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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Kanashii![WiP]   Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:19 pm

General Information
Name: Kanashii Sumiyaka Tenma...

Nickname/Alias: Orange Tang!.(Clan nickname because right before they die they see a orange flash)

Age: 19

Gender: Male


He has been mistaken for a girl sometimes. His baby face and his hair style. He has gray eyes but once activated his Gigan appears and it allows him to see different things like Charka, Charka Signatures He can see out 2 miles away.
He can see Night vision Thermal and Black and white. Including many other forms of sight seeing. His main weapon of choice is his kantana. It is on a sheath hanging around his waist. He usually wears the Suna uniform but over it he wears a long trench coat and black tights. He wears knee high boots and he is 6'4 tall. If you first saw him you would think he is mean. He always has a serious face on but is one of the biggest pranksters ever.

While in Battle he is fierce and fast. None of his battles ever last long and he usually does everything. The only time he wears his headband is right before battle and its a normal around the forehand. He has the Suna symbol stained on the tip of his Katana sheath and around the grip of his sword. e wears a very stealthy suit. It's gray. White gloves. He dresses different then most other Jonin. It is very strong and and withstand a kunai or shuriken and also a stab or slash with a sword. The shin and forearms guards are stronger than the rest of the armor but everywhere is still very strong. He has several piercings a bridge, his earings go from the lobe to the top. His whole outfit is based on speed.

Personality:He always jokes and is cocky. He always thinks he can do anything which somethings he can do. Even you fight him he is someone else. Like another soul eats up his nice one. . He is almost always in a good mood other them fighting.
Kanashii is a very laid back person. He's very funny and always makes jokes and remarks.
He's very active and outgoing. He is intelligent and very elite. He's very good at what he does. . He always looks at the positives if he gets in trouble. When he was in the academy he always was a 'smartass'. Even when he is in combat he makes smart remarks and comments. If someone makes fun of him he just goes and makes fun of them back.
He has a very loud mouth . When he was younger he all ways used to get in trouble for talking to much.
That is what made him so popular though. He was good to be around with.
Hes an Aries. He was born in March.He is almost never serious even when it comes to medical. he sometimes act immature. He always tries to think of the positives and helps out people when they need it.
He is usually the good of the good guys. If he was evil he would be the good of the bad guys.

Personality Trait's: Speed and Swords.

Catch Phrase: Won't even see me coming. To fast! Over here!
This won't last long. I'll make this quick and easy for you. Coming right to you!

Clan Information

Clan Name: Sokusei

Kekkei Genkai: The ability to extend. They can extend their bodies and extend what they are holding. They can make holes in there bodies from expanding. They can heal their wounds with their abilities too. Most use weapons and forms of taijutsu. They can form their body shapes very accurately. He can create a claw attached to his arm and can go a certain extent. Most are tall and can manipulate their bodies.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History: Starting back a couple hundred years ago, A scientist started to mix genes to create killing machines. Most of this genes and genetically formed humans where failures, some where extremely powerful but had very bad side effects. The master one called Sokusei were cloned. These had no really side effects. They exceeded in Kenjutsu and weaponry. After several were completely copied they had their own consciousness. They rebelled against their owner and killed him. Their were 3 named Kan,An,and Shii. Each fought with their own special strength that made this trio such a deadly team.

Once they busted out they had no where to go. They would storm through villages and steal things. People said that when they could even get a glace at them, they looked like demons. Being known for their fast and growth abilities they were looked on as manipulation gods and know one could keep out with them. Soon they would even expand their knowledge and become even better and faster.

Now they live in peace having head quarters in most hidden villages. Mostly Konoha,Suna and Kiri. Most people use names as a tradition and they could tell where they were from. A Kan would be from Konoha. They would have Kan most likely at the being or end of their names. An's would be from Suna and Shii's would be from Kiri. Some names have been mixed from parents from different villages or just because. Most ninja are accompanied by swords and other weapons like that. Many ninja from this clan have animals that they can telepathically talk to. Most are birds and small creatures. They are well lived people who are mostly lean and tall. They usually have dark-ish hair and light skin and light eyes. Now no one can exceed them in skill.

Rank Information:
Rank: Jonin
Village: Suna

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:

Elemental Affinity:

Special Characteristics: He has a vast knowledge of hand seals and can perform them fast.
Eats ALOT!


Name: Kirikorosu
Rank: B
Special Abilities: Faster than the average sword. Its bright!
Able to to use the lightening element, Kanashii can emit his chakra into the swords hilt, infusing the already existing, but small blade, with his lightening chakra. Not only does this strengthen the medal, but causes the chakra, with a higher concentration, to form a more realistic blade, created soley from the chakra of the user streaming through the conductor quilt.

