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 Shiori Sachiko

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PostSubject: Shiori Sachiko   Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:09 am

General Information
Name: Shiori Sachiko

Nickname/Alias: 'The Trickster'

Age: 21

Gender: Female





As seen above, Shiori has white flat flowing hair that falls to her mid back. She usually keeps this worn down unless stated otherwise. She also has blazing red eyes with hints of black; and with the effect of the sun they appear like fire. She has a fair complexion and does not burn very easily in the sun. Her body itself it slender but strong, composed of some muscle for strong taijutsu attacks but also speed. Two cat-like looking horns rest on the top of her head due to her bloodline, Shiori is one to usually leave them uncovered. However, if she ventures into other territories outside of Suna, she usually wears a hat and even ties ribbon around them (although she isn't the type for ribbons).

For clothing, besides the hat, when off work or strolling around she normally wears a red dress or cargo pants and t-shirts, depending on her mood. Otherwise, she normally wears the Suna Jounin attire unless stated otherwise. For shoes, these are usually black and durable for wear and tear situations.

Personality: Shiori is more of the independent sort due to her living alone for most of her life and learning to fend for herself practically since birth. She doesn't trust anyone and typically doesn't care for humanity due to her past. Even the most innocent person wouldn't really appeal to her. She tends to have high morals on issues and can rather logical on matters; one with good judgement. Although those with her blood line are said to be killers, Shiroi will not attack or harm unless provoked.

At times Shiori has been referred to as a trickster, using people to obtain what she wants, to set people up, etc etc. She can be rather sneaky when she has to be and sly like a fox, one of the ways she has managed to stay alive over the years. At times, it may seem she has multiple personalities when in truth it is usually a game. She has a joy in human emotions, evaluating them and so on, and may even go out of her way just to see how some people will react to certain situations. Only those who get close may get a glimpse of her true side, however most have died or it was merely a 'mask'.

Personality Trait's: (What does your char center around? For instance Deidara was centered around his art work, this is optional)

Catch Phrase: '....'

Clan Information

Clan Name: Sachiko

Kekkei Genkai: In basic terms, Terekineshisu is the ability to move objects with the mind.
Every human possesses a pineal gland, and in the brain of the user with this bloodline, the pineal gland is enlarged.
Those with this bloodline also possess horns on the top of their heads.
If the user possesses all these traits stated above and are BORN with this bloodline as a true Diclonius, they also have the ability to use invisible "arms" also known as vectors*.
Note: Due to the differences in these people compared to humans, they were thought of as a new race and thus were given the title Diclonius. This title has since stuck.

To Obtain
Those who possess the bloodline must also awaken it, they don't automatically know it. There are a few ways to awaken this power, one is the person must go through events that cause some sort of psychological trauma.
Example: Abuse, life and death situation, seeing very close loved one die, etc etc.

Another way is puberty. At the beginning of puberty, the powers begin to awaken and the user will start to feel headaches before their head feels numb. Through the process of puberty, the ability to use telekineses becomes more known because the user will start feeling the vectors coming out of them and may even see them on some occasions. However, others still cannot see the vectors unless they possess this bloodline.
Ages when people normally hit puberty:


These vectors, "arms", are invisible** manipulated particles of mass that are created and controlled by the Diclonius's mind. These mass particles vibrate at such a high velocity that it allows the vectors to cut through just about anything and or bend it. Another effect to these vectors, besides cutting, is that they have the ability to grasp things as if they were solid and impact objects in a variety of other ways. However, although most may now believe they are just solid, they can also become insubstantial and pass through objects; solid and not.

**They can only be seen by other people born within the bloodline; True Diclonius

They also can only really protect the user from projectiles and physical attacks within their given range and can protect the user from low Ninjutsu attacks, D and sometimes C. However, anything above that is very difficult to block and thus the user will still receive at least more then 75% damage. (Mostly varies per different attack types)
The speed of the vectors is the same speed as the human's reflexes, think of them as more arms.

The strength of the vectors varies on rank as well and the more they are used.
In the beginning, the user will have trouble lifting and blocking he smallest of things but with more power and practice, the user has the capability to fling humans several yards away if they come in range.

Vectors per rank/Range:
D: 2 - 4 (1 meter)
C: 6 -9 (2 meters)
B: 12-16 (3 meters)
A: 18 -22 (4 meters)
S: 28 -36 (5 meters(+))

Clan Symbol:

Clan History:

Rank Information:
Rank: Jounin / S-rank
Village: Sunagakure

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:
Main: Taijutsu
Sub: Kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity: None; no Chakra

Special Characteristics: None


Name: Unnamed
Rank: E

Special Abilities: These blades are made out of a metal known as Adamantium, a man-made metal alloy that can cut through almost any known solid metal and is referred to as 'indestructible'. However, like most items, there are ways to destroy and weaknesses of Adamantium. otherwise, none.

