resembles a owl more then a moth. Hachi has massive eyes almost the size of basketballs each eye have multiple sections allowing him to see almost everywhere in front of him and allowing him to keep his eyes stationary at all times. His eyes are also another reason he is mistaken for a owl but the eyes are a very bright red piercing color and seem to almost glow. His eyes are also almost always moist allowing him to never have to blink. Hachi\'s head sports two very large furry antennae that are used to hear even the slightest sounds when his wings are open. The two large antenna work as his ears as he has none on the sides of his head. The two large antenae both stand at about three feet on his head and are made of mostly cartilage allowing him to move put them against his head and hide them and not feel any pain form it. Hachi\'s wings are massive which he uses as a cloak to hide his body. Each wing is amazing large being almost double his size being 10 feet fully extended he can easily shroud himself without having to actually wear any clothing. His large wings have beautiful designs that seems almost like a blue and green river which is actually multiple blue and green orbs that blend together to make what seems like a picture and actually looks like colorful robe when covering his body. When his wings cover his body the majority of the wings cover his head leaving only his large glowing eyes to be visible the rest of his body being shrouded only slightly by the wings but still making it impossible to see whats under them. Hachi actually speaks like a human but has a slightly deeper eerie voice that makes people stray away from him. His furry body is actually work as hypersensitive hairs that allow him to feel even the slightest touch on his body giving him much more time to re act then a normal human could. Hachi's head is rather large being that he has large eyes that also take up most of the space on his head but the hair on his body makes his body seem much bigger and his head seem to even out with his head.

Personality: Lover of Plants: Hachi is also a master of plants being able to recognize any plant he sets his giant eyes on without even having to think. Being that he is mostly a moth a large amount of his diet are plants and he had to know what plants were poisonous and which were some of the best to eat. Being that he had to learn something about plants he figured he would try to learn everything there is about plants. This really did\'t take long until he learned the basics of plants from there he read anything he could about plants and at one point had a book in his hand almost all the time. Being that he has red what seems like hundreds of books on plants and even red some over to make sure he remembered it he has vast knowledge of plants and has actually begun to breed his own plants and lives in a large garden when not on missions. Being that he lives almost constantly around plants and always eating them his body gives off a pleasant earthy sweet aroma that attracts most insects making them think he is a large plant and capturing them to control. Some of the plants actually carries a long with them to eat actually convincing people to try them because they have a sweet taste almost like honey.

Battle Personality: Hachi is more of a long range and defensive person in battle using his bugs as his weapons and using his elements to defend himself. Hachi has mastered genjutsu techniques using his massive, segmented, glowing eyes to trap his enemies finding that the glowing is a very addicting sight. Hachi almost always have a blood lust during battle but if he does kill someone or if he doesn\'t he no longer has a lust for blood. Hachi has learned from multiple battles that bugs can be used in multiple different ways and has also been known to be a strategist. Being that he has almost an army that he can bend to his will hachi prefers to fight a lone and will sometimes attack the weak that try to help him. Hachi\'s attitude almost completely changes when he goes into battle but it is mostly something he had to force himself to learn because his normal nature would never allow him to win a battle.

Out of Battle Personality: When not in battle hachi is the most peaceful person that is known around. Hachi prefers not to talk to humans anymore just because most of them are freaked out by his odd form and most stray away from him. Hachi has trained himself to be calm unless fighting no matter what the situation is. Being that he has trained his body it almost seems like he has only two emotions pure rage and calm. Hachi has been known to be one of the most caring creatures to the people that actually take the time to get to know him. Hachi\'s attitude to humans is very caring. He will help anyone that is in trouble even if it is a former enemy. His attitude toward bugs completely changes and is almost the same as his battle attitude. He treats bugs like his play toys being that he is able to control almost any type of bug he find them weak and usless besides the ones he has breded himself.

Clan Information
Clan Name: Abarada

Kekei Genkai: Insect Manipulation: Shinobi that are born into this clan are very skilled with the ability to manipulate bugs along with being able to create any insect they please almost like alchemy by creating a triangle inside of a circle and then placing the two insects or objects that will be used and then preforming a special jutsu exclusive to the clan allowing a new bug to be created that can then be mass produced for the ninja. The insects this clan can create are not the same as a normal insect as they natural have a much stronger exoskeleton.

