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 Amethyst Yonka WiP

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PostSubject: Amethyst Yonka WiP   Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:43 am

General Information
Name: Amethyst Yonka

Nickname/Alias: Jeweled Phantom

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Amethyst is an average height girl with shiny faded blue hair and distinctive purple eyes. Her hair is long enough to reach half to the ground, so she usually wears it in a pony tail tied up with a purple ribbon. Although she is a beautiful women and at first glance most would assume that she is a stuck up girl, yet she is the opposite. Amethyst wears wears a silk cape that covers her entire body except her shoulders, which are bare. To cover her arms, she wears a silk sleeve that covers her hand as well.

Underneath, Amethyst wears a suit of light iron armor that has enough strength to deflect and block normal ninja weaponry. This armor is blue except the boots which are silver and polished daily, giving them a godly shine. Amethyst wears a red pack in which she keeps her ninja tools in. Amethyst may look slim and feminine, but she is extremely muscular and hates when people don’t acknowledge that.

Amethyst is a fan of shiny objects and jewelry, especially the gem amethyst. Because of this obsession over this gem, Amethyst would do almost anything for a shiny piece of amethyst jewelry. Amethyst also wears amethyst earrings and necklace whenever she is in public.

Most people don’t know, but Amethyst has Yonka incantations written all over the left side of her body excluding her arms. These spells are written in a language that she doesn’t understand and one that the clan elders refuse to decipher.

Amethyst is a major tom boy in almost every way. She enjoys using her appearance to make people think she is like most girls and then surprising them, usually with an uppercut. Though Amethyst shows her tom boy side to other people, she does have a feminine side deep within her that usually effects her thoughts.

The thing about Amethyst is that she likes meeting new people, but hates it when they get too friendly or clingy. This goes double for people she is working with. Amethyst prefers to have her own personal space and not having people suggest things to her all the time. Amethyst also hates it when someone wishes to say something but can’t say it, or just beat around the bush. An example of this would be someone saying they want to kill her, she’d rather them say “ I want to kill you.” then talk for five minutes and then state what they wish.

Amethyst is also rather critical about her appearance. Although this is a feminine quality, it is expressed daily. Amethyst won’t even leave her house if she is having a bad hair day, or if she can’t find the proper outfit for the occasion. Amethyst doesn’t wear make up and when she does it usually means that she is either mad, or nervous. Amethyst is also an extreme alcoholic. She loves wine so much that it’s hard to find her during casual time without a glass in her hand.

Octopus are Amethyst's summoning and to summon them she has to eat specially made octopus sticks. For this reason, Amethyst has grown to love seafood, especially octopus. Most of her summonings have no problem with this eating habit, except for Eight. Eight, being the largest and crankiest octopus hates that Amethyst eats his own kind and occasionally tries to attack her when he is summoned.

Catch Phrase: “ Who am I? I’m nothing but a phantom.”

Clan Information

Clan Name:

Kekkei Genkai: (What is your clan's set of abilities?)

Clan Symbol: (Does your clan have a symbol to represent it?)

Clan History: (History of your clan)

Rank Information:
Rank: A-Rank
Village: (What village do you currently live in?)

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Kenjutsu, Genjutsu
Main: Kenjutsu
Sub: Genjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Spirit
Main: Spirit
Sub: Spirit

Special Characteristics:


Name: Kunai Swordsx15
The kunai swords are essentially large kunai that can be used as a full sword. Kunai Swords are originally regular kunai, but when Amethyst draws them out and activates them with a miniscule amount of chakra they grow into full sized swords.
Rank: B
Special Abilities: Kunai swords can enlarge any time after being in Amethyst’s hands, meaning they could grow in mid air or even on impact.
Origin: The Kunai Sword is a weapon that Amethyst created at a young age while in the catacombs below the Konoha graveyard. She was training in the main chamber when the idea struck her and she immediately went to work on them.