Origin: During one of her kills, Shiori had stolen these six crafted blades. The man was a well-known swords smith, designing some of the best blades around. Originally, Shiori had entered the weapon shop to buy at least a katana. However, the hat covering her horns had fallen of and upon seeing horns, the people were told it kill. Thus, the man took one of these blades and attempted to kill her.


Name: Gokan Sakusou Powder
Rank: E
Special Abilities: This odorless powder can be dispersed into the air for an opponent to inhale. Once inhaled, the toxin will confuse an opponent’s senses, causing severe dizziness, confusion moving, and other hallucinations. The powder is complex and cannot be dispelled with an antidote. Effects last at least 7 of the user's posts. (Contained in small metal flasks)

Origin: This powder was swiped from the pockets of an unaware Jounin. On day, Shiori ran into him upon seeing him fight and use the powder. However, the Jounin would not tell her where he got it from so she took him to a bar for some free drinks on her. Unable to handle alcohol quite well, he was easily drunk and thus it was easy to swipe the rest of the powder with her vectors and pocketing it. Upon leaving, she later killed the Jounin upon him attempting to 'handle' her.


Name: Quick Sword Technique
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: None
Description: When defending, the user stands still and, using speed quickly draws his or her blade to deflect any oncoming projectiles, slash through oncoming foes, etc. Then the user quickly sheaths the blade. With the right amount of speed, the user creates an 'illusion' of never drawing the blade to begin with, that a barrier is surrounding the user. User must stand perfectly still for this to work right.
When attacking, the user uses the blade with haste to make multiple deep cuts in numerous spots around the foe to cause bleed, not puncture.
This technique is mainly based on creating an ‘illusion’ to psych out the foe.
Medical use/Bastardized use: -

Name: Pulse Blade
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: None
Description: User vibrates their arm at a high enough speed to make their blade appear as if it’s bending (like the pencil in water effect). If the user were to vibrate their arm enough; it’s hard to tell the exact location of sword. This makes it hard to dodge and deflect the sword when the user is attacking. When using it to much, and if not trained enough, after the user is done the users arm can suffer from occasional spasms for at least eight posts, depending upon usage.
Medical use/Bastardized use: -

Background Information
Shiori was born in the Konoha village hospital in the early morning. She had two horns on her head, the product of her bloodline and because of her mother, and never seemed to cry once, only giggling and waving her arms around happily. The sight of the horns caused panic and the other doctors helping her mother began to prepare to kill them both. However, luck seemed to be on their side despite all this, for the main doctor, who originally requested to birth the baby, was another carrier of this bloodline. His goals were to held in the repopulation of the bloodline and give their kind a good name and thus, aided in the escape of the mother and Shiroi.

Using his vectors, he knocked out the other doctors and locked the door to prevent anyone else from entering. He was already aware he would die, due to word getting out and how fast it traveled. However, this did not stop him, his plans taking action from the start. Originally, he had packed Shiori and her mother clothes and other accessories he managed to find in a traveling bag, strapping it to the mother’s back as he took care of Shiori in the little time they had. The father helped at first, but truth be told he was secretly trying to kill them. Thus, the doctor murdered the father as well before finishing up with Shiori.

He aided them escape through the window, the mother being a well known ANBU in the village, while the doctor trailed behind; blocking the door. They hurried away, the mother carrying the bag on her back and Shiori in her arms as the doctor protected them, killing off any approaching ninja that got in range. Most were not aware of how to kill their kind; however some were and thus provided more of a problem. Yet, by the time the doctor was captured and killed, the mother and Shiori managed to get away. Using her skills, she ran fast and though they were followed, she managed to find a hiding place within a hollow tree. Covering up the opening, they passed right by her. Nin ken were used, however she made sure to go through water and pass her scent around before hiding.

Later that morning, it appeared the ANBU were not around their area and thus the mother began to care for Shiori while she could. It would be a few days before the security weakened slightly, so she only exited the tree when she really had to and other reasons. It was like this for a good week; and by the time they walked out from the tree and into the day, they were travelling once more. The mother avoided ANBU or any travelers, quickly heading to the nearest location to bath and to take care of Shiori before heading to the next village. Shiori never cried, still giggling occasionally but mostly staying silent as she stayed with her mother.

More days passed as her mother traveled to Kirigakure, avoiding anyone unless she attempted to get money or other items. The pack the doctor made worked wonders, but she knew they would need as much money as possible for any sort of scenario. A hat was kept on Shiori’s head at all times, the mother saying it was because her head burnt easily under the sun and is rather painful to Shiori. Majority of the people she came across actually helped her, allowing her to hitch hike with them for a while, however others were not so generous and usually passed right by.

