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 The Korozuki Flower Thief!

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: The Korozuki Flower Thief!   Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:34 am

Tomoharu got up out of bed he knew he was getting a mission today so he sat inside of his window until a bird came by and flew on his arm.He took his hand and grabbed the message on the bird and put a bowl of bird food and some water out the window.He unraveled the message and read it in his head."It seems as though the members of the Korozuki flower shop is closing down and keeping the sacred plants which are used to make poisons. Not only that but the plants are also used for medicine which makes them twice as valuable for trading with other villages. This cannot happen! Your mission is to sneak in that flower shop and steal as many plants as you can. If there are any Guards, take them out! When finished take the plants outside and a Konoha/Suna bird will take it. Good Luck!".He started to chuckle and then said aloud to himself "I have done mission's where i had to stop theives but now i have to be the theif".

He got dressed in a stealth suit he had been saveing for a mission like this.It was all black and covered his body and had a hood to put over his head and he put a mask on over his mouth(Like kakashi).He wore black gloves and shoes and had 4 pockets he put kunai shuriken and explosive tags in two pockets.Then put his puppet carrying scrolls in the other pockets.

He then waited till dark once dark came over he moved he ran out of his house into the darkness of Sunagakure he then found the flower shop and saw four guards the house was like a cube two of them were at the front and back the other two were at the sides.Almost makeing it impossible for him to enter the building at all he knew that he only had two choices.One choice was to sneak to the top of the building and then at that point find a way to enter threw the top.Or he could take one of the guards out silently risking being caught and alerting all the other guards to his location.It also seemed that after a certain amount of time they each switch there areas makeing it kind of impossible to not be noticed.He didnt know which plan to go with at that point.So he waited and thought of more plans.He knew that he was about 25 feet from the building ontop of another building.So while they switch he could run up and hopefully jump to the top of the building he thought this plan out before he attempted it but then thought of another idea and went with his new idea.

Tomoharu got one of his puppet scrolls out it had the mark of the scorpion on it.He threw it out and a scorpion puppet came out he got inside of it and had it go under ground.He then made it dig its way over to the flower shop a good way to be undetected at all.He got right under the shop and it seemed that the shop had a sand floor.Makeing it easier to get inside of the shop.He made it dig upward and it seemed that when he rose to the surface it made a loud noise.He quickly put the puppet back and found a place in the cornor in the dark where he could hide.

OOC:(Im going to get someone to be a guard and go inside the building and try to figure out what has happened with the loud noise and the big hole in the floor xD)
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PostSubject: Re: The Korozuki Flower Thief!   Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:47 am

One of the guards turned around. He looked to another guard quickly, in more shock than anything.
" Did you hear that, Kita?" Omake, the main guard, said, as he heard a loud noise coming from the inside of the building.
" Hear what? I think you are going crazy, Omake. I heard nothing."
" But! It was so loud, it sounded like some sort of hting crashing around in there like a bull!"
" Whatever makes you sleep at night."

Omake froze, and then looked inside the building through the glass, and transparent doors. He saw nothing so far. He did see a hole in the floor, he knew that much. Apparently someone had been doing some sneaky business in there, and he, being the head guard, had to be the one to check it out.

He turned on his flashlight, and opened the door on the left, for the one on the right is only accessible to those exiting the building. Omake looked around a couple corners, but saw nothing. A sneaky little fucker....

Omake then felt a hand cover his mouth, and a blade on his neck, as he was dragged into a corner of the building, out of the other guards' sights.
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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Re: The Korozuki Flower Thief!   Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:04 am

With the one guard taken into the cornor he took out some tape and covered the mans mouth.He got a chair tied his arms hands feet legs and torso onto the chair.He then whispered into the mans ear with the sword to the man's neck."Where are the plants".He would then wait for the man to move his head pointing over to where the plants should be.When he got the direction to the plants he took out his puppet that he used to get in with stuffed it with as many plants as he could(10).He thought this mission was going to be boreing and it was so he wanted to do something fun.He took out explosion tags and covered the inside of the building with them.He also took two kunai out stabbed the mans two hands and let him try to scream for help.He would laugh as the attempts to alert the other guards wouldnt do anything at all.Each explosive tag had chakra like strings going from one to another so when he explodes one they all will go off.

He deicided to go and use the scorpion puppet to climb up onto the ceiling he took out a kunai and threw it at the person it would then cut the tape off of his mouth but hit his leg.He did this to get the other guards inside the building.When he heard the others comeing he saw a window it was open aswell.The other guards had to be opening the door at the time he swooped out of the window with his puppet.
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PostSubject: Re: The Korozuki Flower Thief!   Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:12 am

Te other three guards entered the building. Omake pointed hastily towards the window. Kita, the only female of the three, looked at it, and then approached it, only to be cut down by something. her corpse fell to the floor.

The other guards ran out the door, with swords drawn, and chakra ready. They walked to the street on the window's side. They ran towards the boy running away, and caught up to him. One of them tackled him, the nearly 7 foot, 300 ppound man, who's KKG was he could turn his body to metal, and he did this now. Now no sword could even hurt him. The boy was trapped. Nothing he could do. The 300 pound guard had a fist full of fire chakra ready to punch the boy.

The other guard stood with his swords drawn, and ready to give chase, in case of another fleeing attempt. He had half a mind just to blast the kid with incredible amounts of lightning chakra, but that would kill him instantly, and that would go against conduct. This guards name is Umasari. What to do now... Thought Umasari, though, there was nothing that could be done.
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PostSubject: Re: The Korozuki Flower Thief!   

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The Korozuki Flower Thief!
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