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 Bored Of Training(P)

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B ranked Missing-Ninja
B ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Bored Of Training(P)   Tue Dec 22, 2009 1:32 am

The sun shined hard down on the area of the grass country .The wind blew a pleasant breeze that could delight the grumpiest person alive .Shiko was heading toward a small little village up ahead in the Grass Country. Meanwhile, Shiko was walking at a fine pace threw a open terrain of just grass.The whole entire area was all surround with grass about inches high. All Shiko was looking at was terrain of grass miles and miles around. "I've never seen some much of just plain grass in one big area. "Shiko, said was continued to walk through the area. "Well it's probably going to take me about a day or so to reach this village." "I could always stop and practices mastering a new technique.",Shiko said has he stopped walking in his tracks. Shiko pulled out a little scroll he stole for his former village before planning to leave for their. Shiko looked at the scroll and started to memorize his past days at the place he once called home. Shiko snapped out his trans and begin to scan the scroll for the jutsu he practiced on days before. "Ok here it is, "The Shadow Clone Jutsu" . Shiko placed down the scroll on the ground and begin to start gathering enough chakra he knew needed for this techquice. Shiko formed a few hand sighs and shouted "Shadow Cone Jutsu" in his head. Out of nowhere two exactly identical clones of Shiko appeared on both of his side. "Is that all....?",Shiko asked himself. Shiko wasn't satisfied on his abilities on performing the jutsu. Shiko deactivated the jutsu to restart it again. Both of the clones puffed out in mid air leaving a smoky residue behind. "Alright on more time.",Shiko said while annoyed on his own performs. Shiko begin to focus his chakra once more and quickly formed to hand signs necessary for the jutsu. "Now, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!",Shiko yelled out loudly to the open vacant grassy area. This time Shiko was able to summon five more clones then before. Five identical clones of Shiko puffed from mid air with same face expression has Shiko had at the time. "Better", Shiko said to himself with a cocky smirk on his face. Shiko formed a single hand sign and all five of his clones puffed ,disappearing from sight. Shiko bent to ground and grabbed his scroll he left on there.Shiko cautiously got back up and a big nice breeze smashed into his whole body. "Ahhh..refreashing..I really needed that. A few sweat drops rolled off Shiko's face by the pleasant gust of wind. "Maybe that was some kind of omen for better things to come...well in my case." ,Shiko said to himself with a grin on his face.Shiko humped his shoulder and continued to walk to his destination.

Word Count = 448
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Bored Of Training(P)
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