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 Aller! Aller! To Moon we go!

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S ranked Missing-Ninja
S ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Aller! Aller! To Moon we go!   Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:52 am

The sand whizzed past the giant Crocodile's jaw. It's eyes were set fixed ahead of himself, keeping a straight line and travelling in that direction. The giant Croc was 100ft long and was considered the biggest croc out of all in its species. The goliath of a crocodile had no problem swimming through the ground with its massive tail and its poised and perplexed body. Each grain of sand, each gram of dirt that whizzed past Rex, the giant crocodile's body bounced off of the thick leather scales. This skin was as strong and compacted together, like a suit of armour that served to protect that beast from head to tail. It's hind legs were tucked into it's body and served to make it more stream-lined.

Inside the Giant Crocodile's mouth sat a man, meditating atop the large tongue that covered the floor of the mouth. This man was wrapped in a Royal Kaguya robe and was the current leader of the clan. He had his eyes closed and was attempting to suppress his chakra as much as possible, hoping to reveal none to any chakra detectors; however to no avail. No matter what he attempted, he couldn't make his chakra non-existent. He had, however, managed to suppress it to that of the Academy Students; making the perfect disguise for a missing-ninja.

The Giant croc and the man within it's mouth were travelling to the moon country in an incognito fashion. The two were 20meters below the ground and were stealthy moving at an extreme speed. It would not be long until Robin arrived in his destination.

Robin Kaguya ---- Because I was forced..
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Aller! Aller! To Moon we go!
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