After the chakra has been injected into the blade, or done so to make another more powerful blade, the sword is infused with abilities that make it special.

C Rank Version:
When using the C rank version of this chakra control technique, they can only simply infuse their chakra into the blade, allowing it to become stronger. Also, while the blade is infused like this, any hit that makes contact directly with an opponent's flesh, the electricity would channel through the blade onto the target, causing small lightening to fire themselves around the body, acting as synapses, and thus confusing the body, and slowing it down greatly, if not very quickly paralyzing it. The only place that would be paralyzed is where the sword touches.It usually takes out the whole limb. For example if I hit the arm with this sword that arm would be paralyzed for a post depending on how bad the sword came into contact with the limb. Small cuts and straches offen are in use with this version. If the body is affected in any way, it will be unaffected after a second that the blade has left, giving room for another slash, and often the last.

B Rank Verison:
When using the B rank version of this chakra control technique, the chakra is not only infused into the medal blade, a small thing, long, however not as long as the sword would be, and not as durable as the normal blade, it becomes an almost unbreakable blade that solidifies a blade conjured from nothing but raiton chakra energy. In this way, similar to cannon character Asuma's jutsu, another blade is created, only it is visible due to its half form, and crackling blue presence. Like the D rank version, this sword then needs to come in contact with something to activate its ability. When the user causes the pure lightening blade to come into contact with an opponent, full contact, it will cause a rush of lightening chakra to explode into the enemy body. On top of the pain that follows, the victim of this attack will not be able to move, due to the temparary short circuiting of their synaps movement, and thus rendered paralyzed. Once in this form, the opponent stays paralyzed for no more than a 4 posts, and this is only if the blade come directly to flesh on a major part of the body such as the stomach and such. Other than that, the paralysis only last for up to 2 posts, still giving the user more than enough time to attack and finish the match.

This being said, depending on the strength of the opponent, they can allow the greatest affect to be rendering their ability to react much slower, and not able to move as fast, but this is only the stronger foes. And the constand chakra flow drains chakra, although not a lot, a constant amount.

Also, with both the D and C rank versions of this jutsu, for each, the blade can be deactivated by a technique/weapon/ability etc. is a higher rank.
For example: Kanashii activated his Kayo blade to the D rank version. His opponent, also a carrier of the blade activated it to the C rank version. They both flew at each other, and clashed blades. Kanashii's blade would deactivate, and require activation. If Kanashii were to have the center of the sword destroyed, the weapon could not be used, as the chakra would have no base to surround to thus make a blade.

Origin: Clan. It used to be his fathers.


Type: N/A
Rank: C-A
Element: N/A
Description:This lets the user expand the sword. It can be as little as 2 inches or it can go up to 75 feet long. The sword well still have its lighting effect and can be manipulated to become fatter and blunt or thin and fast. It can be smooth or rough and can be manipulated even more.

Name: Gigan

Rank: B
Special Abilities: It can let Kanashii look 2 miles out of he is focused and it can sense charka. Their are different lenses to see different things, Negative,black and white. It can be used to deflect B and under genjutsu.
It can be used to detect a lie. These are activated and are on both eyes.
Origin: From his clan.

Name: Orange
Nickname: Orange
Species: Phoenix
Hes orange though.
Personality: Smart. He can talk to Kanashii and only Kanashii through telepathic ways. He usually leaves before battle or stays. He is in the moment type of bird. Loves eating. Does whatever he is told. He is fast agile strong. Sexy. Strong willpower and a little cocky. He does whatever he is told and is basically a informant.
Age: 7
History: He was giving to me as a pet by my father from the clan before he died.

Background Information
Young Arc.
Kanashii was born in Kumogakure. He lived in the Clan Headquarters with his parents and the rest of the clan. He had a older brother too. This was the smallest Headquarters of the Speed Demon clan. They just started to rebuild themselves in Kumo. They were very strong and many were in their ANBU. The Raikage didn't like this to much. He thought they were outsiders and they were getting to much respect. Unknowingly they were set on suicide missions and missions where they were betrayed. At this time Kanashii and learning from his older brother and father. He was 4 and he already unlocked the speed of a Chuunin. They thought since he was so advanced already they should give him his Gigan.

At age 5 he was given his Gigan and it tooks many months to perfect it. His brother and his father both had them but Kanashii had the most recent up to date one yet. He hadn't learned Kenjutsu yet. Solely Taijutsu.

