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 Getting Down To Business [Squad 5]

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Leaf Jounin
Leaf Jounin

PostSubject: Getting Down To Business [Squad 5]   Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:02 pm

Izumo walked slowly towards the village gates, completing packed, traveling light as he prepared to head off on his first mission as a sensei. Kenze, Yuri and Law better have prepared themselves for this mission, because it wasn't going to be a walk in the park. This mission was a B-rank, which was usually pretty intense to partake in if you were a genin. Izumo wore something out of his ordinary attire, being that the weather climate was going to be extremely cold. He wore a fluffy hooded jacket, though the hood wasn't up yet. The inside wool was a faded black colour where as the outside was a lot more darker shade of black, pitch black to say. He had a scroll that was maintenance for longish missions, which was of course, a scroll which carried all of the needed camping equipment, such as a tent.

In Izumo's bag, he brought some ramen ingredients, lot's of noodles and even some dumplings. Izumo needed to prepare the squads food of course. Izumo didn't want to be the first to arrive, he was picky about this. So he jumped upon a rooftop, a long distance from the gates, but close enough for him to see when his squad arrived. He hoped they all got their letters which merely stated:

Quote :

Dear Squad Five,

Just a brief note to inform you we will be going on our first mission tomorrow, be ready for another, pack lightly but intelligently. Oh and make sure you wear something warm, we don't want you coming back with a cold, haha.

~Izumo Sensei

He hoped the genin would get the idea, if they hadn't figured it out, they were going to be heading to Snow Country today, so they had to be aware of the weather conditions. Izumo waited on the rooftop, watching over to the gates, waiting for Kenze, Yuri and Law to arrive.
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Getting Down To Business [Squad 5]
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