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General Information
Name: Rhayne

Nickname/Alias: .None yet.

Age: Unknown [Assumed between 17 and 20 based on his appearance]

Gender: Male


To put it in the simplest terms possible, he's the kinda guy that won't raise a finger even if his team mate was hanging off a cliff, about to fall off unless he had a good reason too. Its not that he's evil, but just that he takes being indifferent to a whole new level. Though the example above is a bit exaggerated, it gives a good idea of what he's like. He always seems to conveniently disappear when it comes to doing something other than what he thinks is necessary. Be it something small like carrying bag for a friend, or something mildly important like training a young, incompetent genin. Normally, he has a body language thats a mix between "Don't mess with me" and "Do I look like I care?".

When it comes to his everyday behavior, he's quite aloof though not ignorant, and is strangely perceptive even though he acts as he if doesn't give a damn about anything. Its not like he's anti-social, or an introvert. When he has to speak out, he will and without hesitation and most of the time, he has no trouble socializing.
Another thing is that despite being constantly accused of being lazy, when it comes down to it, if he really finds something important he will take it seriously.
He is an excellent liar who can keep a straight face through nearly anything as well as an extremely good Diplomat. Though he won't try to go out of his way to keep up a diplomatic image, but through mere suggestions, he lets his position be known.
On a side note, he can also be quite a pervert and can sometimes seem to be very lighthearted despite his sardonic behavior which only reinforces the fact that no matter how he may behave, at some level, he's still just a teen.

Not much for the rules, and neither for going against them. He mostly thinks of rules as things that are just there and aren't worth paying any attention too. Known mostly for his 'different' way of doing things sometimes bordering into Sadism, he normally prefers to work on his own due to his apparent lack of team spirit and certain Stability issues. You could call him cocky, but not arrogant which is just as well since otherwise he'd be dead many times by now. He normally takes his Job casually. In his opinion, its an assignment he has to do, so he has to do it. No two ways about it. Its because of this attitude that he doesn't put his all in a Mission right from the start. It takes something big to get him serious but once he's serious, its impossible to ask him to give up.

While fighting, he tries to keep a level head which often works out because of his indifferent attitude. He has often been accused of thinking too much and not relying on impulse at all. While not a bad thing, it can sometimes work against him. Aside from the obvious "he's a cold, ruthless, merciless shinobi" bit, there is one more thing about him. other than just taking on Missions his village orders him to perform, he does voluntarily undertake certain actions, whether they be during or separate from his Missions. He calls himself a Judge and if he decides an enemy is too dangerous to be let live, he does all that he can to kill them whilst reciting a verse. Though he isn't a very blood thirsty or battle hungry person, despite various accusations. He tends to stay out of a fight till he is directly insulted or thinks he needs to do his duty as a 'Judge'. He doesn't say he's doing the right thing, or whether or not he's a good person. He says, that anyone who he thinks is not worthy of being allowed to exist, he will eradicate.

Personality Trait's:
Tends to blow smoke in peoples face, provided they annoy him enough.
Sometimes randomly gropes girls he knows won't mind. Sadly, his judgement isn't always accurate.

Catch Phrase:
"So... I care because why again?"

"Stop trying to stick the freakin' Magnet to my head!!!"

"If you need hope, then you're obviously fucked to the point where hope is all you've got left"

Clan Information

Clan Name: What is your clans name?

Kekkei Genkai: (What is your clan's set of abilities?)

Clan Symbol: (Does your clan have a symbol to represent it?)

Clan History: (History of your clan)

Rank Information:
Rank: Jounin [I heard Suna needed S-Rank Jounin, so if its alright, I'll apply for that. If not, A-Rank works too]
Village: Sunagakure no Sato

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Raiton and Doton

Special Characteristics:
He has 8.0 Vision in his left eye. Makes him a good scout, able to see things normal human eyes would miss. Overuse leads to a migraine.


His main weapons, for any situations are his 5 Liquid Metals.

