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 Preperation [P]

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Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Preperation [P]   Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:19 am

(This is a post stating i have prepared my jutsu for use in future battles)

The late night breeze was chilling, most were at home this time of night. But while the world slept the menace crept. He walked through the graveyard eyeing each grave site and reading off names aloud. The dead, to him, were the symbol of weakness if they were strong they would still live. He laughed at the thought that everyone must die, so he himself was as weak as them. He had a job to do he but it would take alot of time maybe even years. He didnt mind though, he was young and had intention on living long enough to see his nightmare for the worl come to furition. He stopped at tree, it had a very sad look to it as if it wept for the dead here as it drooped.
He sat below it and pulled out two scrolls. This jutsu took time but fortunately for him he had plenty of it. He Pulled out some ink and brush and wet the tip. He wrote down various signs and then set the brush down. He focused his chakra and released it as he placed both hands on the paper. Almost instantly he felt the strain of the lose of chakra. He counted in his head, to take his mind off the strain until he finished and sat back. He took labored breaths and beads of sweat rolled down his face. "I f*cking hate this jutsu" he said allowed but to himself.
He repeated the same thing for the other scroll and sat back again. He felt tired now as if he had been fighting all day. He stood up still a little shaky on his feet, and grabbed his scrolls. He didnt know when he would need to use them but he knew its better to be prepared then to not be and die. He trugded off cussing under his breath at how could it was. From wheer he stood he could see the main part of the village. He laughed at how the village would react when he brougth death on them all, but for now it would have to wait. He needed the right time to for this and it would come evetually, somehoe he knew it would.

Name: Chakra Storage
Rank: B
Jutsu: Fuuninjutsu
Description: This jutsu allows the weilder to store chakra in a scroll. When low on chakra the user can release the scroll so he can replenish his own chakra. Only 30% can be sealed and only in 2 scrolls at a time. After both have been used the process can be started over. This helps in make sure the weilder is able to keep his chakra high in case of a over usage of chakra.
(this jutsu must be performed in advance in snother topiic for it to be relevsnt in another)
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Preperation [P]
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