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 The Promise

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: The Promise   Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:41 am

Kenji slowly made his way to the village graveyard. The sun was out in mass this day, just like many days in the desert of the Wind Country. Many say when you are born into Suna, you get used to the heat. So far Kenji had found that to be a complete lie. He was born here just like all others, and after 14 years, it was still way to damned hot. He stopped in front of a large tomb that held many of his dead clansmen. Many of whom had died at a rather young age due to their family curse. Not so much of a curse really, as a deadly disease. As the Kajiyama’s aged, their blood thickened in their veins, causing them to lose the ability to mold chakra in anyway, and eventually killing them where they stand.

He opened the door into the tomb and walked to the small alter he had built in the back. He opened up his knapsack and pulled out a small tray and some incents. He lit the ends and placed them gently onto the tray. He kneeled down in front of the alter and started to quietly pray. This was the place his family now laid, and one day he would rest with all of them silently in the afterlife, or so many would say. Kenji had made it his life’s goal to find a way to cure this disease.

After a few minutes of praying he stood up and looked around the tomb. “I promise all of you here and now. I’ll figure this out, and the Kajiyama Clan will rebuild from the ashes we have left. Only this time we will be greater than we once were! I Kenji Kajiyama give you my word as your brother!” He then turned and walked out of the family tomb, back into the summer sun, which instantly caused him to begin sweating. “ I have to figure this out….I just have to!”
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¶Wïnged Šërãphïm¶
Sand Jounin
Sand Jounin

PostSubject: Re: The Promise   Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:59 am

Cloud awakened from his god damned nightmare.He hadn't had that nightmare ever since he was a little boy.It was the nightmare where he saw his mom die by the hands of a dark hooded figure."Damn you.....I'll found out who you are....AND KILL YOU!"yelled Cloud as he knocked over lamp.Now his blood was boiling and he knew it was time to visit his mother's grave again.

Cloud had put on some black clothing for the occasion and walked slowly over to his mother's grave.His mother had died when she went on a mission to another village one day.Though, no one knew the cause of death....except for Cloud.He had had nightmares when he was a little boy of when his mother died.She was always murdered by the same black hooded figure who gave off a dark aura.From that point in time he knew he mother was murdered yet no one would believe for some reason.

After paying his dues to his mother he left some flowers on the grave and began walking away.But just then he noticed a bird with a broken wing, hopelessly trying to fly but it ofcourse failed in doing so and descended to the ground with a nice and loud thud.Birds were Cloud's favorite animal and he couldn't simply leave it here.He walked over to it and gently petted it.Though most birds would fly away, Cloud had a natural magnetism to birds.They just loved being with him.He used his Kango Soujuu technique and healed the bird's wing easily, as it was just a mere sprain.

Name: Kango Soujuu[Medical Manipulation]
Rank: D
Type: Medical/KKG
Element: Medic
Description: This is a technique used solely by the members of the Kango Soujuu clan.This technique allows a clan member to manipulate Medical Chakra how ever they can and want to.They use this technique mostly to heal though when they are not using it for other things.
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The Promise
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