Finally, they reached Kirigakure during a misty day and soon took refuge in a small motel with fake names. During their stay, it was then that the mother decided to name her child, Shiroi, while taking up her father’s last name Sachiko. Although her husband, or Shiori’s father, turned on them; she still loved him and missed him greatly. This was not the time to allow emotions to build now, for they were on the fight for their life even when Shiori would be capable to fight for herself.

They managed to stay in Kirigakure for many days, hiding with the fake names and thus they managed to take care of themselves and were prepared for when they had to move again. Shiori had already opened her eyes, something commonly seen on her father’s side; including white hair. After roughly a month, the ANBU managed to track them down again and thus the fight was on as they were forced to flee for their lives. Shiori’s mother had noticed signs from the start, the odd people walking about and thus were well prepared.

Managing to flee, they soon lived the life like most people who were or lived with ‘Diclonius’, one where they could only trust who they had and lived in forests or in nature. Finding a location in an ever green forest, near a proper water source, Shiori’s mother created a makeshift tent for them. Good at survival, she was capable to obtain items needed and would never go to far from the tent because she needed to protect Shiori.

At this place, one not well traveled, they thrived and Shiori grew. Her mother began to teach her how to walk and talk, later read, and potty trained her to the best of her ability. Shiori was a fast learned and looking back, still never cried once, only giggled. At times, they would venture far into a small village to steal goods; such as medical supplies, clothes, and food. They were content and had most of the things they needed to survive without money. Shiori even began to learn like this on her, eating when she needed to and learning many things from her mother.

When Shiroi learned how to read, and later write, her mother began to steal books as well to keep them company. Shiroi loved to read, and thus was gaining knowledge as she did. To keep the ANBU and hunters off of them, and when Shiori was a bit more older and able to help out, they would constantly move and camp in different locations. Traps were always set to alert them and at times, when Shiroi began to learn to fight for herself, her mother would even walk around to leave scent trails away from their camp and to evaluate the area. They avoided locations with many people; the most they would go around would be maybe 3 to 5 people.

At a young age, past the toddler years, Shiori was fairly intelligent for her age. She was capable of using the basic ninja tools and even katana, her mother’s favorite weapon. She would use a bow and arrow at times when hunting, crafted by her mother, and various other items they could obtain. Shiroi trained her body and mind the most, thus whenever they were not doing obstacle courses they made, they were playing Shogi. Shiori loved the game and made her goal to beat her mother.

Through out the years of moving and living in forests, Shiori had grown into a fine child and was very close to her mother. Shiori knew most of the basics of combat and even some higher skilled forms, all thanks to her mother. Her mother also began to put her through numerous scenarios, the same one she went through when she ranked up and joined ANBU and had even tested on others. Shiori had some difficulty at first, but caught on quickly.

When Shiori hit puberty, her father’s bloodline then came into play as Shiori began to suffer headaches and numbness to the head. Shiori then began to feel strange forces come off her body, forces that were like ghosts. As this kept happening, her mother would keep her distance while trying to talk through to Shiori about what these were. She aided her anyway she could, and thus Shiori began to learn how to harness her power. She figured how to raise and move objects, practicing with them in various ways. One of her favorite ways to practice was moving the pieces of the Shogi board.

Even though her mother was aiding her, she could never actually see the ‘arms’ they called ‘vectors’. So when it came to practice spars, it became easier for Shiori to catch her mother off guard. Shiori then learned what range of ninjutsu she could fight off; lightning, fire, and water. Anything above C rank became difficult, and thus Shiori’s speed and reflexes came into play.

Finally, when Shiori was only 15, she was able to fight for herself and handle herself against her mother ANBU. To test her abilities further, they began to move their home more frequently and to more populated areas. They would set up ways to get themselves noticed so that they could test Shiori’s strength; most of the time she was able to knock them out easily and was able to leave easily. If things became too difficult, then her mother would jump in to help or they would flee. Most of their actions were planned, except for what the fighters would do, so escape routes were always set up. This helped Shiori and her mother with the ability to adapt very easily to numerous scenarios and learn more fighting styles.

The traveling not only made Shiori stronger over the years but more intelligent and capable of handling different scenarios. At the age of 16 was when they tested what it would be like if they had no escape routes, trapping themselves in to test their true strength and power. Shiori fended them off easily, and even began to kill then before they escaped. They were becoming better known but only Shiori’s mother name was known for Shiori kept giving out false names and hiding her name.

