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 Save The Dango: Mission Start

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Leaf Genin

PostSubject: Save The Dango: Mission Start   Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:29 am


It was currently 7 in the morning and the sun was just rising while the wind gave off a certain ominous feeling as it raveled through the air in a gentle yet chilling fashion that could shake you up and then relax you, strange. Shadow had been leaning on the main gates of Konoha for about an hour now reading his book that he had started, which he was now 85% done with. He yawned deeply as he turned another page of the book titled: “Fire is your Friend” which was supposed to help him learn the many aspects of fire, like the intensity, its general meaning, the chemistry of it, etc. This might even help him come up with some fire element Ninjutsu later on in his shinobi career if he trained hard enough. Shadow turned yet another page in the matter of a few seconds for the previous one held mainly pictures and just a few text based examples. He then turned his left hand, which the book was in, so that his wrist was in his few to check the time on his watch as he pulled back the sleeve of his. He looked up at the recently lit sky for confirmation. His mission was to protect the Dango delivery “with his life” as soon as it came from anyone who would try to steal it. AS soon as he read the mission information, Shadow’s brother laughed at the part that said “protect with your life” because he knew of his love for Dango that could possibly be brought to that extent. Shadow placed his left foot on the gate as he continued to read. He started to question himself for coming so early for the delivery if it was going to be late anyways but quickly shrugged it off as he waited for the delivery.

After about twenty more minutes, Shadow closed his now finished book and placed it in his left back pocket so he can put it in his collection of finished books. He quickly took a mental math situation in his head to see what number this would be and came up with the conclusion that this book would be number 27 this month and number 143 in his lifetime, a new personal best. As he finished placing the book in his pocket, Shadow caught a glimpse in his right eye of a small figure, just a few inches in Shadow’s point of view, walking over to the gates. As the time went by, the image became bigger and clearing as the figure was getting closer and closer. After a few more minutes, he finally reached him with a box in his hand and a huge bag on his back. The man then went through some serious trouble getting something from his pocket because of the box in his hands, Shadow offered to help but he said he got it. Once he finally was able to get in his right pocket with the help of his knees, he read what was on the paper out loud. “Kumori Harinezumi?” Shadow nodded, indicating that was his name and pulled his ninja Id from his pocket to verify.

The man assumed that Shadow would know what to do from here on out so he just gave him the box, dropping the bag also and told him to sign on the sheet on paper provided. Shadow placed the box carefully on the floor so he could take the pen the man had and sign his name on the paper. They both thanked each other for their services and he continued on to the path that he came from. Shadow bent over so that he could take the box and used his knees to gain leverage. He realized then and there exactly how heavy it was for it contained all of the Dango that the shop was planning on serving today. ‘This must way at least fifty pounds.’ Shadow thought as he seemed to have just a bit of difficulty walking with the box in his hands but nevertheless, the gate was opened for him. It was then that Shadow realized that he had forgotten the bag so he had to place the box down on the floor and pick up the equally heavy case/ hiking bag and try to quickly swing it over his shoulders before he reluctantly picked back up the box and went inside the village.

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Save The Dango: Mission Start
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