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 Shikanama Nara -Done-

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Shikanama Nara -Done-   Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:53 am

General Information
Name: Shikanama Nara

Nickname/Alias: Shika

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Looks: Shikanama has an eternally tired look about him, his eyes are always half closed and he moves as if he is half asleep. He has medium length dark brown hair that flows downwards over his face and head, the effort of using a hair tie or even styling his hair is a pain. His eyes are abnormally blue, but due to his hair covering his face and his almost permanent tired look, they are hard to notice. He is rather small due to his age, and looks shorter than he is because he slouches a bit.
Shika wears a grey shirt with a vibrant blue Nara symbol on it’s front, which is slightly too big for him, his pants are brown, and miss his ankles by just a small amount. He wears the classic Konoha sandals and has a small weapon's pouch on his back, given to him by his father as a reward for entering the academy.

Personality: Shika shares the classic Nara personality, he has a very high IQ, but he is much too lazy to put it to good use. Like many other nara men he is attracted to overbearing woman. He is a person who would rather be left to his own devices as opposed to being in a study group, mind you; this is not because he wants to study alone, but rather because he wishes to sleep in peace. This doesn’t leave him without friends, and if he isn’t sleeping or complaining, he is probably hanging out with his friends. Whilst in a fight Shika’s personality change considerably, he moves quickly and is able to quickly analyse the opponent’s fighting style. Though when he is in a fight he still complains about fighting.

Personality Trait's: Shika is centered around sleeping.

Catch Phrase: "There cannot be shadows without light."

Clan Information

Clan Name: Nara

Kekkei Genkai: Shadow Manipulation-This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ability to manipulate their shadow. Utilizing this ability the clan member can attach their shadow to the shadow of another individual, and then take control of the user. Resulting in the affected person replicating or "shadowing" the exact movements in mirror form of the clan member.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History: -

Rank Information:
Rank: Academy Student
Village: Konohagakure

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Weaponry

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Earth [Locked]
Sub: Wind [Locked]

Special Characteristics:

- Genius: Shika is a genius, with his IQ in the low 200's, this is used mostly for strategy, but it can be used in other ways as well.


Name: Weapon Pouch
Appearance: A basic weapon pouch worn on the back or shoulder.
Rank: D
Special Abilities: -
Origin: It was given too him by his father a reward for entering the academy.


Name: Kage Mane no Jutsu - Shadow Imitation Technique
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Kage Mane no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique developed by the Nara clan. Its original purpose was as a skill to help delay any pursuers. After forming the needed hand seals, the clan member is able to manipulate their shadow along any surface. By using other nearby shadows they can further extend the reach of their shadow; however they are limited to the surface area of the original cast shadow. Once the clan members shadow reaches the target shadow, it will attach itself. While attached to the shadow, the target will be frozen, only able to replicate in mirror form the actions of the clan member. If the clan member is low on chakra, the Kage Mane will falter and the shadow will return to its normal form.

Background Information

Pre Academy Arc:

Shika’s life before the academy was, from anyone else’s view, boring. He spent nearly all of his time sleeping or yawning, and when he did something it was pretty average. His mother constantly nagged him to become something, to work hard and become a good noble ninja that would one day rescue a beautiful princess so they could all be rich. Shika and his dad had a much more similar and sensible view, his dad could relate to his son, and often tried to let him just sleep as opposed to nagging him to become a ninja, but his mother was adamant. She was determined to make her son a great ninja, so as an added incentive his father said that if he was accepted into the academy he would get a present. Still being a child at heart, Shika enrolled in the academy but to his dismay the gift was no more than a training tool.

RP Sample:

Maneki wrote:
Maneki sat there in the sand, the harsh heat of this particular day would have deystroyed any remaining plants here, but to his boredom, there wasn't. He was wearing light gray clothes and his tail and extra cat ears where hidden both in the folds of his baggy pants and headband respectively. His hair was blue, and unlike most other people in the village at his time of season, he was wearing gray. He stood out enough without people knowing that head had cat ears, a tail and three extra mouths. He had never really thought about how abnormal he was, he preferred to just not think in general. For him, thinking would lead to him remembering things, which all in all was a horrible experience. He absent mindedly put his right hand into one of his clay pouches, chewing enough to make a small bird. He didn't intend on hurting anyone with this bird, but rather he wanted to test something. He threw it into the air, letting it hover there. He gave it a purpose: to travel forward a small distance and then explode with his signal: 'Katsu.' The bird quickly followed his order, before Maneki quickly spoke the signal. The bird exploded lightly, illuminating his face for a brief moment. He then created an exact replica of the first bird, but this time, he didn't give it a purpose. The bird didn't need to go anywhere, nor did it need to explode. it just sat there, it's wings slowly beating to keep it in the air, the beating slowed as the bird slowly crumpled in the heat. Maneki's eye's widened a little, as something occurred to him. Both birds had died, one had died with purpose and the other had died without. They where physically identical, but so different. What is my purpose? His mind's eye flickered opened, showing him a scene form his forgotten past.

Maneki ran and jumped away from his assailant, but they were slowly getting closer together as the time progressed, his assailant finally caught up, as Maneki's eye's widened as the man lightly touched his shoulder. "Tag." Maneki spun around, trying to catch the man, they ran and hid, trying to not let the other catch them. They eventually collapsed on the ground, tired and breathing heavily.

Maneki was on the desert's floor, his body limp. He lurched up, trying to gather his body and thoughts. That was just like now, I'm care free. But what is different?" He tried to get up but his mind didn't want to close. His body once more became limp as he hit the ground hard. Memories flew through his mind, many of them fleeting quickly through the water of his mind like Marlin, he could only remember one part of the entire procession of his thoughts. Purpose. He had no purpose, no direction, he had no where to go and no one to see, all he had was his life. He lay there in the sand, the only part of his body that would move was his brain, his body was frail limp and shuddering, a small pile of his breakfast lay next to him as his body tuned out form all that was around him. He finally started to notice the heat, and just as his mind was about to give out once more he heard the familiar sound of crunching sand. He weakly tried to turn to meet this person, as his mind swam, the last thing he saw before passing out was the blurry shape of a human. The notion began to pass, this person wasn't going to help him, they hadn't even noticed his pathetic existence. He tried to get up, but his body didn't respond what so ever. He was about to try one final time, but a wave of dizziness flushed of him as his body came smashing into the hot sand. His body stopped responding all together as he tried his hardest to get up. His mind slowly receded as he gave up hope. His mind was shutting down, the blurry shapes around him mixing into a a black void. Then there was nothing.
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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Re: Shikanama Nara -Done-   Sat Dec 26, 2009 6:36 pm

Done, bump
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Shikanama Nara -Done-
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