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 Herbs of the Fashugi Tree Part One: Leaving Suna

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Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Herbs of the Fashugi Tree Part One: Leaving Suna   Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:57 am

To leave at a time like this is something Blaize would not want to do. It seemed that Suna was on its repairs of the Administration building after the attack that happened Not to long ago. Blaize was talked about going on with his life as if nothing happened. he knew though he knew something did happend when Suna was attacked. The orders were that if they needed blaize for any information they would contact him. In order to keep his mind off of things they put him on a mission.

The mission Was to find some Herbs within the grass village. It was useful item in poisons and poison antidotes. Blaize remembered the time he was in Suna Hospital after his first mission. There was a patient there being poisons by someone known as Paks. He shivered at the thought of the poisons and how something so small could done so much effect by a young genin as herself. but he knew simple things about poisons. As he was sent off on his mission he was told another Genin would join in the mission and to prepare and come to the village entrance.

During his time to prepare he took a trip to the village hospital and found the man who thought of him as talented. he asked about the case of the poisoned man and asked him if the Medics were able to do anything. The answer was of course no the trails of poisons were gone when he and paks left that day but he did say there was some antidote of poisons that the medics made and still had in stocked. He then request them for the mission.

In his possession now were Four vile of anti-poison. This wasn't anything to destroy a major poison but these Injection vile were able to raise the white blood cells to defend against simple poisons that it will go against and that invaded the body. Blaize decided this will be useful if they would encounter something or someone that would stop him from getting the Herbs within the grass country. With that in his possession and the normal items he usually carries he headed off to the Sand village entrance were he would soon mean a shinobi that would aid him with the mission. he just hoped that she would arrive soon. he wanted to come back to suna to make sure everything was alright and to check on his team as well.
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Shizu Shi
Sand Genin
Sand Genin

PostSubject: Re: Herbs of the Fashugi Tree Part One: Leaving Suna   Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:07 am

Word had just gotten to the female genin. As she had sat high above the other buildings. Watching the many people of the village below her feet. It seemed nothing. after meeting her sensei. But then something coming up; making his disappear for quite along time. The other two genins, she never got to meet. Strange though, she knew she'd never speak with them if her life depended on it. Alas, the world hated her so. Being placed on a mission with another person she had never met before.

The girl we being careful as she made her way off the tall building of Suna. The sword on her back not being a big deal at all. Almost being quite easy to jump down with it strapped to her back. Once her feet came down to the sandy ground. She quickly checked over if she had every single thing she'd need for this, hopefully, short mission to get herbs. The black haired girl pulled her yellow hood up, covering her face and black midnight hair from the hot sun rays. And so, she set off the village gates to meet her mission partner for the day.

People had slightly ignored the female girl that was then walking about the village, getting closer and closer the the village entrance. Though those that were from the very small Shi clan watched their family move off toward that away. Wondering if she had 'finally' gotten herself a mission with another person or that of doing one alone. Though the female being herself; most likely got stuck with another person. The genin girl finally came to the entrance of the village. Seeing another person there. She looked about genin; most likely being her partner. For once in a while; her voice coming off rough as if never speaking for the first time in her life. "Hello."
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Herbs of the Fashugi Tree Part One: Leaving Suna
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