It wasn’t until age 18 that Shiori learned what it was truly like to lose something important to her, killing off her emotions and trust for any human as well. During one of their scenarios, her mother and Shiori fought bravely and actually fended off numerous rounds of ANBU from Konoha. They were going for revenge of trying to kill them and taking the life of the doctor who tried to help them. Her mother was faced against most of her friends, but they still continued to slaughter them. To most it seemed for revenge, but it was more for the game of it and to test their abilities. Shiori did not live up to the doctors goals after all, one where she could bring peace to their bloodline.

While fighting, Shiori’s mother was overcome and killed suddenly with a force that she didn’t see. Apparently the doctor wasn’t the only ‘Diclonius’ they kept around. Shiori fended off the rest of the ninja attacking her, killing them, before immediately beginning to fight the other ‘Diclonius’. He was a hidden project, only going in for top assassinations and attacks such as this one. Although she had more range, he had more vectors and was more skilled at combat. They were pretty even, however his slight upper hand caused her some major problems when fighting and forcing her to flee.

Managing to escape, Shiori took refuge at an old hideaway, the actual tree her mother used in the beginning. She was hunted but again, they failed to find her. The man that had nearly killed her and the others returned to Konoha as Shiori fled far away. Her pride hurt and heat broken, she had no one to turn to and did not even wish to try and meet anyone for most ended up plotting to kill her. Even when she was a child, the children would help their parents to try and kill Shiori.

This was when Shiori wanted real revenge and began to train even more, so that she could be the best of her kind and kill the man that took her mother’s life. For months she trained her body, mind, and power; taking time to go to populated villages and make things much more difficult for her so that she could learn how to handle scenarios more easily. This made her strong, and in the process she even gained a few more vectors, two more then what the man had. This meant her range was solid and her vectors were stronger and very easy to handle. However, she kept going, and thus gained a total of 34 vectors now, 6 more than the man.

Upon returning for revenge, Konoha and Shiori were both more prepared. Killing was much easier and despite their training, she was able to fend them off more easily within her 5 meter range. She killed them one at a time to sometimes five at a time, most of the time standing in one spot. After roughly 40 casualties, this brought forth the man from before and thus the battle began again. This time they both had the same amount of vectors and the same range; except her abilities were better. They fought for quite a while, leaving marks, cuts, etc but never able to kill the other.

Finally, after quite a long battle, Shiori actually gained two more vectors and awakened her full power. This gave her the range of 5 meters and 36 vectors, two more then him and with awakened power. Shiori finally killed the other man, leaving the others quite amazed. The battle wasn’t over though and thus they attacked with some fresh ninja, thinking Shiori would be too weak or weaker. She continued to fight, killing them one by one for the sake of her mother and foiling their traps and plans.

Rather then being forced to leave, she left on her own and escaped very easily; a blood bath behind her. This left her covered in blood and after it all, her emotions were mostly dead. At times she cares for people still, going out of her way for the innocent, however most of the time she is tricking people and possibly killing them later. She tends to use mind games quite a lot to obtain what she needs, using people and their emotions for fun. This gave her the title of ‘The Trickster’ and she is noted to be avoided. Yet sometimes, people still tend to search for her and thus the game continues.

She currently resides in Sunagakure, finally deciding to try and settle down in a village and to live in at least some sense of peace. Her plans, rather then tricking the people of Suna before leaving again, is actually to protect Suna and it's people. Rather then going around and killing people, she wishes to fight for a purpose and to have something to actually protect due to her mother's death.

RP Sample:



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PostSubject: Re: Shiori Sachiko   Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:12 am

Bumpez! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Shiori Sachiko   Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:29 pm

Do you have an Admin's permission to be a Jounin?

I'm sorry to say that we aleady have a telekinesis clan, the Digoshi clan.

Quote :
Elemental Affinity: None; no Chakra
Having no chakra means that you are incapable of performing any jutsu. Best remove the part about having no chakra.

You will need the Basic Academy Jutsu, found HERE.

For your sword, please explain why it changes form and if it gains any special abilities by doing so.

Gokan Sakusou Powder would be C-Rank, and lower the number of posts to 2.

Pulse Blade, how does vibrating one's arm produce a refraction illusion on a sword? That can't happen, even in the Narutoverse.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiori Sachiko   Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:57 am

Hn, no. I figured whenever he got on he may see it but I should have pmed him too.

Eh, ill just scaratch this cahracter and try to make up something else.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiori Sachiko   Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:49 pm

~ I shall have to add that using such specific details of vectors and moving objects with the mind by using such vectors, directly copies Elfen Lied. It is one of my favourite anime and as much as it pains me to say this, you cannot copy their abilities directly since it would be plagiarism.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiori Sachiko   Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:06 pm

Yes, it is from Elfen Lied and it is my favorite as well ^^

Hmmm even so, Im sure there are other people out there who have copied stuff from unknown anime/manga that we have yet to see.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiori Sachiko   

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Shiori Sachiko
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