Name: Mercury, Rubidium, Caesium, Gallium and Francium.
Appearance: Like they would in Liquid Form.
Rank: Unclassified.
Special Abilities:

Mercury is the first of his 5 Liquid Metals. Though not the best metal for Defense, it has immense offensive and strategic potential. It can be manipulated to different forms and used for directly attacking the opponent. When heated, it will stay in liquid form for a few seconds before Evaporating into Mercuric Oxide. Thus, if you were in direct contact with it when it was heated, you are likely to receive 2nd Degree burns or worse. Being a very volatile liquid, it will evaporate if exposed to heat. But that would lead to the formation of Mercuric Oxide, which in proportion is many times more dangerous. But Unlike Gallium, it cannot remain liquid in high temperatures. It is normally used either to begin, or the finally end a battle.

Another potentially dangerous liquid, Rubidium has very explosive properties, however it only reacts when mixed with water. When it is mixed with water, Rubidium acts as a depth charge, creating a pressurized explosion. Because the pressure travels through the water, this explosion will instantly vaporize anything within twenty feet. Even if someone happens to be swimming with one hundred feet, the vibrations travelling through their high density body into their lower density lungs would still force them to drown. It can be used to Eliminate Water Element Defenses and if combined with a Water Element Technique, it can increase its Rank by two, or at least one. [Like, from Rank C to Rank A], based on the destruction it would cause. Rubidium is generally only used when he wants to create huge explosions or disable water elemental type. It can also be used to defend himself, but only rarely. He can also cause an explosion using Lightning, but it won't be as dangerous as with water. Explosions can knock the breathe out of everyone in their vicinity, even Rhayne though the effect is slightly weaker on him.

Like rubidium, it combusts with water or hydrogen, however, because Caesium is so potent, it can combust given that the air gets too cold or that it's too moist. Not only will caesium explode, it will do so in a large and quite fiery manner, the blast radius echoing for hundreds of feet. Too dangerous to use in all situations, it is only used as a Time Bomb and not in battle as it is far too risky. It can be left around in the enemy base, waiting for night when the air gets cold and then we see fireworks.

Though not necessarily dangerous by itself, Gallium is one of the most applicable liquids, having a notable amount of functions. Unlike his other metals, Gallium can exist at nearly all temperatures and stay liquid. Gallium mixes with plenty of other metals and even non-metals to form alloys. One-example is with water. Gallium actually absorbs the oxygen within water leaving only hydrogen gas behind. Basically, this not only forms a higher stronger form of Gallium, it evaporates water on contact. Because of this and it's refusal to evaporate, Gallium can be used to make strong defensive barriers against elemental attacks, whether these be wind, water or fire since it has a very high Melting point. As another function, Gallium wets glass and porcelain quite well, making it a powerful polish, and being able to create mirrors. Finally, Gallium acts as an amazing conductor. This allows Rhayne to use as an amplifier when attacking with Lightning and increase its efficiency many fold. He can even use this to guide other electrical attacks away from himself.
It is both his sword and his Shield.

The deal with Francium is, that though it is very Unstable, it has amazing healing properties. The problem is that Francium is the second rarest element in the world and he has a very limited supply of it, so he cannot afford to use it unless it is a dire situation. Also, it can maintain its form in air only for a few seconds before it evaporates. But, if applied to any external Injuries, it will initiate rapid healing at the point of contact. Unlike Med-Ninjutsu, it cannot cure everything, like Fatal Wounds, nor can it help by giving you some energy as it heals. It is normally used only to stop bleeding if no other alternative is available, though it is useful in curing certain diseases, such as cancer. If assisted by an experienced Medical Ninja, it can even heal Internal Wounds in a matter of seconds.

Origin: Having spent nearly his entire life working with metals, Rhayne has discovered that there are precisely five of them, that will stay as a liquid at room temperature. Because they are liquids, they are easier for him to work with, allowing him to mold them faster and in far more complex shapes and can be hardened at will.

Jutsus: (Use the the following template)

Name: (Name of jutsu)
Rank: (E,D,C,B,A,S)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu)
Element: (Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire)
Description: (About a paragraph describing your jutsu)
Medical use/Bastardized use: (For Medical jutsu only. Describe what qualifies this jutsu as medical. What is it's medical use or how was it bastardized from its original medical use, as in the case of poisons, etc.)

Background Information (Here is where you will give the complete history of your character. If you can please put it into Arc's.)

RP Sample:(Give us a brief RP sample of your original work)
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