Arachnid Manipulation: Abarada shinobi also have the ability to create arachnids and manipulate them much like the original way that they learned to manipulate insects. The two very different creatures cannot be on the same battlefield of course due to the good chain but in battle the abarada can choose to use either insects or arachnids in battle sometimes even switching between the two to throw the enemy off guard.

Insect Body: Just like the aburame the abarada have the ability to store one of their insect species in their body and use them as weapons to attack ninja. The type of insects that are inside the body vary from ninja to ninja but most of them use a advanced version of a basic bug just to distract the enemy while they create the needed nest.

Clan Symbol: N/A

Clan History: The clan started out as a branch from the abruame clan being very skilled with a single type of bug that were able to drain chakra from their enemies. After many generations of aburame a very skilled aburame by the name of ninda wanted something more then just one type of insect to use in battle. Ninda began to train and learn how to control multiple insects and managed to be able to control any insects that wandered around or flew by him but he still found that it wasen't enough and that he needed more. Ninda managed to create a jutsu that created an insect nest that allowed him to produce insects to attack his enemy but still could only create basic insects. At this point the other aburame ninjas figured out what the man was trying to do a forced him out of the clan and the leaf village for trying to create and use more insects then the aburame exclusive bugs. When ninda was shunned from the leaf villaged by the aburame he traveled from village to village learning all he can about bugs and trying to find a special bug user he could learn from. After traveling from the sand to the stone village he found nothing but a large amount of information on insects. But when he traveling to the bear country to get a bite to eat before he continued traveling he came across a ninja that was able to control a massive amount of bugs at once but the bugs weren't coming from his body like a aburame but the secret was a hidden nest that made it look like he was producing the insects himself. Being that ninda was not a hostile and had no hand band which made him seem like a traveler or a rogue ninja he decided to teach him because he was no threat either way. Ninda trained with the man and learned many basic bug jutsu and different methods for manipulating bugs and actually learned how to manipulate arachnids to a certain degree. The ninja began to get sick as nindas training seemed to be close to its end and only taught him two very important techniques for a bug user before he passed away from a horrible illness. The two techniques were the ability to create insect nests and the ability to create insects by sacrificing an insect and another object. After learning all he could ninda moved to the mist village as he became a ninja for the village.

As he preformed missions and did whatever he could to help the village while still training he met a women about the same age as him that had no clan or special abilities but wanted to learn to use bugs just as he did. She took to the skills very quickly and she was the first person he was ever able to have fun with and not have to be serious all the time and the two ended up getting married and have children that began to spread the bug manipulating traits down from generation to generation which allowed the clan to improve on certain abilities as they passed them down the clan also changing its name to the abarada instead of the aburame.

Rank Information:

Rank: Jounin

Village: Sand Village

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Wind , Earth

Special Characteristics: Ability to fly, ability to see in the dark, Ability to use his large wings like fans greatly increasing hsi wind based jutsu

History/RP Sample:

History/Background Story:

Childhood Arc: Hachi was born as a normal human and grew up in a family that could manipulate bugs and began to train him about the ability to manipulate bugs at a young age. As hachi began to train with bugs he ventured off from the normal bugs and became much more interested in moths then in any other insects. Hachi was mostly a normal child training at the same speed as a normal ninja not having anything special about him but he knew that something was missing something that would completely change his abilities and his strengths. When joining the academy hachi was trained by his mother and father and he began to struggle as an academy student because he became centered around learning how to use moths and nothing else. Being that he spent all of his time on the moths he failed becoming a genin for many years his parents fearing that he would never become a decently ranked ninja at all. After getting to the age of 9 and still failing to make it to genin rank hachi left the village to search for what he was missing and he knew just what it was.

