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 Priority... [OPEN]

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A ranked Missing-Ninja
A ranked Missing-Ninja

PostSubject: Priority... [OPEN]   Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:58 am

THere were many things in which Ganon had to consider upon leaving Sunagakure. After his ideal of shinobi was changed a bit by an individual known as Mira he was a bit less innocently cheerful as to his situation. It was only a rut for now, as he would soon get over it, but for the moment he was really bummed out. He sat in his room... his hotel room... that he had gotten upon getting to Crater City via the ocean coast of Fire Nation. It wasn't too bad, as this was suppose to be a vacation of sorts for awhile. He had successfully attacked Sunagakure and he didn't necessarily want to stir things up too much sense then. In fact, having allowed Mira to escape, sunagakure would know exactly what he looks like. It would only be a matter of time until he was just as wanted on land as he was on sea. Ganon smiled as this was something of an accomplishment.

His idea of Nakama wasn't at all shaken. It was an honor among thieves for him. He was just going to, from now on, be more cautious about whom he handed such honor to. For the time being however, he had to move without a crew, without a Nakama. SOLO. Now that he had failed in destroying Sunagakure by his plan, he would have to wait until he would have another chance. For now, he would probably look into the idea that the one man had that he had met in the desert outskirts. He wasn't necessarily sure what he wanted, or what the plan was, but for now he was going to relax, maybe do a few things here and there, run a few errands and keep a low profile to dodge the want posters and bingo books. For now he just had to put thing into priority...

Ganon gathered himself, making his way out of his hotel room and headed out to the streets of the City to enjoy himself.
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Priority... [OPEN]
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