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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Kanashii!   Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:54 am

General Information
Name: Kanashii Metaru Bakugekiki


Age: 21

Gender: Male

He looks just like those pictures and usually has those. He is very tall and looks very strong. He is very strong. 6'7
He looks almost perfectly like this picture. Although he has a glass eye that covers his left eye. It has the Clan symbol on it, his eye was taken from him at a young age. His eye was a drawing of his clan symbol on it He has the clan symbol on the base of his neck was is clearly visible. Many people don't know it though. He has several piercings a bridge, his earings go from the lobe to the top.
Everything is metal. He has a sword but he keeps it in his body. Leather tights and knee high boots.

There is a black hood on his suit. It fits tight on his head.
He wears a very stealthy suit. It's gray. White gloves. He dresses different then most other Jonin. It is very strong and and withstand a kunai or shuriken and also a stab or slash with a sword. The shin and forearms guards are stronger than the rest of the armor but everywhere is still very strong.
His jacket is more of a vest because he is stealthy and built for speed. He sometimes wears a mask that covers everything but his eye, He has a scar that goes down his left eye and on top of his eye he has the clan symbol.

Personality: He always jokes and is cocky. He always thinks he can do anything which somethings he can do. Even you fight him he is someone else. Like another soul eats up his nice one. . He is almost always in a good mood other them fighting.
Kanashii is a very laid back person. He's very funny and always makes jokes and remarks.
He's very active and outgoing. He is intelligent and very elite. He's very good at what he does. . He always looks at the positives if he gets in trouble. When he was in the academy he always was a 'smartass'. Even when he is in combat he makes smart remarks and comments. If someone makes fun of him he just goes and makes fun of them back.
He has a very loud mouth . When he was younger he all ways used to get in trouble for talking to much.
That is what made him so popular though. He was good to be around with.
Hes an Aries. He was born in March.He is almost never serious even when it comes to medical. he sometimes act immature. He always tries to think of the positives and helps out people when they need it.
He is usually the good of the good guys. If he was evil he would be the good of the bad guys.

Personality Trait's: Metal! He loves metal, even the smell which most people find gross. He can wield any weapon. He is a senor but can sense charka better with his Gigan. Most people from his clan when they create something it the color of the metal, Kanashii can color things before they come out.

Catch Phrase: I need a soda. Wanna play?

Clan Information

Clan Name: Metaru Bakugekiki (Metal Bombers)

Kekkei Genkai: They have metal inside their bodies. The metal is usually a rare metal material called Yonkuki but some rare people are said to have Fonensen which is strong Steele and titanium combined. The clan is able to use metal to heal their wounds and block for them. If the clan member gets hit by something metal then the user can suck it into his body, he can keep it in its original form or disintegrate it and keep it in their body for other uses. These metals are only found in the body and is very hard to break. In order to get medal you have to give an important part of your body part away. Most give an eye or an ear, These ninja's metal doesn't weigh down but they do make punches stronger and etc. Their body is like a normal human. Their hair is usually white.
Fonensen is strong light yet durable and the metal can be used in different ways.. This is what Kanashii can use. The color is black or he can color them red. The metal has its own layer between the bone and skin. This layer is alot bigger than normal humans. The layers are Skin,Metal blood, bone blood,metal skin. Kanashii can make the metal touch his blood to make it red. The metal does not give Kanashii any disease but maybe someone else. The metal looks like Iron sand and when a weapon is created and destroyed to becomes metal dust and flies back into his body. They do not need as much blood they other humans but more metal. They are like machines and their hearts beat to the texture of the metal that when the blood touches it, it is immune and is 'stronger'.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History:These ninja's metal doesn't weigh down but they do make punches stronger and etc. Their body is like a normal human. Their hair is usually white.

This clan originated from the Metal country and when used to serve in ANBU. After the Metal country was disbanded and destroyed the remaining 'Metaru' went off to other bigger counties, Mainly Kiri and Suna. There are maybe less than 150 left in the world of Shinobi. Most of them die from disease that carries within when the metal rusts and kills them. This happened to decreased the clan rate shockingly. This disease happens to older man and women when their body is to weak to fight against rust at about age 47.

Rank Information:
Rank: Jonin
Village: Suna

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:

Elemental Affinity:

Special Characteristics: Metal Control Pretty dang Sexy


Background Information
Pre Academy Arc
Kanashii grow up in a happy family. He learned how to use katon element before even joining the Academy. Their family didn't teach him nor told him about his ability as a clan member. The family were really surprised at their only child training so hard. They lived in the Metal village at this time. They were at war with many other villages and also in a civil war. Kanashii's dad died when he was 5 right in front of him. His dad name was called Inko. Inko told Kanashii's mother,Yuago to plunge his eyes out. While Inko was fighting Kanashii saw her day and then stabbed his own eye out without knowing that he would activate metal. Metal started to form around Kanashii's body and he escaped with his mom Yugao. She did not have the clan ability because she never gave up a body part. They fled and not knowing where to go they found their way into the Suna village.

He lived in a 1 room apartment with his room. He was 7 at the time and could control his metal and fire. He was usually made fun of for being different and being an outsider. He got in alot of fights and was a trouble maker. His motheren Yugao still loved him but she was getting sick. A disease called Ekon. She still had many years left but she would die. Kanashii was 8 at the time and didn't know how to cope with it so he got in alot more trouble. Alot of people hated him because he caused havoc upon the Suna village and he was an outsider. The Kazekage didn't want to kick him out but he felt like he had too. The Kazekage talked to Kanashii and he found out how much stronger he could actually be.
Before even half way through the Academy he was promoted chuunin and became the Kazekages appertice at age 11.

Chuunin Arc.
At age 12 he would go on S ranked missions and his mother was so proud of him. A couple years ago he was hated so much then now he is loved. his life isn't all that easy though. his mother is now dying and will die very soon. At his mother's death bed Kanashii found out about his past and his clan. He was shocked. The shocking experience sent him wild and when his mother died he fled with tears.
At 11 both parents died and he had no one to blame except rouge ninjas who were already dead. He wanted revenge but he couldn't get it. It was the worst pain. He ran away from Suna for 5 years and became lost. He could take care of himself but he was only 11. He used his metal to create fake coins to buy food.
He became really close to his clan history and fixed his left eye up to make him be able to see farther. It took him awhile but he fixed up his product he called Gigan. He used to for many different reasons.

Wondering Arc.
he went through 5 years of the same lifestyle. Walk around stop at different villages. He was looked for by Suna, but they never found them and he couldn't find his way back to the village. He could cheat alot to get things. He was a mercenary at this time and tourist. He could help people with their problems and they could pay him with ryo or training. He was 16 before he got bored of this and wanted to find his way back home. In suna he was thought dead. While gambling he won a sword made that he won off of a Kinko ninja. He uses it to his full potential and he keeps it in his body.

Returning Arc. At age 17
He returned to the village. He learned how to control Raiton by the help of another Clan member who found there way there. He has done missions ever since. Week after day after hour. He usually is out doing missions because he doesn't have anything else to do.
Kanashii life hasn't been interesting since he has came back to his village.
He is well loved but isn't very close to people seeing that the Kazekage had died a year before hand. He doesn't do much but missions and helps out poor people by giving them money and food.

RP Sample:
Me dying again...500 something words. I did this like 10 minutes ago. I can't die with this charrie^^

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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

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