When he was 6 he was given his first Katana and was training already. His brother was 16 at the time. His parents were a bit old and happy. Kanashii was a prodigy child learning forms of the Katana and stabs and jabs. He also was training in Taijutsu very well too.

At age 8 he was considered at Special Jonin skill. This time his father was sent on a suicide mission. While on the mission he found out about the Raikages plan to destroy them and he quickly fleed the mission. Knowing no one could catch him he went to the headquarters and made quite a scene. They were told to leave as soon as possibly. By the time everyone was packing up the headquarters was attacked. Parents grabbed their children and the men fought.

Kanashii's father was the first one of the family to die. While Kanashii his mother and his brother were fleeing they were caught by ANBU. His mother felt it was best for them to to survive. Kanashii was killed in tears. He betrayal was to much. Knowing all he had left was his brother the fled to a village in the fire country. While there they didn't have a clan headquarters so they lived in a small apartment.

While becoming a genin he was usually used alot on missions. His brother also. They never went on missions though. They did train alot together though. They did alot of things together. They lived normal lives from then and he lived happily. They were the village militia and he did not get the chance to go to an Academy like his older brother.

One day they decided to leave and go back to Kumogakure and see what is left of the headquarters. They ran in and ran out. Their was nothing left. Nothing but Orange. He was lost. It was a surprise he was still there. While intruding in the village they were attacked by ANBU once again. His older brother now 26 stayed back and fought off the ANBU.

Being a great distraction they fought and killed atleast 7 ninja from Kumogakure. Being in there Bingo book at age 16 was not good. They needed to escape. These years were hell for Kanashii as random attacks even miles and miles away from Kumo.

One attack killed his brother. Kanashii was angered and killed the squad of the ANBU. Noticing the last one was apart of their clan aswel. He was undercover and was going to assassinate the Raikage. He told him to go to Suna and search for it and tell the Kazekage he was sent.

It took him a year completely to find Suna. He didn't know his way around and thats why it took forever. After being 17 he entered the Suna village as a Legal Shinobi. Having everything ripped to shreds made his guy mad. He didn't talk much but they made friends while being 18 and now 19 he is still mad at everything that happened and is a brute. He goes on alot of solo missions because he can't relay on anyone else.

RP Sample: Seiji was running out of charka. He couldn't keep going this much. He has to hurry and end this fight. He know what to do. Apparently his enemy was thinking the same thing. Seiji was tried. His right ankle was hurting.
He had bruises. He was really taking quite a toll. He know would have to rely on his taijutsu. Something he relied on alot. He was very powerful and his style was intense.

He saw the chains coming right at him. Not having to much charka to waste he had to use a last resort. Oh man He didn't have a last resort! The only thing he could do,
very dangerous very deadly very risky. He needed to take that chance. He couldn't let himself die knowing he didn't try. His next jutsu might take enough charka, He would use Tenkuu Shotto but He couldn't charge enough charka to escape all those chains.

The only thing he could do was nothing. Seiji lifted his arms. They were showered in his own blood. By the time the chains came he would be dead. He couldn't do much.
He was about to get owned by this OP man. As if Seiji knew what to do. He couldn't simply dodge all of them. There were to many. So he took out a kunai with explosive tag on it. He threw it at the chains. It might have knocked some chains out but still, to many and too late. No jutsu he had could get him out of this. Not with the charka he has.
It would be too hard, then he will have to continue to fight and kill him with the pain he is already in. His hand, both of his hands, his ankle too. Nothing but a bunch of pain spoiled into one body.

Seiji was furious. It was check mate. Nothing to do but accept defeat. Just have to man up and take it. It won’t hurt. It will go on quick. He didn't want anyone to be mad at Seiji or that Iron man. He smirked about. Blood dripping from his nose forehead and mouth. He spit some blood out and raised his right hand up as high as he could. He raised his middle finger up and the other fingers down. He just flicked the man off. Hoping for at least a talk but no. He put his hands in his pockets and…

Slash! Several chains went right into Seiji. When he was hit by one he was knocked back, only moving on of his feet. As he got hit more he keep standing.
He was going to die. Seiji was in pain. I guess he was wrong. This will be painful.
A life that ever ninja lives through, in the end they all go through the same pain.
Blood started to drip all over his body. Blood sweat, no tears. Seiji wasn't mad at the man, only a little.

Seiji dropped to his knees, then fell on his side. He was dead. Blood coming out of his mouth, forehead, nose, arm, everywhere. Some pain for Seiji to go through.
Only wishing he could have done better for the Village.
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