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 Heading Back Home.

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PostSubject: Heading Back Home.   Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:27 am

Dameon looked at the boat with a sour taste in his mouth. It would be another long journey by boat to go back to the mainland. It wasn’t that he hated boats; he just hated the long wait on them. He climbed aboard slowly pushing his sunglasses closer to his eyes as he made his way diligently to his cabin. Once he was there he locked the door behind him and laid down on the bed much like he had on the ride over and rested his head against the pillow. He began to think things over in his head, wondering just how he would present his return to Suna and only hoped he would be welcomed back. He knew they thought he had left for selfish intent but the fact was that he had left to further protect Suna without having to go through miles of red tape to do so. He sighed again and passed out. It was roughly a day later that he awoke and climbed off the ship onto the docks of Sunagakure.
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Heading Back Home.
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