Fusion Arc: As he journeyed around look for a ninja that had the ability to fuse people with other things he had to be very careful of other missing ninjas being that he lacked skills he could easily be killed by almost any wandering ninja. Stopping at a hidden village almost any chance he fiybd a man that had the ability to fuse two creatures together. Hachi caught what he called a owl moth and told the man that he wanted to be fused with the owl moth. The ritual was a very painful one and took many hours to preform. The ritual required the man to make a large crucifix putting the main body which would be hachi in the middle, Two people would stand one below and one above hachi with the owl moth on the left side and a blessing stone on the right. After a almost hours of chanting and preforming handsigns the crucifix would begin to glow a bright black color first then change to a red color. The heart of the host body will be removed from the body floating in the air as the moth replaced the host bodies heart morphing the body changing it almost completely. After the painful transformation of the body which takes many hours the moth is destroyed and the heart is put back in place. When this happens the two on both the top and the bottom of the crucifix must pour vast amounts of their chakra into the hosts body allowing him to keep control of the body and jump start the heart again. After doing the that have preformed the ritual are incredibly tired and hachi was forced to be on be rest for almost a year. The secondary person for the ritual actually passed as the person who used the ritual becoming sick almost on his death bed just from preforming this powerful ritual. Once hachi fully recovered his size and his body almost completely changed to what seemed like a owl moth which was what exactly what hachi wanted. As he traveled through the village people would be very afraid of him not knowing what he was trying to avoid him at all costs. At this point hachi found that he had no reason to be in the village anymore and returned back to the stone village where he was born the man who helped him actually dying after he left.

Return to the Stone Village Arc: By the time that hachi had returned to the stone village he had figured out that covering his body with his large wings made him seem human. When he returned to the stone village and began to try to eat solid foods as he had been drinking only liquids but couldn't seem to keep down any food and instead took an interest in plants and insects just like a moth would eat finding them very delicious. Hachi preferred not to eat any insects and would instead eat flowers not sucking the nectar out of the flower like some moths do instead eating the whole flower. The flowers seemed to be very odd tasting and hachi ventured into plant breeding creating flavored plants that taste like honey and sugar to get rid of the weird taste. After learning to make plants that he could eat without any problem hachi began to trade again and noticed a very big difference in his abilities and instead of joining as an academy student again he went straight to the tsuchikage to show him his power after mastering the ability to manipulate bugs. When walking into the office of the tsuchikage he seemed as if he had no time for him being consumed by paperwork it completely covering his desk he just wanted hachi out of his office so that he could finish. The tsuchikage would grant a rank no higher then genin but he had no even seen his abilities. Hachi wanted a higher rank then he was actually given because he felt that he was better then that but being that the chunin exams were drawing near he decided to just train constantly until the chunin exams arrived. Hachi began to breed insects to create a diverse bug army while still training his elemental jutsu but not as focused as he was in the bug techniques. Hachi learned a lot of bug techniques that used moths but also began to breed insects that were much different from a moth using them for attacking and stunning the enemy while the moths disoriented the enemy with genjutsu techniques. Hachi went into the chunin exams and beat them with ease going to chunin he felt very confident as he joined the best team in the stone village to do missions with.

Chunin Arc: After becoming chunin hachi halted his training focusing more on breeding insects and going on missions with his team. The team used his abilities to their advantage and he had actually grown close to his team but had never shown them that the cloak was really his wings or that he was actually a large moth. The team prefered to avoid him due to his large glowing red eyes and keeping himself hidden behind a cloak almost all the time. The team thought they would never see his body until they were on a A-ranked mission and hachi got into a tough fight with an opponent. Hachi opened his wings and revealed his moth like body. He did frighten the enemy ninja and used his strong wind jutsu and his wings liek fans to rip the enemy to shreds. Hachi used a genjutsu to make them forget what they had seen being that no one in the village had ever seen his body he didn't want anyone to see it at all. After thtat mission they couldn't remember part of it but they knew something happened that was very odd. After finishing the A-ranked mission hachi and his teammates were promoted to jounin for doing such a great job.

Exit of the Stone Village....again: Growing tired of the stone village which is what he secreatly feared after earning a rank and being known very well around the village he was forced to leave out of sheer boredom looking to find a village that had a much more active and interesting community which led him to konoha at first which proved to be a bustling village full of many people but the atmosphere there and the people were just not something he liked and it almost seemed to happy to him. hachi then moved from konoha after only a few days of living there to the sand village which was rumored to be a very relaxed and carefree village but is serious when needed which is what he liked and what he was looking for. Upon entering the village just looking around it seemed like he wouldn't like it there being that it was mostly sand a big buildings and he was more of a plant person but as he continued to stay there he found it very interesting and one of the best places he had been. After a week of staying in the village hachi decided to settle there and become a ninja of the sand and defend the village from any intruders or go on missions to help the kage.