Name: Eternal Reaper
The Eternal Reaper is a strange weapon indeed. It is what is know as a sword scythe, half sword, half scythe. The Eternal Reaper is a huge weapon, 6 feet long and 5 feet wide. Only a ninja of considerable skill and strength is able to even wield it. The chains on the blunt end of the sword are used for carrying it when it is brought out of it’s seal and not in use. Carrying it by the chain distributes the weight, making it easier to hold. The Eternal Reaper’s blade is very jagged, making it tear instead of cut and allowing it to stick into an opponent’s skin with ease.

The Eternal Reaper has the distinct ability to be split into two large scythes. Though the sword doesn’t have to be split to use the Advancing Reaper style, Amethyst prefers to have it like this.

Rank: A
Special Abilities:
The Eternal Reaper responds to Amethyst’s chakra by growing larger in width and height, but not in weight. This ability is the basis of the Advancing Reaper style, a Kenjutsu style that Amethyst developed during her ninja training. The Eternal Reaper can reach to nearly three times it’s original size using this ability.

The Eternal Reaper was actually found by Amethyst when she was out grave robbing. Grave robbing, being the favored pass time of Yonka children, was a very fun thing to do. Amethyst was out doing this sport one day when she found a large sword in a large sepulcher. Not taking a second to think about it, Amethyst grabbed the sword and ran home to unravel it’s powers.

Name: Eternal Eclipse
Eternal Eclipse is a sword that is about 4 feet long with a large green eye ball on the blade. The Eternal Eclipse has a complex hilt that is jagged and has amethysts embedded into it. Eternal Eclipse is made of a metal that has the strength of titanium, but gives the appearance of silver. The eyeball on the sword changes appearance depending on Amethyst’s emotion.

The Eternal Eclipse’s sword design is very unique and is made to be used as both a disarming weapon and a stabbing weapon. Unlike most ninja swords, only the ends of the sword are bladed and there is a blunt section on the top, much like a great sword.
Rank: A
Special Abilities:
The Eternal Eclipse’s abilities are centered around the eye on the blade. This eye was placed on the sword by a Yonka clansman and is a very powerful artifact. The eye isn’t a real eye, and is instead made of diamond. By holding the sword in front of her and closing her eyes, Amethyst can extend her vision and check the surrounding area. While doing this she is unable to move or see through her normal eyes, but she can send her vision anywhere.

Using the Eternal Eclipse, Amethyst can use a special sword style she developed, Vanishing Blade. This style can only be used with this sword due to it’s weird properties and the eye it possesses.
Origin: As a young child, Amethyst was put under special watch by the elders. The elders tooka vow of silence against her, but there was one that broke this rule. His name was Yoshi and he would always tell Amethyst stories about his own past. Amethyst would always listen with wide eyes, always believing everything he said, even when he ventured from the truth. When she was a teenager, Amethyst found herself crying next to Yoshi’s begging for him to stay. The old man just nodded and removed his diamond eye, placing it in Amethyst’s hand the second he died. Later this eye was forged into a blade. This blade was the Eternal Eclipse.

Name: Muffled Greaves
A pair of shiny silver greaves with cheetah fur on the bottom of them. This is not only for appearance, it also helps muffle any foot steps Amethyst makes. Although they do look very good on her.
Rank: D
Special Abilities:
The fur on the bottom of the boots muffle any footsteps Amethyst makes by absorbing the vibrations between her foot and the ground. She wears these at all times because they look good and for their practical purpose.
While getting ready for the ball, Amethyst’s mom told her she would look cute in fur boots. This inspired her to use fur in her greaves to muffle her footsteps.

Origin/History: (Who created the style and where? For what purpose? Does the style have any particular philosophy?)

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PostSubject: Re: Amethyst Yonka WiP   Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:44 am

Jutsus: (Use the the following template)

Academy Level ( E,D)






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PostSubject: Re: Amethyst Yonka WiP   Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:44 am

Background Information
Cold Catacombs:
Down in the deep winding catacombs of the Konoha graveyard lies a small and hidden clan. A clan that hasn’t exactly played a role in the world yet, but doesn’t want to. A clan with a unique power, and unique people. Among these mysterious people, there was a child. The child’s name, Amethyst. Because of her beautiful purple eyes, her perfect name was Amethyst.

