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 Save The Dango (Conclusion)

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Leaf Genin
Leaf Genin

PostSubject: Save The Dango (Conclusion)   Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:32 am


Shadow breathed heavily as he kneeled down and let the case and box flow from his hands and placed them on his knees. Using both of those jutsu at once required immense timing and precision, not to mention stamina, which he was currently lacking due to the heaviness of the packages. He started to question why he had insisted on completing this mission on his own, but just shook it off as he started to come back to his senses and realized that he should probably make sure that these Dango over to the shop. It wouldn’t be long before the Academy Students would figure out that they’ve been tricked so he had to at least get out of the area. He threw the bag over his shoulder once again so that he could pick up the box package and make his way over the shop, feeling a bit upset about his “late detour.” He continued down the streets of Konoha with a bit of a faster pace than before.

Once he finally made it over to the Dango shop, Shadow simply walked inside of the shop and placed the box on top of the counter, ringing the service bell as he did so. “Delivery.” The owner of the shop then walked out and smiled. “Ahh, they’ve finally arrived.” The owner went over to the back and came back out with a knife and one of his workers so he could open the box with his knife while the employee took the bag from Shadow and opened that one. Once they were both opened, the package seemed generally ok, but the thing is that a few of them (7 out of 125) seemed to have been damaged by the rummaging Academy Students when he dropped the packages. Feeling a bit of panic from screwing up his first mission, Shadow quickly offered to pay for the damaged Dango and the owner complied.

After buying them, Shadow was going to throw them away but thought that they still seemed edible, plus he hadn’t eaten breakfast at all so he simply ate whatever he could while he walked out of the shop, happy that, even though there was a huge bump in it, Shadow had successfully completed a mission.
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Save The Dango (Conclusion)
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