Rp Sample:


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The Moth Man

PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:25 am

Bug Species

Name: Worker Insects
Species: Armored Beetle
Description: These worker insects look much like an average dung beetle but not the same size as they live inside of hachi's body fighting for him when needed. The insects have small spines that are used for digging and collecting dirt and other materials. The worker insects are also able to work together to create nests much like the ones the average abarada make but the nest is weaker and one insect must take chakra from hachi to activate it. The insects are also heavy armored with small holes on their back and a powerful bite. The holes are hidden underneath their wings and allow them to spew poison from the holes that causes the body to be thrown off balance and the mind to be clouded if inhaled making it much harder for the person to preform taijutsu and jutsu that require handsigns. The insects are only about the size of a grain of rice allowing a large amount of them to be stored in the body for summoning

Name: Bullet Ant
Species: Ant
Description: This large ants get their name from their powerful pincers that inject venom into the enemy and seem almost like they have been shot. The venom then causes excruciating pain to the enemies body needing only ten bites to make the enemy pass out from shock. These ants are rather large and are easy targets for people to step on if they are trying to attack.

Name: Burrowing Scarab
Species: Beetle
Description: These bettles live underground and have large shell hard shells to prevent rocks from falling on top of them. The scarabs have shovel like fingers on their front and hind legs the middle legs are stingers that are used to defend themselves from underground intruders. The stingers have venom in them that paralizes any enemy for only mere moments on humans but on other insects and animals it stuns them for many minutes. The scarab use that as an easy escape and can borrow at an amazing speed through even the thickest rock.s

Name: Grenade Bugs
Species: beetle
Description: The small beetles are used for nothing more then suicide attacks. The small beetles seem almost like flies but smaller and make no noise when they fly. When they land near an enemy they have chemicals in their body that mix together to cause an explosion equal to a hand grenade. When the bugs are used in rapid sucession the beetles can cause massive damage to one enemy.

Name: Tank Beetles
Species: Beetle
Description: These large beetles were made by hachi himself. They take on the form of hercules beetles but have what looks like a horn gun on their head and their body is heavily armored making it so that a normal stomp won't kill them. The horn gun does not shoot bullets but instead shoots a sticky liquid that looks like blood but quickly becomes an incredibly sticky and heavy liquid when it touches a humans body making it much harder for them to move.

Name: God Strength Beetle
Species: Beetle
Description: A more advanced version of the hercules beetle that hachi created. By merging a hercules beetle with a small animal he was able to increase the size but only slightly making it weight five pounds and stand at foot tall and three feet long. These bugs seem like any normal bug besides being the size of some small dogs these beetles have the two large pincers like a normal hercules beetle but have double the PSI (pressure per square inch) of a hyena being able to crush steel with their pincers and rips off limbs with just a slight tug. Being that the insect was bred with an animal it lost the ability to fly making the animal slower the normal.

Name: Skin Burrowing Scarab
Species: Beetle
Description: These beetles are almost the same as the normal burrowing scarab but instead of having what looks like shovels for front and hind legs they have scalpels which allow them ot slice through skin and burrow through the body. Once under the skin the beetles go after organs cutting them with the scalpels while cutting the tissue around it to cause internal bleeding. Once the scarabs burrow under the skin the only way to get them out is to cut open the skin and pull the insect out.

Name: Lightning Bug
Species: Bug
Description: These small bugs glow and have the ability to create charges by rubbing their front feelers together to create static electricity. When multiple lightning bugs shock the same person at the same time the shock is equal to a lightningbolt during a thunderstorm.

Name: Kaleidoscope Moths
Species: Moth
Description: Moths that have very colorful bodies and wings that allow them to disorient the enemy when flying in large groups or work in conjunction with a genjutsu to trap them in a color funnel of confusion.

Name: Ant Lion
Species: Ant
Description: Large ants that create traps in the earth that seem like a large funnel that traps anyone who steps into making them fall into the mouth of the ant lion. Ant lions are rather small even though they are able to make large traps in mere moments.

