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 Salamania [P]

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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Salamania [P]   Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:52 pm

Ragnarok was having a bad day, with the village in a national state of security he rarely had time to himself. He had seen so many crying faces and people begging to be saved it made him sick to his stomach. He hated weak people, he believed that those with strength to live should be allowed to live. He sat down on the ground near a shaded tree and tried to calm himself down. He knew if he got any madder he would do something that would most likely jeopardize his plans. "Something wrong master", Glaive said as he slithered from the pocket of Ragna's robe. "Its nothing mind your own business", he growled at the little salamander. "That is fine master but i didnt bother you for that anyway. You were accepted by the Grand Salamander to be apart of our family, now it is time for you to meet him", it said as it crawled down to Ragna's knee and turned to face him. "Why the fuck would i want to meet some old crone" he growled and shook his knee so Glaive would fall off, but the salamander stood where he was despite the effort. "Master wants more power, Grand salamander can help with this, if you want it". Ragna calmed himself and thought a bit, he was beginning to calm down and rational thought was taking over again. More power couldn't hurt, he thought. "Indeed it wouldnt master", Glaive answered. He looked at the little salamander he had almost forgotten it could read minds of other salamanders and seeing he was now apart of the family his, too. "What do i gotta do", he asked. Glaive eyes glint a bit then he open his mouth, out popped the scroll Ragna had signed to be apart of this whole thing. "Place your hand on the scroll master, i will do the rest". Ragna did as he was told and waited to see what happened next, a great loud noise made his ears ring and he blacked out.

Ragna, looked around everything was black, he could see two figures in front of him. One had a very calm face about him while the other seemed angered and blood thirsty. He stood on guard and watched these two carefully, he was about to speak when a voice spoke out,"Ragnarok, the son of both life and death, before you are two paths. Either path will have its own result, with one you will save the world with another you will doom it. The choice is yours." Ragna looked about but he couldn't determine where the voice came from. He looked back at the two figures in front of him, this whole thing was a waste of time. He cared little about what happen to the world what mattered to him is being able to enjoy cause as much hell as he can. He looked at each face again, then made his choice with the angry one, feeling that this expressed his true self. He got halfway to the person when he blacked out again, he awoke this time to see Glaive. "Welcome master, it seems you made it", he said. Ragna sat up and held his head which ached,"What the hell was that about you little shit", he said in a hissing like tone. "Take it easy master, it was only a test and you passed it because if you didnt you would have died". Ragna cast a deadly glance at Glaive,"What do you mean, you brought me here to die Glaive", he said. "No master, if you want power there is always risks. Thats life master". Ragna stood up and check his surroundings, the area was heavily wooded and surrounded by a wall of mountains, surrounding the moutains was a lake of magma that served as a defensive wall as well as a prison. "So now what", he asked still looking around. Glaive crawled up Ragna's robes and stopped on his head, "We follow this trail master, it leads directly to the Grand Salamander". Ragna followed the trail all the way to the top he wondered what to expect when he got there.

He came upon a large rock where the road stopped,"So now what Glaive", he said in a annoyed tone. Glaive didnt speak but looked upon the rock. "You still alive up there ", he asked. He was about to speak again when he caught movement from the corner of his eye. He looked back at the rock, he was no fool he saw something move. He watched the rock without blinking, the rock blinked at him as he stared at it. "Hmm observant thats good", it said in a booming voice. Ragna was a little stunned this rock was talking to him."I am no rock boy, I am Gafgarrion the Grand Salamander", it said replying to Ragna thoughts. "Great another mind reading salamander" he said. Gafgarrion didn't seem to care about his comment as he continued,"I dont have time to waste with you boy so lets make this quick, you are not yet strong enough in our ways to summon your own personal summon so you will just have to make do with three", he said. Ragna was glad this old crone was quick to get to the point, this would make this so much easier. "Now boy you have signed the contract with us, that means your sorry ass is apart of this family. If for one second i feel you are bringing shame will end you instantly." Ragna laughed at the threat,"I will do what i like old geezer, and if you feel the need to kill me i welcome you to try" he smiled as he said this. Gafgarrion was silent, it was hard to tell if he was angry or not until he laughed himself. "Boy you will fit right in with me, but I stick to my word. Now with that settled i have given you rights to summon Wayborn and the twins." As he said this a flying salamander with scales landed on the ground followed by a two headed salamander. "This is the new one", the twins said at the same time. "I am assuming so, he looks weak though", Wayborn said scoffing at Ragna. "I could wipe the floor with your ass you flying worm,"Ragna retorted. Wayborn landed and growled at Ragna,"Enough you two I got more stuff to deal with, tour his partners now so get along", Gafgarrion said as he ceased movement and closed his eyes. "Lets make this fast, I am Wayborn i am good with speedy movements. These two are the twins the are good at genjutsu and defensive skills", Glaive said. "I get now what else do i need here",Ragna said. "Nothing anymore master, it seems you are fully part of the family", Glaive said. The other salamanders had long since left , to do other things ragna guessed. "Lets just get out of here i have had enough of this",he said. "You can use the scroll master", glaive said. Not wasting anytime he opened the scroll and black out again. He awoke by the tree it seemed as if no time had passed, he stood up and stretched, and walked back to the village. Today proved more interesting than he would have guessed,"I am sure things will only get more interesting master", Glaive said answering his thoughts. Ragna sighed, he was gonna have to get used to this annoying telepathy thing.
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Salamania [P]
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