Unlike most children, Amethyst was born and raised far beneath the world of ninja. Away from the world that most knew before their teenage years. There was no specific reason to hide this specific child, it was more like a tradition. The Yonka clan members were raised in catacombs to improve their connection with the spirits around them. Most may see this as an excuse, Amethyst saw it as a legitimate reason. Amethyst was initiated into the clan much earlier then others. Most children had their first scar placed on them by the elders at the age of 10, but the elders felt something different about her.

So at the five years of age, Amethyst was initiated by having two blades placed on her temples and having them slashed in an X shape across her face. The spectators simple stared as she cried over her new scar. A few days later, Amethyst noticed that the scar had disappeared. She did not know of her clan techniques yet, but she soon learned. While walking through a long hall way one day, Amethyst heard a large sob coming from a nearby chamber. Opening the door, she saw a small girl sitting in a corner crying. Amethyst did notice the strange fact that the girl was somewhat transparent, but ignored her better judgment and walked over to her. Before she even made it to the sobbing girl, it turned around and screamed ferociously at her. For what seemed to be an eternity, Amethyst sat looking into the spirits eyes before she started to cry and a familiar X spread across her face with a strange purple glow. In an instant the demon was gone and Amethyst was left in the room alone, wondering what had happened.

A Work of Elders:
After the incident, Amethyst was put under the watch of the clan elders. Since the elders couldn’t follow her around and keep track of her, she was forced to stay in one chamber at all times with several elders sitting around her. Though the elders weren’t to speak to her, there was one who bent this rule. His name was Yoshi. Yoshi told Amethyst that he too had been through the same thing and that she must remember that this is a reward, not a punishment. This helped Amethyst stay positive, but not for very long. Eventually she started to grow gloomier and crazier every day. The elders watched this with demonic smiles on their faces.

One day, as Amethyst was under watch, she heard a voice. “ Come.” the voice said, and wanting to get away from her current place, Amethyst didn’t bother questioning the voice. Looking around, she noticed that the voice came from below. For two days she thought of ways to sneak away from the elders until one day something happened. As she was sleeping, Amethyst faded through the floor and into the chamber below. Immediately the elders started to converse and eventually went after her. From that point on, Amethyst was free from the eyes of the elders.

Amethyst was now 10 years of age. Her face was bright, her clothes were fancy, and her body showed early signs of maturity. Though she was 10, Amethyst had yet to see what the outside world had to offer. She truly had never left the catacombs, she had never asked to until one day. Sitting in a high chamber of the catacomb, she heard a scratching noise. Looking up, Amethyst noticed a steady stream of dirt falling from the ceiling. After a few more minutes of the ominous scratching, a large mole fell through the roof and onto the stone floor, leaving a hole to the outside world. Amethyst saw something in that hole that changed her life forever. She saw sunlight.

This incident sparked her curiosity about the outside world and she was soon pestering her family daily about wanting to live on the outside. She would tell her parents that it was what she wanted most in the entire world and as soon as she finished her training, she would ask the elders about it. Two weeks later her training was complete, she was the youngest Yonka to ever fully master the art of Spiritmancy. The day after her graduation, Amethyst dressed in her best clothes and went to the elders chamber to ask for her dream.

“ Can I live out there, where the sun lives?” Amethyst said nervously in front of the elder council. After a long grueling debate, Amethyst’s wish was granted on two conditions. One, that she let the elders imprint something on her skin to remember them by, and two, that she must make her own branch of the Yonka clan in the outside world. The second condition was easy to agree with, but the first one was the one that bugged Amethyst. She agreed with much regret and let the elders tattoo their message onto her.

She was free now, but at what cost? What had the elders written? Possibly something that could effect her badly later on in her life? Or perhaps letters of encouragement? Only the future can tell this.


RP Sample:(Give us a brief RP sample of your original work)
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PostSubject: Re: Amethyst Yonka WiP   

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Amethyst Yonka WiP
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