Name: Carrier Beetle
Species: Beetle
Description: These beetles have no purpose but to carry other insects that have to walk on their underbelly to attack the enemy from the air. These insects are rather large and armored to protect them from being hit in the sku but are still able to fly at a very quick pace

Name: Flying Fire Ant
Species: Ant
Description: These ants are high ranked soldier ants that are able to fly at a very quick speed. The ants have venom in their pincers that cause burning throughout the enemies body. The ants have a sturdy body but their wings are very frigile.

Name: Armored Cockroach
Species: Cockroach
Description: These cockroachs are medium sized insects with thick wing shells and armor on their head and legs making it much harder to hurt them. The roaches move at a decent speed but are very agile in the air and have a venom that causes the body to become paralized it bitten more then five times.

Name: Vile Shield Bug
Species: Beetle
Description: These small beetles are named because of their shield like wing cover and the smell that is like a mix of putrid garbage, burning bodies, and hundred year old rotting corpses. The insects emit the horrible smelling liquid from their legs and can knock people out if they stay in the area of these bugs for too long.

Name: Thundering Eaters
Species: Locust
Description: These massive locusts are used to destroy the remains of bodies or anything else non leaving. The locusts have amazingly strong teeth and each making a very loud buzzing sound as their wings scratch together. The only thing that the locusts are un able to eat are metals but have the ability to break down poison and venoms in specific materials with ease keeping them alive

Name: C4 stick ants
Species: ant
Description: These small ants are almost like dots but has chemicals in their body that mix and cause explosive equal to C4 explosives. The bugs also have a incredibly sticky liquid on their legs allowing them to stick to even the most slip resistant materials with no problem. Hachi can only use 1-5 of these ants at a time.

Name: Fire bugs
Species: Beetle
Description: These small beetles are about a third of the size of the finger nail of a persons pinky but the insects have the ability to absorb fire chakra that is shot from the enemy a sacrifice themselves completely absorbing the fire instead of letting other bugs take the hits.

Name: Zenzi fly
Species: Fly
Description: These flies look just like any other fly but have wings that make no sound at all allowing them to be much more stealthy then a normal fly. These flys have a stinger inside of their mouths that allow them to insect a quick acting venom that puts the enemy to sleep for two posts if bitten.

Name: Bog fly
Species: Fly
Description: These large flys store a acid like substance from their stomach that is corrosive enough to break down even the strongest metals. The corrosive acid is so strong that the flys have to actually constantly spit it up as they touch objects to prevent them from burning a hole through their own stomachs. The flys can spew the acid from a great distance and in multiple blasts instead of just one stream.

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The Moth Man

PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:26 am

Non Elemental

Name: Insect Bullet
Rank: D
Description: This requires a bug in the palm of hachis hand. He covers the insect in chakra and shoots it with chakra at the enemy. As it moves through the air it picks up speed and can stick the enemy with its stinger or bite them making it much harder to dodge or this jutsu can be used to get specific bugs on the enemy.

Name: Insect Shotgun
Rank: C
Description: The same as the insect bullet jutsu but instead of using just one bug the ninja shoots multiple insects at the enemy.

Name: Bug Armor
Rank: C
Element: N/A
Description: Hachi commands his armored bugs to crawl on his body and protect him from incoming attacks.

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:40 am

Clan history needs to be 2 paragraphs in rank. Period.

nicknames are for S rank only.

Insect bullet and shotgun are OP. plus, a bug, no matter what speed it's travelling at, would be able to cause a sting at most.
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Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader

PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:09 am

Also, expand on the explination of the KKG, its no where near good enough to be accepted.
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The Moth Man

PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:44 pm

done but being that there was already people to post on my app can i make a separate post in the jutsu section with the rest of my characters jutsu if i get approved
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PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:30 pm

its simple just post it here, makes things easier for us mods. if its not a hassal to you. or if the other mods agree to delete their posts so you can stick it in.
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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:33 pm

I'm going to say no on the clan seeing as its basically just Aburame. And we try to avoid similarities between canon and custom clans. Just join Aburame.
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PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:34 pm

Ops, didn't realize I was on my other account.
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PostSubject: Re: Hachi the moth man   

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Hachi the moth man
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